Kasparov vuelve al tablero (1)

para enfrentarse a Caruana, Nakamura y So:


On pc...


indo popstar

disliked because of run the jewels

Cameron Halbleib

Pittsburgh Steelers


Please die.

Matt Freeberg

I’m watching in 2019 and is this just me or is Cory the everybody’s least favorite

LVC Entertaimen

Nó dịch ra tiếng việt luôn?


When fucking average looking guys get away with being rapey towards beautiful women 10/15 years younger than them :///

 Press any key to continue_

Sayshen Venketramana

Bill and his Friend are great


05:03 that is very hard to mastrubate to..

sebastian lopez

the music is good, but could you leave the ambient sound of the game, as you used to do

Lunazzz zx2

I don’t fear death, I fear to never see my parents and family again

NNX Bush

3:56 4 years later it finally happens 😂

Aadi Vlogs i

I want to swim in Gatorade


Was that Stonehenge

4. Avoid processed meat whenever you can

Cristina Meade


Gryfindor girl

coby was doing so good and then cody won........ I don't know but their will be a day when boy doesn'tjust beat some of the others but tyler himself



If you notice the scene where Brody and Sean are discussing things at the area across from the lighthouse, you’ll notice the lighthouse is the original one from the first game and you can’t see it clearly but Arcadia Bay is in between that lighthouse and where they are. The beach and motel are further down the shoreline connected to Arcadia Bay.

no name

kalo gue nyanyi dpn kamera sambil sikat gigi ada busa trs diupload bakalan dihujat keknya

Max Hercigonja

"The combination of SSD and solid state drive... " Mom: its the dam 99.99% of the comments that are about the dam phone killing you!!!

я пробую себя

https://new.vk.com/public125307826 подписывайтесь

Mercedez Maradiaga

Thats what happenes if u consume drugs u cant do plenty of stuff anymore and also u lose ur job or your life so remmeber what the schools have teached you to not consume drugs or anything related to it we love u juampa❤💖😘

Solomon Ikeachumba

2:14 Alvin in attack on Titan confirmed. I see you with the scout salute

Superior YT

I freaken love the intro so much

Ben Duchscherer

Dude decent makes the same videos that dude perfect do but show fails and has a lot of jokes

Aldyfa Naufal

you are the best easter egg hunter on youtube, you also a true gamer dude. you've played a lot of games.

Pubg Player YT



Died from fall damage innit

Roman Rodriguez

If you preorder the game on amazon, will you still get all the physical items as well?


I never... NEVER... EVER... seen that part when the others are trying to be "perfect," but that was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ajaas Mk



Please do Ratchet and Clank Next

Arfan Bollime

Ty is awesome

Brodee Mosley

Where is gar

O 100 Ocupacao

Thank you for Portuguese legends


Check out BBTrickShots videos in the video responses! Summer Edition Part 3

phandom TDM

Every time I look at Garret I think of Dale Earnheart Jr.

Sans Comic

Nope. Sound waves can't travel in space because they don't have a medium, or particles, to travel through.

Arcen Loben

i was thinking why is this electrifying ? . . . . then i look at the channel and its literally saying " James Corden " . . . . oh . . . that's why its electrifying then . . . . .


Did you drink all thta???

Keep It up Bro

No punishment for the loser?


where's the giant mudcrab?!


Oooooo poor kid

Sebi A

Correction: I met my first love at 3 years old

Mitch Wilson

What is the "best toy ever" episode?

They need to take time to make something good? They started developing GTAIV right after developing SA (4 years) and only spent 2 years on San Andreas.

Addie Smith


Kakashi Hatake

The Sunlight Shocker is me lol

Audrey Germino

Doctors:Oh you can't afford to pay us for life support

Jeanie Jones

Columbus Ohio

Mommydeb Loves

Loved this video. Thank ya


This is a great series. I love!

Stila Lin


Galaxy Playz

never bully kids.


Liam Powell

Lol me and it’s 2018 man

Talha Meer

Thanks dude perfect for sending me a giftGive me one heart