I soldati della Brigata Sassari ritornano dall'Afghanistan

Il presidente della Regione Sardegna Ugo Cappellacci ha accolto all'aeroporto di Alghero i soldati della Brigata Sassari, di ritorno dall'Afghanistan. I "Sassarini" erano partiti alle ore 18.30 del 23 settembre 2011 sull'Airbus A320 diretto in Afghanistan, con scalo ad Abu Dhabi. Ad attendere ad Alghero le bandiere di guerra del 5° Reggimento Genio Guastatori di Macomer e quelle del 151° Reggimento Meccanizzata "Sassari" di Cagliari, sarà un picchetto d'onore.


can you start using some "real" intros and outros like last time? I think jackscepticeye really fits your style.

Temujin Bayarsaikhan

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Don't Lie

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Grahm will list off all the different types of meat, referencing Forest Gump

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Mr Beast should have Chandler do a Challenge, where the contestants have to go without technology for the longest.


Your grandfather looks like albert Eintsein but for real feel bad for you :(

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what about ghana

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I have went through all of these and I have type 1 diabetes my hands got that cracked look and I had to lie to my teacher about going to the restroom in 1st grade.


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Kills me inside to see KD and Russell so happy together then vs now xD

panic gayTM

This is terrible. The girl does deserve the hate she got, not agreeing with LGBT+ existing is homophobic no matter how you try to sugarcoat it or defend your actions, no matter did you bash people for being a part of LGBT+ or not. It still is not a good thing. And for your information, changing the title does not help it either. I suggest you take down this video.

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They got the closed captions wrong.


i love how in his every episode he puts a message with "800 likes?" in a corner, and he ends up with 6.000 or so.

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I was Crying...😭😭😭

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I’m 170lbs and i barely eat junk food. I only eat fruits and veggies. I exercise 2x a week. hMMMMM

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Panda abuse.

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Now i know how they made the Far Cry 4 logo. Just orange and pink flour...


First thing boe your voice is fuckin awesome and the second thing is pls do an q&a i like how you feel weard

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Cory i know you didn’t like that you had to fly to Wisconsin for know reason.

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This guy has a nice voice. To bad he wastes it on this rap shit.

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Dr. Lakshman K


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Beauty and Lifestyle

Prayers for the warriors incoming game 6.... Win for the champion..... And i wish kd will be okay to have a solid team....

Either way, those opinions are incredibly homophobic, disrespectful, and downright close-minded.

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It should be dirt bikes