Norway Chess 2019 Round 7


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MXD 79

Rats with guns 😨😨😨

Hardest shot .Only

Caleb Ryan


Tanni #ja

Neymar jr

Em Zac

damn this was fun to watch, keep up the good work

ashton nussbaum

mama hes a real panda lol!


Not just old people get tumors my nephew got a tumor and he was in grade three but now he's all better and he's still a alive

Jayden Daye

60 yards

Zachary Amato

I am so mad Aron Rogers got hurt

George Akhras

My highest score is 276

Siracha Sause

Those people are still happy even if they're poor


The Dear Esther one with the guy in the lighthouse is a ghost hunters reference I believe.

Nick Giera

coach is evil They ain't really love you, runnin' games, usin'

Sergeant Shultz Bear

don't be ashamed of your nipple rings, Max.


Weird that I don't find it weird that Jaiden has a weirdo detector on her phone lol

Nathanael Choo

coby: does a fowl

Munmun Chatterjee

Ping-pong trick shot 5


Heppy birfdey kunglaturation.

TheSkitBrothers 101

One orange player away from Thanos Made it out the hood, I still pop out on some gang shit

Zboi 64

Whoever disliked this video you have no soul. You also are a terrible person.


The text shal stay

Sweaty Golden boys

Do a you editors edition 2 like if agree


Australia all the way

Addie's World

Highlighter barbie is here hey staples

Maciek Kusnierz

These were awesome. Rage was very enjoyable. Now I have plenty of watching in front of me to check out all your other easter egg vids.


I'm sorry I don't know much English so please make more Japanese translation

Michele T

I have panic disorder and I been told by someone to get over it....that makes you feel even worse when they act like that especially someone who is supposed to love you

Beau Thompson

Team coby

I'm head-strong, but my spirit got a hole in it (Got a hole in it)


There's 2 poor kids singing Bohemian Rhapsody aswell

Travelers Baseball

Bryan was cheating and he was blaming them on cheating when he done the same thing

But that's not the main subject here, the main subject, is that sound it makes.

HoShook :3

I don’t even have a value so..😂😂😂💔💔

Rylan Darrke

I've never seen lazy town but it was on when I was a kid, was NOT expecting that transition lmao


Hey Guru, let me be honest with you. For me your channel is one of the best ones of YT and certainly one of the best quality ones. Plz never stop


On uncharted in the Irish pub there is a last of us Easter egg

Ana Benitez

why did you not do somthin about it in the first place

get oofed

any one caption/subtitles turn on atomatically?

Warner Kochlacs

When you see the guy that your wife has been cheating on you with3:28

Igor Gonçalves

I am from brazil

drag drog

I can...

Kayla Arens

Do this again, but bring in a female lacrosse player!! The games are entirely different!!

ninja warrior

Dude perfect where do u live

Noreen Bickel

You are the champion my friend