Top 10 BEST Upcoming Games [2018-2019] Gameplay Trailers

10 BEST Upcoming Video Games [2018-2019] Gameplay Trailers: A Way Out, Far Cry 5, Metro Exodus, God of War, Sea of Thieves. Leave a comments which one of these you like? ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Top 10 BEST Upcoming Games [2018-2019] Cinematic TrailersTop 10 EPIC Upcoming FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS of 2018 | Most Anticipated FPS Games (PS4 XBOX PC) Playlist: 00:00 Metro Exodus04:39 A Way Out06:58 God of War11:29 Anthem16:24 Far Cry 524:25 Marvel's Spider-Man28:10 Detroit: Become Human31:55 Days Gone37:12 Vampyr41:33 Sea of Thieves

Lucas James

So funny

coryx kensen



I am really curious of how much time does it takes you to create a video. Also the creative process. Some backstage thing.


8:36 Out of the box, out of the box... OUT OF THE BOX! After video: what the frick frack snick snack dafuqqqqq


which software you use for making videos

Neko iz Balkana?! Almost every company will prefer the guy how has at least one diploma than the guy who has nothing, except his project in school

Josh Booth

Who's watching this now then?

Angelo Diaz

Mexico Mexico Mexico Boi

Katie Johnston

This is stupid because she wishes she was ill like her family

TheDrawingAlpacha YT

I need help😣😭

mom: yes honey, I do.

Beckam Welch

Detroit Lions🏈🏈🏈😍

Mark Anthony Anims

The kids were so cute. loved it 😄

Luke Sommers

2:32 his phone falls out of his pocket


Great news everyone! You can now pay your hard earned money to get what emulators have been doing for free for decades \o/

The CrazY_POtatO

When I was at 3rd grade I got bullied because of my last name so I started to hate my last name I always use my middle name for signing and for social media but my mom told me that I shouldn't hate my surname cause that's what my father gave to me and be proud for who what I am "but I'm still shy and nervous that they'll laugh at my last name" "no oh should be proud" my mom said but I still continue being shy ...I just ignores them so they'll feel how I feel when no one's by my side, their just wasting their saliva😏but now I feel happy because no one bully me cause I'm not weak now😊

XXstream master

this no joke made me cry it remined me of my grandpa

Or just get the IVF done and don’t complain

Sammy Sausage

You could easily avoid this by saying

Cassie Chilton

I dont get it??

SC Guy

Do they ever ask good questions

chesy Cheese

Yeah bc they are hysterical

dead inside

0:05 that could've gone wrong


nice house

Serenity De Anda


Hybrid the Killer/Assassin

Bobby is awesome with da bow boi

Secret Duty

Is the beeped part the F word?

shawdi moghadam

He did what to u!!!


Love the Union Jack incorporating the Welsh St. David's Cross!

D 50

You should do Saquan Barkley

Libra freedom

loved it

Gzus Villa

We live in a fucked up world


Flossic cF

JOHN WICK chapter 4 head ass

Andrei Camposano

i only played the old battlefield 4 :c in 2014 PS4 :c


3:50 I thought it says the rapist 😂😂😂😂

Lord Starscream, True leader of the Decepticons

Where's Kerbal Space Program? There are many easter eggs in this game.

Kate Aileey Sebastian

School is the reason why im depressed i

Ava Cahill

Umm one question..................... what is a happy Gilmore

Sahel Abdelhadi


Aubree Lawless

Narrator:If your a fish

The Official Birb

4:50 big ass hand from the counselor


@Rebelz96 ha ha no we didnt see it. we all had our hands over our face because we heard it was graphic lol.

KayTheDragon87 Gacha Gamer

I actually found this sweet 💙

Neetika Mishra

Only 3million likes

Charlie Ellis

High to low


i poopt

Stop the butterflies abuse >:(


Hit or miss, I guess they never miss huh.

Priyanshi Trivedi

Perfect 👏👏👏You deserve a million of likes 👍

singh_ shahab ji

Ooo hero

Joshua Marshall





i’m anxious and i’m pretty sure my s/o is a lil bit of avoidant but also secure