17 lustigste Elfmeter im Fußball!

In Bezug auf die Urheberrechte kontaktieren Sie uns bitte unter folgender Email-Adresse: copymanager.mn@gmail.comTechZone ► könnte jeder Fußballfan sofort sagen, was genau er an seinem Lieblingsspiel gefällt. Aber niemand würde bestreiten, dass das Elfemeterschießen einer der spannendsten Momente eines jeden Aufeinandertreffens ist. Zwei Spieler stehen sich gegenüber und der Stärkere von beiden soll gewinnen. Allerdings läuft manchmal etwas schief und ein Elfmeter wird zur lustigsten Szene eines ganzen Matches. Genau von solchen Strafstößen handelt unser heutiges Video.

Grishma Nathwani

The cord was wrapped around my neck too when Mom was pregnant. Is that common?


#yiayjob a YouTuber......oh wait that's not a real job


Personally, i think you're the best at finding and explaining the easter eggs.

Hannah Skaugset

Go Seahawks!

Realizes thing

Lenny TheStandUser

oops spell samantha wrong


More bloops please!!


Banana Swirl!I don’t know what that is!BANANA SWIRL

A Young Scientists in the Philippines found a potential cure in Aratiles fruit

Arnel Lozic

Hey Russell! While I have you, why, did you throw that ball on the goal line when you had Lynch in the backfield?

Don't Ask

Say dont give up ohhh


Dude, you're gay as fuck !!

Jared Colley

I like bloops

Sab Asuncion

T-shirts please blow up t-shirts

Mike Bradley

Awesome hit ty

senpai notice me

So like....what happend?

Corey Barnes

9/11 all over again💀

Anushka Sadamal

Next vidio ... im want making a aeroplane.please please

Alea Silvestro

we love cory

Daisy Gomez

It's a Boy

Jacob Hager

I have been there

One Deafulty Boy

Hi I’m JJ and I ducked up Logan paul

Michaela Edson

This really got to me. I sought out strange men to avoid my problems at home, I could've been dead a few times because of it. It's so awful being that low and I'm in a much better place now. There's more ways to coping than putting yourself in dangerous situations. Please take care of yourselves.


Christy Laquindanum

I get angry too much when people around me talking to me like I'm a little boy

talha emre ünal

the last one just killed me hahahahahahahahahahaha


Keith Moore

If you are using actual leftovers out of the refrigerator, do you need to reheat the mashed potatoes and steak first or can you just put them in cold and heat them as the quesadilla cooks?

timmy eshelman

I know those ain't all the Easter eggs.

Zoe Clair



I dont need my fam once im 18 im gone im gonna have my own life


I knew it was mr. Un when the suit was clouded in... (I said mr to not be killed)

Shaima Hirmendi

Stop being silly

B Maurya

Team ty always!!!!!!!

charlie Elwine

I can do double backflip on a pogo stick

Swedish Girl

Roses are red violets are blue. I just got clickbaited and so did you...

Edgar Bogdanovic

you should shoot cory

Seen it on the 'gram, I'm tryna see shit in 3D, mami