Gina Carano - Fight in Thailand

Short document, Gina Carano with Master Toddy in Thailand


Yah he just happened to jump on top of a hot blond instead of two old geasers,. He had it coming, I would of shanked him in the eye with my keys

I'm patato master

Leave him and move and kick him out of you're life

Brayden Harris

Sorry but can't eat a soda

Cadogan Crete

Well he flew to Wisconsin to step out side



Team 6

Do a Homerun derby at a real ballpark like this one

Jens Wouters


Mya Roper

Ok earlyier in the video... " I don't like kids." Later in the video " I'm getting a job as a teacher."


Its just Skyrim for little girls at this point

John Wilkins

The 3d printer guy

this still the best by miles!

Nelson Housos

Ty said Team Coby always and forever...and he leaves Team Coby in the next video😂

We ain't aimin' for your body, shots hit your brain


The cat in the box is a reference to Schrodinger's Cat - a quantum paradox

Iron Fist Fitness

You should do Eli manning


After 7 years, I'm ready. Nobody is stopping me from watching this.

Jeena Winty

Dude perfect


team reds team name should be " Betty Crocker"

Hehehehehe Boii

1:03 when you kill a baby pig in minecraft

achivmentking Gaming

Ty: Hi! This is my worst nightmare. :)


what was the point that the first one was a trick shot

humberto Esparza


Pa Yumo


rogelio lagunas



i’m so confused what is this story

"Yes, teachers make the rules, its settled now"

Sharky 27006

Who gets eny

Alexis Bargowski

I love the lions

Tyler Graffunder

I have PTSD, Depression, and ADHD and the reason why I have PTSD is that my parents have been divorced. And I've seen a lot of stuff. I have wanted to talk to my parents, but nothing comes out and I start to melt. (Through my eyes) They say, "what is wrong?" But I cant say. My mouth is zipped. I like the video. Thanks... I hope someone can help me. I have also tried to talk to a counselor, but I can't speak. Can someone help me?

Amanda Theis

For me ty's shirt is glitchy

Mike Hickman

God bless this pilot...he clearly crashed it where there were no people and no doubt saved many lives while sacreficing his own.

Ruth Molina