Doctors Strike : Reality of Problems faced by Doctors and Patients | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee

Today was a nationwide Doctors strike done in many cities across India. The doctors are protesting against rising incidents of attacks on them in recent times. All this started in Kolkata, West Bengal where two medical professionals were assaulted at NRS Hospital after a 75-year-old succumbed to his treatment on the night of June 10. I analyse the reason behind why it is happening and the deeper psychological reasons for why theattacks against doctors have been rising so much. Following are some important sources used in the article -Suggestions given by Dr. Agarwal: Research done on attacks against Doctors: Effectivity of Law: my work: #DoctorsStrike---------------------------------------------------- For more informative videos and discussion on important Indian and world issues- Telegram channel to receive instant video updates: Support on Patreon: Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: More Interviews by Dhruv Rathee: All episodes of The Dhruv Rathee Show: Ep 9 Black Money: 8 RTI Activists: Ep 7 Ache Din in UP: Ep 6 Lairs Modi, Ivanka: 5 Padmavati: Ep 4 Rajasthan: Ep 3 Jay Shah growth: Ep 2 Indian economy: Ep 1 Currency Notes: More videos: Rahul Gandhi vs Modi: reality: Air Pollution: BJP IT Cell part 2: Maun Modi: Indian Education: PNB Scam: Bitcoin: Aadhaar Card: Best State in India: Petrol Prices reality: Budget 2018: Our Forests: ----------------------------------------------------

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