The rarest commodity is leadership without ego: Bob Davids at TEDxESCP

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Shadow Heart

When I was super young everything I do wrong they hit me with something hard. And now I'm a teen but I'm super shy, I'm not confident and I have anxiety and depression. I told them my dream I wanted to save animals from being hurt even more cuz animals was the only thing keeping me from committing suicide and they just laughed. I hate my parents so much

Shy Banana

She got raped

Aadil Ahmad

go for the eiffel tower

Ava Cahill

I was soooooooooooooooo confused 🤷🏼‍♀️

Valerior 9

And then I passed out AD


I only knew the first one :)

The Nounours

Music pls ?


It would be funny in multiplayer u move a secret rock it gives u a rock ribbon


its coach from left 4 dead 2


If talking hurts than how did you just talk for 27 minutes straight?

Robyn Housman

Me I’m in 2019


I believe you get it if you buy the season pass.

Ricky Jiang

I mean sure they just moved out of the way when they did the five dudes one shooter thing

Aashutosh Sapkota

nice work

Pine Apple

Ummmm but parents have told me to suicide 149 times. (about 149 I counted it.)

Alden Rice

I'm 14 and haven't had ramen yet...

vansh vanshika vines


Mike Munkhbat

Is anyone watching in 2020


the one with the birds at the start the first one i was being a derpy wale and chase the birds and that happend

Parents Who Give Up Their Child For Adoption = Thank You For The Video😁😛


@hemqzee Lots Of Trys THEY HAVE SKILL

Me: "SHOOTS IN HEAD* Who's the hurt one now?


You should rename "secure" into "insecurised" just saying

Ghost Creeper

3:07 put my grandma back ty

Gghhh Ihuhn

You should have tried putting it out with fire extinguishers and see what that does. Put it in dry ice also... and you should also educate WHY magnesium does that.


i heard aliens colonial marines was a total rip off what a shame :/ i watched that movie atleast 20 times with my Dad (bit of an exaggeration) but i did enjoy the fan base stuff (preadtor vs aliens:extinction),  (predator vs aliens) i dont think i ever beat the aliens species on hard mode tho, i kept dying at the predator boss fight _. i can beat it i just dont have the patience to plan my attacks :/ im all cat scratchy when that part comes up

I’ll be waiting unc

meek miLL

Comment #1337

Santino Villaplana

"Cobys bad at archery"

frost baint

Pls rocket battle again


Mom: What are u watching?Me: A bunch of grown men throwing eggs at each other.Mom: Oh ok.

Rich West

This video is not true to the title. It does not give a true explanation of the symptoms, only a general overview and explanation. Very disappointed.

Aris Paulos

these people should be basketball players

_Gacha_ Potato_

I feel like this is a clone of me telling my story