KLBL - Rap Battle - E-Ness vs Shotgun Suge

Krack Liberty Battle League Presents#TheColdFront Philly Rap Battle EventShotgun Suge Vs Eness Hosted By Team Homi Bishop Brigante & Swave Sevah

zuhair gamingXD

Ok so im sick and tired of people commenting 2019 anyone because if you post a comment in 2019 they will see if in 2019


The sound of quiet ambient footsteps in your videos is always so relaxing.

                  OPEN  INSIDE 

Javier Morales

3:38 as everyone is in war Cody just relax

Tazo Natenadze

the last one is so funny!!XD

I don’t know, if someone could research a bit more, I would be thankful.


If a bully bullies you

Rise the drake

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Mazel Tov Klein Family!!!

Seems like SOMEONE DIDN'T count to 3 >:(

T4Life !

2019 Ping pong trickshots 5

René Gaxiola González

Hey!! Guys you are awsome and I wish I could be like you :)

Brianna Hasinski

I have both... having a panic make me always think I’m having a heat attack even though I know I’m not, in that time my state of mind makes it hard to think otherwise



Aj Acuff

#1 troll.....my boy Astro!!!! Keep it up for all the laughs, and setting Sam off.

Trust Me, I Don't Wanna Be Here

I got a weight loss ad right before the video. I thought it was the actual video. ;-;


What is this?😂 outbreak again and what’s the release date

Alla Jennifer

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