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Enki BILAL débute l'interview en parlant de son film "Bunker palace hotel", puis il débute "l'interview pinceau" menée par Thierry ARDISSON.Il évoque la ville de Belgrade (où il est né), le concours de dessin qu'il a gagné en France, et parle de la musique qu'il écoute.Il aimerait tourner d'autres films à Berlin et à Prague, en Europe centrale... il aime aussi les villes occidentales mais trouve qu'elles se ressemblent toutes. Images d'archive INAInstitut National de l'AudiovisuelImages d'archive INAInstitut National de l'AudiovisuelAbonnez-vous #INA #TLMEP #Ardisson #ToutLeMondeEnParle

Alex Bajan

on dare give a homeless enough money either to go to collage or a home

Joshua be Steamy

If you ever consider a pt. 3 I recommend a show called "Joe Pera Talks with You" it's full of moments like these, plus it's pretty funny.

George Washington


Jason Francis

I liked manhunt and and gta best seris in rockstar

Layan Al Khateeb

I was crying when I watched this maybe he took his own life because he regret killing your stepmom

lifestyle fun


Zoe Fonjallaz Curtin

A teacher should NEVER say that to a child! Good job to Ricardo’s mom for fighting the battles her son cannot

Nur Danisha

Okay one thing i have to say. The characters are Muslims. Muslims woman and man that aren’t related (only if they are married or family members) can’t touch each other. It’s “haram” . “Haram” means things that we (Muslims) are not allowed to do. Not hating I’m just pointing out the mistakes in the drawing. I love your work tho :)


Grand Theft Auto 6

daboss 1314

"Milk in ma beard"

Regina Feldman


Ashroff Shah

Love you from Malaysia <3


The title is misleading

Artistic Seams

Thus girl had some 244 messages, this makes me feel lonely AF

LGA 04

What is that song

Harrison Xisto

04:36 face of panda

Bala Srinija

Absolutely beautiful work!

Regan Smith


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Why is ty always the rage monster

keyur parikh


Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Antoni Ciciulla


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who is the panda?

Why is life so cruel!!!

My WWE action figures And Collection

All of your space is only like how much space I have in my house but it's not as fun as this is

XxxDrowZyxxX YT

Idc about your story. Once a gold digger always a gold digger.


battle the dudesons


I like the change of music in the transitions 

Crossing Corner

Haha I don't even have an education because my mom says of school shooters not even home school... I just want a basic education.

Nate Quinlan


sweetheart cool

whats ocd

Army and Artist

Hate the over emotional voice acting but otherwise........regular level of minutevideos trauma

CannonTD34 091208

50 million panda reveal

Blue Fluff

Is this gacha life the audio cuz i saw on which has the same words


Kain Tae

of course

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Do bottle flips

Anyone seen that ad?

TheFLO 0

why do you call them unused?

Robert Kornilov

Wtf this is so unrealistic

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tom brady

Богдан Молошаг

ЛАйк если руский


Stranger Things is set in the 80s, so of course, 80s things were in the 80s movies. So I wouldn't read to much into the show having similar things from Back to the future and the like. I don't consider them Easter Eggs, but that's just me.


ok sorry but Ethan's essays/paragraphs were by far the best like what is Emma taking about giving Grayson the best grade


When I broke my leg, I accidentally unwrapped my cast. To this day I still have no idea that was possible. It happens whenever I put a bandaid or wrap on me lmaooo