Chess Trap in the Opening: opponent took two rooks and achieve Checkmate!

#Chess trap in the Philidor Defense! Tartakower sacrificed a pawn, two rooks and a bishop to Bernstein! Traps in the opening worked! Chess for beginners.PLEASE SUPPORT THE CHANNEL BY MAKING A VOLUNTARY DONATION VIA PAYPAL THANK YOU!Crazy Chess Traps channel offers you the chess video lessons and entertaining chess videos for a wide range of chess players. Chess games for beginners and intermidiate or advanced and strong players. Chess traps, tricks and great chess blunders! Openings for beginners, chess tactics andamazing games, rules and much more you can find on our channel! We analyze the best games and famous historical games of grandmasters from modern tournaments and not only. World championships in blitz, speed and classics also, Interesting incidents at tournaments! If you want to play as a master Welcome and subscribe!

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