Vishnu Sahasranamam MS Subbulakshmi Full Version ORIGINAL

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Cristian Fernandez

this is so good


how did yiu miss:-B-)B-)B-)B-)B-):-$:-$:-$T_TT_T

Off Beat

marbles came out in this video wearing his dresses. hit the like button on this video for marbles pride haha

Hussain Kanchwala

Get lebron


Jason was black

Sebin Daniel

Cody is a camper


daniel mito

like si quieres que unos de los ataques de grokey sea martillaso { like si eres español}


3:55 who else saw ty🤣

yee tess

Hyeon-seo Lee. Knew it right from when I saw the title. She is my biography assignment

Parkers Playground Entertainment

The day that walls appear around our cities, is the day that free will diminishes

Ibnu Jati Riswandi

The ending was so cooolll...😭

Leslee Doyle

show pandas face plz

killerX 123

Rolling demonetization logo was the best part.

Will post a video at 10,000 subscribers

Mr beast: the first person to quit wins

Sophia Waters


Alice Doe

Happy Easter to you too, Guru!

Step I

First listen: ''Nah, Im not gonna listen to this kind of depressing shit again" ALSO I get a head injury at least once a month, or once every 20 days or so, that proves you are WAYYYYYY LUCKIER THAN ME (I don’t have my period yet, HAPPY EASTER PLEASE DON’T KILL ME WITH COMNENTS SAYING THEY HAVE IT MORE HARD WHEN YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW BAD MY HEAD GETS HURT)

fun Harry

Shout out to you Joseph from Nigeria 🇳🇬

peter chan

Where's the fifth guy? I feel so bad for him... He got the smallest car too when he was featured in the beginning.... :(((

Amanda Henslee


Noah 10

LeBron James


Aww no Jurassic Park reference from the Nazmir quest?


whos watching in 2018


It’s not fat it’s thiccccnesss

Charles White

2019 anyone?

Fragile Turn

Same as me.

Jesse Smith

you guys are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly Kolwyck

I live in tenesse

Scooby Got waves

Bill gates

Jude M


Big Yoshi

wheres johnny manziel


Did they film this video with normal people in the theater?

Ram rao


Loghan Yielding

I found the first one on accident lol

Smart Bomb

CHRONO TRIGGER. Not a remaster but a redo like the upcoming FF7!!

XD_Arthur/._.\ XD

Anyone else watching in 2018

Addison Kramme

I thought you were gonna say “I turned him straight”

The father has black hair...

Francisco lopez

Im so fancy

Hold My Cock And Watch This Cum

Dat ass.

Jake Randt


Doğa Keleş

thanks for the jump scare warnings

B DeSoto

Julio Jones

Snow Mexico

Awwh, such cute kittens.

Toby Azoor



I mean it's not like people just decide to get deoprted so...

Tech Masters

I wish i could be her man! Such a solid woman

Bence Szebeni

Ac 4 krakken

Oliver Timlin


Sammy Clark

I personally know someone that this happened to

Jace Costolo

Panda 🐼

Nikolai Alvarez

You guys are so cool like if you agree


Those kitters need some popsicles instead of fighting over breastmilk

Big Daddy

This is a big ass GOAT ad

Seth Gibbons

I’ve been watching your channel for years now man. Keep up the good work and I’d love to see you do a sort of movie review series someday. Your taste in movies has to be good based on your profile picture


Wow, guru you used the GOOD ninja turtle movie? Heck yeah!