Jazz up your King's Indian Defense against the Fianchetto! - IM Bryan Smith

♕ DVD: 10 GM SECRETS: MORE: | lesson shows a game from IM Bryan Smith's personal collection, with a game on The King's Indian and White's attempt for advantage with a King Side Fianchetto.Focus quickly shifts upon 6...N(b)d7 with Black playing a quick 7...e5 and then taking with 8...exd4 while Black is gaining pressure down the e file with...Re8.Players of intermediate and advanced ability will benefit from Black's approach, while beginners will benefit from learning about the Fianchetto.Interface used ICC:

chị ca nô

I love Dude perfect my Vet Nam

Renzø Rk

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Asa Heron

You just totally copied from ksi 😂

Darrell Poitra

should use glitter w a spotlight for night shots. i kno for a fact they make glo in the dark arrows would be easier to see angled archery trick shots. gonna soundweird but bear withme... water balloons or balloons filled with liquid inside of other balloons with different colored liquid and or glitter.... fill the targets w flammable liquid and start shooting fire arrows

yeah okay


Something tells me they are running out of ideas

4 alicorns

Is it bad that the sister with asthma sounds just like me?


The colourful art style on this video is my favourite ❤️

Nick Henderson

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Bhad Jade

Is it the same person reading is these real story’s

Obvious Obsidian

Guru thanks to you I know got rage it's sooooo fun

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I was so confused when I read the title at first cause you get it every month. Until I re read it



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In the LOZ:OOT if you shoot the Windows or throw something at them (I forgot what) you'll get text boxes that tell you to stop the racket

Simme Rocky

Is this really GTA 5?

The FleshEatingMouse

um this does not look hard because you look realy dfar up somewere this might be easyer then i thout (but cool)

Chase utz

It must be reallyawkward to say those intros to your trick shot and miss like “this is the buttery backwards bowl”*throws bowling ball into gutter* 😬

And the hidden MCOMS?

Christopher Chadwick

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Никита Литвиненко

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David Smith


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There needs to be more conversation easter eggs like these.

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Logan King

Austin Allen


Should I get this game once it comes out on ps4?


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