Narco Journalist Details Mexican Drug Cartel History | Joe Rogan

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1253 w/Ioan Grillo:

Natsuru Ishino

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keara Fox

Literally I have nothing to say.... I don't even have a thousand pounds or what y'all call dollars. Wow life must be incredible for you then aye?😒 Well time to get back to my depression and struggle in life...

drew6210 drew6210


Tyler Stevens

"dude we're in Texas" funny

Jojo 2005

Am I the only one surprised that no one talks about the “girlfriend” Elsa was supposed to “have”?

Jonas Arantes

It would be so awsome to see the spider man world in this avengers game...

Karen Kular

thats so cool and so creative. How can u think off such outstanding ideas

AliciaTheIconic Kid

I learnt to except that I’m ugly and boys don’t like me that I don’t really care anymore

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I deal with anxiety daily. Just a slightest look from someone sends me into full panic mode. Do I have something in my teeth? Are they judging me because of my outfit? Is there a stain on my shirt?. I’m also socially awkward, I find it really hard to make friends and I also question my friendships all the time. It scares me just thinking about it, let alone writing about it for everybody to see. If you are also a victim of anxiety like me just know you’re not alone.

Lenny Summers

LOL! XD dilldo bat cave!


Matt leave the science lessons to the teachers 😂

More chA9z

It’s football not basket ball

Yung Cabbage

It is more of a spoof then a ripoff, considering how silly SR is.


A decent variety, bravo!

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Tom brady

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Does anyone else think a lot of these are fake because in lot of the videos the voices are the same???

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3:12 How dumb can you be as a TEACHER to believe that excuse. Most teachers I have meet in my life are ignorant of bullying or just say they care so they don’t look bad. The teacher can tell when you use your phone in class or break the smaller rules but can’t see or hear students abusing their peers. There has to be some accountability for these teachers when they ignoring bullying even when told by a student, staff, or even the victim themselves. Share the hashtag #TeachersWakeUp

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Ty fuck u, stop thinking you’re better then everyone else and let the twins take a shot with a crossbow

Mikaylyn & Friends


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they should do chess trickshots 😂😂😂


Atiny let's also Str3@m 'Pirate King' Its close to 10 M

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No is tiye

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Mama hes a weal panda

Harry Stan

Oh wait, it said it

BB West

Why are there police cars outside my house?

Little Llama

When my tooth got pulled my mouth was numb un till midnight

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I love Starbucks it’s my favourite


Try this is you has an computer then try, press ½ and then type" Coc qasmoke"

Courage 15

Let's make some "educated" guesses:First, keep in mind the 4 unique ovals that appeared in the movie poster and the teaser trailer0:43 They reused a horse model from other movie, think of the name MaximusThe past is not what it seems =let's find out more about the sunken ship!0:57 That can be what Elsa's mind at the start and it is followed with 1:18 to 1:201:04 They all go north and notice how Elsa's costume1:16 See how Elsa might ended up isolated (one of the 4 oval's potential meaning) and being on the ocean shore at the beginning? 1:30 Looks like they found the place with 4 unique ovals!1:43 That doesn't look pleasant but those giants (one of the 4 oval's potential meaning) are essentially just rocks lol, and we have seen smaller rocks and a Marshmallow already~.

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Why would u wear jeans when ur doing sport???😒😒😒

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I have that toaster🤣

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She belittles her birth family a lot in this video like listen and how she says" I'd still come around and bring some money... So they could get something decent to eat" it's at. 3:20

KHan'z GaminG

2019 anyone's

21 vine compilation

Don't stop making easter egg videos

Liliana Hernandez

Lets hit 1,000,000 votes for🐼face reveal

dino gamer

It's big

Kipras Simkevicius

I tripil dare you to plunge two plungers mid air

Paul Rohaut

Thanks Guru, you are always there to push ourselves up

Mace 2.0

"Footage Sources:

Sonicice 24

Im getting so bored of this series im not even interested anymore.



Dominic Cruz

Who would’ve thought Quinton Tarantino movies could cause such tingles

Rivers Cuomo

I used to be really opposed to the format with Matt, Tanner, and Michael, but I got to watching it and I loved it.


Are you sure that's the only chainsaw in Dead Island? I could have sworn there were others (because I never found that Jason Easter Egg, but I remember using chainsaws in that game). I also remember that they were kind of annoying weapons anyway because once they ran out of gas, they stopped working...


She and her family are cats , to survive a free-fall.

Wesley Hofford

The panda is awesome



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I'm scared I want to tell but just don't have the courage to tell I saw a depression test and figured out I have severe depression I'm only a kid and can only build up enough courage to tell close friends they don't really take it seriously and Im Afraid to talk to my teachers I'm just afraid to tell a adult in general I need help to build up enough courage to tell a trusted adult


This is soo 2012 Drake omg ❤️🥰✨


Fish and chips crisp or as you Americans call chips crisps & I have Milky Way Crispy Rolls whilst watching Brian

ciara love

I though they had broken up he died

Victoria E

Awe!!! You're adorable....

Bonnie Fowler

when you remeber that asher wrote wiz's part too

kylie m

U bet I'm hereApril 2019

Ian Burkholder

Ty hit the Manicas dick

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Cam newton is superman not manzel