The Battle for Bali

Millions of tourists head to Bali, but are their demands on the island's environment and resources also threatening its very future?Dateline reporters scour the globe to bring you a world of daring stories. Our reputation is for fearless and provocative reporting. Australia's beloved, award winning and longest running international current affairs program.For more on David O'Shea's story, go to the SBS Dateline website...

Will Froese

I like that song, honestly

A Crazy

I can't believe that Garrett had a full head of hair.


I like the hat =] go blue

Yorqin Bozorov


Jason Long

i like how he is in the competition of one person and wins 10 million points. I hope he did win at the end.


you ever think to make some easter egg videos about games that AREN'T first person shooters?

Marlon Ulloa

i am going to get this game it looks fun ive played the beta and i hope for the full game to have campain


I cant even make a half court shot :(

Rachel JohnsonA15

I’m loving the look and the makeup

Caro C

There is not such a thing like a woman living as a men. Women and men are diferent their brains work different. It’s called gender dysorphia and as any other mental conditions there is not cure you only have to learn how to live with it. Unless you are born intersexual (having both genders). My point is if for his peace of mind he needs to dress up like a woman it is ok. And society should be ok with it too, mental health is not something people should just ignore it and just solve it like “Oh, he is just transgender, that’s it”. It never end up just there. He also needs therapy because there are some other deep issues that people with mental conditions have to deal with.

Nattida Phinongram

Are you guys from Thailand?

javed ashu


bad boy tv

Kaboy klass

GrowKitty XD

The video is 9 minutes not 1😂😂😂😂😂. (Wheres Logiccc)



Catherine Madigan

Wait ... Is this the writer of the Harry potter series? A boy in a wizarding school? What?! Its is holy cows!


0:36 what the heck your saying bullied is a curse word and

Crisp R


Kpop ruined my life

Some girls are stupid thought, they failed to be smart, guys would look at your character and then will decided to play you. Then you hear some girl complained that they got played. No matter what, he may be hot, he may be your crush or your boyfriend. Don't send nudes. Don't some of you girls don't know your values? To send a guy a dirty picture of you. I'm not saying all girls are stupid but I know some of then we're forced or may have been threatened and probably that's why they send it and then the guy trying to blackmail you for sex and if threatened that he'll exposed your nudes.

Me: "ah crap now look what you've done, that was my last one"

EXTREME Acids101



How the hell do people find stuff like this?


i love how everyone from buzzfeed has left and slowly made their own youtube channels and cliques its soo cute

In love btw great music Asher:)

Amber lin

do more chances its cool

SilverBricks Productions

Has Cory always made it his mission to ruin Coby's life?

I want to be...

Loli King

Who's watching in 2018!!!

ana R

Stupid names

Margulan Alban


Cason Smith

I am crying

Truffles The Bunny

I told my mum about my depression and anxiety and even about my Suicide attempt. She said I’m pretending so I don’t have to go to school. Honestly my heart is broken, the next time I’ll guarantee it’s not a fail.

Seriously stupid

ok ok hold on that’s just mean that’s terrible TERRIBLE why would your friend BULLY YOU poor poor marry I del sad she went trough that!

penso che hitler fosse una bella persona

I love your videos :)


Wait what happened at the end? What happens after that?! :O


I am Bananananana

WHO ARE THOSE BULLIES?! US Goverment picks up happiness and yeets it off a cliff



There's also a Quake 3 rocket launcher key-chain thingy in Wesley's car in the prologue.

halfgamer 32

The ladder and couch prob be like "y u bully me"

will s-jones

Best content on YT


it’s low key better without james

alex kelly

in the skyrim one you forgot the notched pic its a refrence to minecraft

mr. boy gadget man

Just punch him and give him a piece of your mind. Find some new friends

Shafin Hussain

Anyone watching in 2019

Lily Chun

Dont do drugs!! ❤️❤️ love u Juanpa ❤️❤️

Tilr Jons

No dude perfect intro?


2 million views....60 some thousand up or down votes? 2 million views is a lie. Maybe 200,000

Franklin Gallagher

1:56 zion?

Fiber Caiz

2: 49 when someone takes your food

By walking duh


This is how Barney should have been. A huge killer dinosaur that jumpscares you at random moments

U.S government: ooh wah ah ah ah


Corn snakes, rat snakes, and milk snakes.... So "dramatic" Lol.