Improve your chess: Game with commentary # 14 | Queen's Pawn Opening

बोले तोएकदम झकास !! - chess Videos PresentsNamskar dosto, is video me mene apni khud ki 15 min ki game pe live commentary ki hai. aur position kafi messy thi so jahape koi clear cut strategy nahi hoti but tactics and calculations matters a lot. yahape mera opponent mujse kafi high rated tha but one bad pawn move costs him a game.✔ Now you can support the channel by Donation in case you wish, using major UPI's like Google Pay, Phonepe or BHIM, just send your donation to UPI ID : ashvin21612@okicici✔ if you don't have any upi consider downloading "Google Pay" which is safe & secure. You can get some cash by installing it using this link

Sunnie Gamez

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Lorenzo :P

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RAM:6.1 GB Also I gotta correct myself: It wasn't the FIRST room after leaving Stanley's office, it was the 2nd one that has a window (I think it's the 437 office). After watching someone else playing it again I noticed the first room doesn't have a window on the right side, lol.

Hunter dela Calzada

These guys are all white so they have to use trampolines

Natalie Hallman

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Cadeelavscats - Gota & More

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Anna Trimpe

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Chris Derbo

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Kailey Llewellyn

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Rahul Raju

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I was wondering if you are forced to have compagnons following you everywhere in this game ?

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Willy Bonka

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Music Love for fun

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Axel du 62

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Karen Guerra

Lmfao the card 😂 i cannot!! I hope he does sends it. I think Warriors have always been the nicest to him 🥰


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Deivam Rishwanth

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