Bilbao (2): Wei Yi vs Carlsen, ¿Anticipo de un futuro mundial?

¡No te pierdas las maravillosas sutilezas de Carlsen analizadas por el GM Pepe Cuenca!

Karl Harris

I just bought my first bow for my little boy and I to practice with. He loves watching your videos with me 👍🏼

Katherine Bogan

how could that much emotion come from a 5 year old???

Max Yetsko

What wasn’t considered was the atmosphere of both places. Texas Roadhouse is the happiest place on earth and just has an overall great vibe

kamrul islam biplob

Best ever video in my life

Robin Gustafsson

@Foges123 You never know when panda goes to action.

Logan Johnston


Uranus and Neptune are also like this. You could only walk on Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Moon. So they were scientifically incorrect in cool, not cool.

They can be social. They just need a break after being social

Cristina Gironza Calvo

2019? :v

Ardenne Mcfarlane

Yo tiny Tom AWEEEE SO CUTE! <333

Ced 03

Psycho Man: breaks in the house

Fallen Star

Wow I Read a Harry Potter Book last month and it was interesting it was the first book by the way

Meraki Sama


Boboluhoo Jink!

This is thai

The27FireLords YT

At 5:50 it hit at the same time

Swaggin Onyou

Can you guys subscribe to me. I'll sub back


Usually you have good videos that are creative for sports. But this is the worst and stupidest video you guys have ever made. Not to mention you're wasting food that could be used to feed starving kids and people across the country and the world. I really hope you donated all the money you made from this video because you wasted a lot of food. Also a waste of ammo and explosives doing something meaningless. Stick to sports please

Gacha_stufff Yeet

First this was an adorable movie then it’s sad 😢

S_O_G_4 5

2019 Anyone?

agentgb agentgb

i mvery like EA games ex apex batelfront

OmKerupuk TV

100 try : 1 success

adie stevson

You should throw Julien an adult bar mitzvah

All those custom games

Demirhan 198

First thing is awesome


The last one got me.

Chad Weller

What a waste of good Gatorade there are some kids in the world who don't even have anything to drink

Faze_Daddy 03

Ay yo bruh let me hit that mist of yours 😂


1:49 is that how he hits his wife?

Jyothnsa Bhaskar

You all can play Nerf gun war

PsychoKinesis Productions

(using my sister's account) People are being bullied for supporting homosexuality, and people are being bullied for NOT supporting it. I don't support homosexuality, but I don't hate homosexuals.

Samarth Sharma

8:22 pun intended?

Elliott Barnett

You tyler

what lad

you forgot the tardis easteregg on google street view

Austin Gregory

It's like songs all the Easter eggs

BareJokes TV

Tony is the type of guy to pass his driving test and ask for a retest

Zain Muqaddam

Sign dunk

Emem Fayre

5:45 There's a bowling pin that stayed standing up on the tower the bowling ball was thrown above.

жанатбек саруар


Igneel Dragneel

2019??? Someone

Ashton Lovell

High to low

Presley Kilgore

Panda best dancer.... Wolf should graduate 🎓


Wow you make yourself look stupid the way you said it :/

Leslie Harrington

make abowling alley stereotypes


I'm the rage monster:)

the jhalli girl

This story is soo me 😔

Daniel Lee