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Alpha waves help us improve our memory, can even make better our intelligence.The brain is energy vibrational frequencies in that which result in brain waves occur.The scientist Hans Berger who invented a device called EEG which amplifies and measures these frequencies; the classified and named according to the Greek letters: beta, alpha, theta, delta.It has been found that the alpha waves are waves relaxation, the accelerated learning of Superlearning.When we are producing alpha waves mind is on alert and our memory is potentiated. We produce when we are in a state of relaxation and hear special music that originates. Also, scientists have discovered that stress prevents the production of these important waves in the learning process, productive and efficient work in a pleasant, peaceful and happy state of mind.Get this audio every day;- When you are reading → You will maximize the ability to read faster and capture more information per second.- Math: → Listening Alpha Waves when you are practicing math exercises, will stimulate your brain to make faster and more accurate calculations.- Al Sleeping → Leave sound waves alfa every night when you lie down, you will see the results on your own awakening.- To study → Go to a library, relax a couple of minutes, get to explore and see how much better you concentrate (The more you do this exercise, the greater the level of concentration).- On the Job → If your job allows, you can also listen Alpha waves, resulting to increase your efficiency-job performance.For Children → At the stage of intellectual development of children, it is essential to learn to concentrate, encouraging daily exercise and Alpha Waves get full development.Suscríbete para estar al día de todas nuestras publicaciones: de Interes:puedes encontrar en nuestro canal? - En nuestro canal podrás encontrar música relajante para: dormir, meditación, yoga, zen, spa, masajes, estudiar y concentrarse...Para mejorar la relajación y la concentración nuestra música cuenta con ondas cerebrales como: ondas alfa, ondas beta, ondas delta y ondas theta. También podrás trasladarte a otras culturas, ya que contamos conmúsica chamánica, música india, música china, música tibetana con cuencos tibetanos,....No olvides suscribirte para estar al día de nuevas publicaciones.Copyright © Musicoterapia (Alpha waves)

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