Norway Chess 2019 Round 4

Jordan Cox

You are such fakers

Neil Eder

HA you are such a hater. How is this no skill and HOW are they posing. you just hate them cuz you ain't them


I have depression but I get anxiety if I don’t shower at least every day...


They should add a bumper sticker for every movie. That would be really cool.

Sophia Garcia

Jen is so funny in this video. Well, she is funny in general. But specifically this one.



During the Toronto series: we need Kevin Durant

Nate Games

You can find a building that looks exactly like doctor strangers library and Parker says, “there’s something strange about that place.”

Arden Elizabeth Huggans

14:14 Is it just me hearing things or did Ethan fart when he fell from the handstand?😂

Ushakiran Shetty

0.47 Garrett where is your body


Last bit theres a monster behind the castle!



Maikel Jemaschew


marisa Lewis

Coc dodel poo

Mlg GameingExtream

I want to say they were cheering for him getting up and walking but you never really know

Benjamin Reichle

I was the only one betting on Snoke


Angry german kid approves

My sto-

DeiJa Viicky

Is that Trevor in the lady top? xD

XXX Tentaxion

I think i heard this voice with another video so must be a liar or she says stories she got told from

THE Gamer's Pr0

Indonesia2019 ada ngga?Edit:you no understand????