MY TEACHER MURDERED SOMEONE by Let Me Explain Studios | StoryTime Animation

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Izuku Midoriya

He’s lucky I use pay pal

Matt Krohn

You are amazing 😉 🍒👍👍👍👍💪

its pris

First Kong now diamond 😣😣😣

Susanna Asia

I think your the best friend ever ,always care for people with problems.

Meriix مــريــكــس

Im 15 right now and my life sucks

Liav Bar

1.5k people accidentally clicked on the dislike buttonShame on them

Michał Głowacki


Jeffrey Fultz

I wanna know how many takes it took to actually get the ones where they made them. And how do people find time to do silly shit like this.

Future Society Of Gentlemen

He hasn't played in a do you get full credit? Get any credit whatsoever?

Nick Maslowski

You should do a horse razing derby

Tim McFarland

You just lost oh yah yah


Looks like force unleashed... Just bad. Cant cut enemies in parts, many special units can be hit by lightsaber 5 times and still walk around or withstand force usage for unknown reason, the lightsaber doesnt interact with the environment at all, quick time events, boy the list goes on and on. But i knew that when it was announced. Good Star Wars games are forbidden. And what the fuck is wrong with the soundtrack? Not a single music that i recognize, they really messed this game up.

matt69 p

Aguante el Piti like si SOS de Argentina


When and why did you start doing Easter Eggs? (Because far back in your channel your videos weren't really easter eggs, unless my memory is bad)

qdq, wouqghi

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Matthew Hughes

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Collin Smith

Signature dunk

pogi mack


Anthony Martinez

When life gives you a ping pong ball, throw it and make trick shot video


world's largestsling shot 😊😊

Anmol Sangar

I just love all of u guys.... i really wanna meet all of u guys . You guys are awesome, you

Cassidy Kovac

Sorry panda

Cringeworthy Trains

Since you guys like to do people with similar names like stevie wonder and wonder woman can you do Thomas Paine vs T pain


I don't think sobchak is an easter egg but a level design choice, a way for avoid empty place.

E. M. Cruise

Ceep doing what your doing i think personally its good content.

Squishy Shiba

What are these mustaches?