TOO SLOW | GM Nakamura VS GM Hansen

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Mercia Plays Gacha Life

This comes out on my birthday month


If I didn't have a battering ram for a nose and a crater face I'd be a bit more content with my self-image lol.

Joel Byström

Cross County

Ariana Koh

Over 10.000 feet i think

Take a walk, take a walk

Jens Wouters


please sub :(


If such an terrible accident like you has happens to me.. I wouldn’t be as brave as you are.. I might just suicide.. you are really brave!

Iskandar Giusti

At the beginning of the vid Tyler rolled the cart🛒 to its placeMe: I missed the shot and I hit someone


"I'ts all connected.."


[Squeaking Intensifies]

Clear Vex


Graddad (moms side) : diabetes + heart problems + cancer + bladder problems

Bella Chagolla

I can’t believe how that they are already basically at 10 mill. Congrats on your channel growing.

Christopher Andrews

Eiffel tower!

Vex_Mistaken 0649

It’s the bröther of the moyai

Abdulaziz Al-Qarni

ترجمة سيئة لابعد حد

The thing is, NO video game will ever be able to have exactly, 100% realistic driving. You would have to be driving an actual real life car to have a 100% realistic driving experience.


Lol dude has my Blake Griffin hyper dunks

Arham Mujtaba

2018 , Anyone ??

Stephanie Frank



all i see if cory and coby