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How did U get futerama people

Robert Bird

@mikeandike76 Dude... You can't get that amount of energy transferred through a basketball with a makeshift golf club. Obv fake.

Garielle Yancey

Friend:"promise not to tell nobody"

Monica Sandoval



How is that even an easter egg? Anyone can find that easily, with only minor exploration, plus, the guitar is big, shiny, and in plain view when you walk into the room. Grade: A-

Teddy Picker

Now do that again but with like facts how much the earth is being destroyed right now and how everyones talkin like "wE NeEd To sAvE ittttt" but wont actually do anything when it takes a lil effort🤔

"looking at him"

Sadie Maher

My grandfather passed away last summer. Me and my mother took it really hard. I didn’t talk to anyone for 2 days straight until we flew to his home in Michigan to say....goodbye. It was hard. But I saw all of my cousins and new family I never new. I came back to California sad. Starting seventh grade was a hard start, with homework and new classes, new people. I still have moments where I break down into tears. I have a counselor at school and she helps me through my struggles.


I told myself. To my parents. And friends. You did only one thing wrong - trusted the sucker. Grab parents and go to the police! Let him get what he desrves

Say say don't give up

Lit Boy

At the beginning Elsa turned into frozone

I lost many of my friends because I'm clingy,I am insecure abaut myself, I need to spent my time with the ones close to me so...yeah

Zach Pinkstaff

I'm sure this same comment has been posted several times but Déjà Vu isn't a PS exclusive.

Nrloolee Gaming

Can I be on top?

My Strawberries back off

Wtf wtf wtf

Sl1ppery_ _Cheeze

ty literally wins every single one

Tina Aubert

Try to say pølsemix

Her Dad has a GirlFriend


Best Easter egg Disney games or LEGO games i know they are kids games but why not

Yashwant Singh

Pls make vedio on ps4 edition

Legendary Master

Washington monument


I was in the video were panda was reveled to me and my sister and it is steve

Nou 0306

wait i thougt autism was REALLY smart people, they do have problemes confused, maybe its just in french we (autiste is french autiste)


47 On trending here in Australia ❤

matrix stunts


Emily Puffer


The Turtle

I would have tamed the tool box midget even though u cant

XxItzKAMI’SxX World

Yeah this is a story for me exept the sending pics part. People talk about my skinny weight and then I don’t get much attention..

Doggo Vlogs

Animeeeeeeeeeeee irllll


Ryan Landon

Glin lake

Mateo the Gaming Potato

Texas Roadhouse rolls are worth at least 50 points

Sǝɐrıal Chıןןǝr

i guess

Gianluca Tartaro

Normally I can deal with the cringed up celebrations with every shot, but this video was just far too much and they were so cringe worthy... I can’t even watch this one, sorry.


he had red shorts then it was black!1:59

Faith Rosier

Wen u heard dad kill mom I was scared and sad 😓😢

Graham Black

The Symptoms of General Anxiety and Panic Disorder are feeling extremely anxious and panicking a lot.


hes probably a troll sir guru

Caden Oldenburg

Do another build a boat battle

RTJ Nuttbrock

Gosh who is panda





Hit or miss

Awesome Vlogs & More

do tom brady

Famous e0

Me : I wanna go to the pool

Nhor Sok Nhen


Its Zayonide

Threading the needle was epic

DJ Space



Never Maxine.

Cathy Dillon

24 times te ball bounced on april 26th 2019


Here's a joke, that was EGGSalant!

TheEmeraldNinja Girl

How do I tell them that when my Mum went to hospital I suddenly got it?

Reborn momma 129

Only 5 million hits so far. Sorry dude.

In mind:"maybe i am maybe im not ....😂🤣👌🏻

jeremiah hale

great videos keep them coming