JERRY WESS vs MILK DA GENERAL Civil War (Full Battle)

Final BATTLE of the Civl War Card JERRY WESS vs MILK DA GENERAL WAR 3 ROUND Show Down Comment Like SHare Subscribe. I do not own anything in the video Everything is for entertainment purposes Marvel Owns all content

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2019 Anyone

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Nadhira Asmi

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Air Chan

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Tendo LK

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Scrotus Biggus Diccus

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Jeremy Pouchot


Jaycee Retribution

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0:25 Well, Fuck You to!

Marcus Behlau

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And bring in cloudy night immediately. Im kinda glad youre back on Shadow warrior

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Thanks TY for shooting out Hockey fans

Lachlan Warrell

Awesome video and I love the bracelets

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The last easter egg MAY just be the greatest easter egg in video game history. EVERRRR

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Dont worry you will do it just keep on fighting through it #keep on going


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1st looks like tiy getting it in

erika van herreweghe

Funny how this video is about one "issue" being presented into a comic like story,, and suddenly everyone in the comments throws in all kinds of diseases and mental disorders just to get their small moment of attention- i think I got one too! I lose brain cells because of attention seekers! 😂😂,, grow tf up peoples ✊


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I love watching this one because its so funny when ty scares cody, and I get scared easily, my sister does it all the time to me.

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take as much time off as you need diamond will be missed love you guys

Sgt. Flippy



Great scenario


Damn I love your vids! Its edited very well and topic of easter eggs is great anyway, but you made it to perfect! Keep it up man, you're awesome! ♥

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Why is this dude like Eric Cartman