Boxing for beginners | Training techniques Episode 1

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Where are you? That looks like a map


@Andrew223a Um, no shit?

You know what it means?

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Team Ty

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Baseball please


Everybody Else : Random Stuff 歌詞とリズムが気に入った❥ー(♡ω♡ )ー➤ズキュン!!

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Ur Mom

ah yes the long lasting meme

gacha galaxy wolf

title: i was bullied for my opinion. Edit: didint copy, theres just a ton of smart people like me C:


Gawt dame thats smexy soundin


you missed katey old backpack at the beach at the first gate next to the stage.

finger snap

Suga.Hobi_ Lalisa

My mom told me when I was born I was kinda yellow, she had a brain tumor, and they told her if she had another kid it will have all these symptoms, like special kids. I came out fine,I'm normal, I guess.

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Congratulations gareet hope baby is bueatiful Allah bless you


Is it fake?


Who else is a car guy

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Is this still better than the sequel they made?....yes, yes it is

I would expect her to go nuts and get mad. Not because she thinks it's a dumb phase, it's because she cares about me, but I'm to afraid to talk to an older sibling.


As I grew up, my parents where great, but when I was 5, everything changed. I grew up with loving parents but my dad would go out, come back late at night, and hurt my say the least. I grew up with this, but my dad started to yell at me when I made a mistake, and he would be gone for days on end. My dad, mom and I moved to Texas when this all started and I still hurt to this day. I even seen him get arrested once. One time, my mom wanted to get out of the house because of him, and for me. He fought her over the keys and we made it to the car, I locked my door. He ran out and tried to open my door. After 5 years of this they got a divorce, it had it big impact on me and still does to this day, I keep thinking that I'm not good enough from his yelling. I've been getting better. If you or someone you love is going though this, know that it's okay, and that it's best to talk to someone.

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Shouldn’t Olaf melt on the boat?

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I dig the fact that ur still using the same “dude perfect” audio clip

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this is how school shooters are born

Thinking 'bout the world now my mind, no tragic


Just Nice !

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Teachers:what is the process of photosynthesis?

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I think Kimmel is jealous because Matt Damon got to be in Ragnarok and he doesn't