In Your Body

beelboy 006

there is a reference of resident evil when you first encouter a zombie

Nicole Pearce

Noooo.... no no no.....NOOOOOOOO.....this can’t be how it ended...... I feel so sad inside😞😭😟

YouTube: here take this

arelys rivera

The feels


"No officer, I have no idea how the neighbors house burned down."


@SubJuiced Yesss!

Aaron Hickerson

Not trying to be a hater but, I’ve seen older videos with the same Easter eggs. I think some people have discovered them first, people need to show the smaller videos that are older some love too. When I first seen the gameplay I picked up on the ps3 in the game, and some other stuff here and there. But overall this game is a masterpiece and a 👍 up for this video.

Ramayana Roxas

Anna's probably gonna die. Sorry I'm a GoT fan.

Jess Sheasby

Apart from a mega nerf dart was anything different in balloon buster trick shot?

ZachAtack Music & Arts

You should do overtime with both parents

Kite Snow

I was there in the summer it is the best

Tutorial All Star

Kinda hurts when you got a brand new TV and a Rage Monster destroys it. Kinda hurts.

Stephanie Dandeneau

Hunter x hunter is awesome

me:z move

Uyen Chung

Fu** this

Snowy vs games

Yeah same

Gacha BangPink

And the winner isss.....

GO Crazy

Don’t you have to pay for tinder to chat or contact

Brandon Nguyen

@FunWithGuru do the call of the dead easter egg and shangri la since you need to do that for the moon easter egg please :P


lil Giancarlo Stanton

Uh Uh The Marlins Will Be July 2016


The dp for overtime 1to 9 the best year in 2019

Annick xx

sonja jurić

I once talked to them but they got realy mad. thay were telling things like: its all for attention, you are overreacting, its normal and its just puberty. but i am not alright. i dont know how much will i take this. i want to talk to them but i am so scared they would overreact, but i realy need a professional help. i am afraid to sent an email or a message to them. they dont believe just beacuse i laugh with my siblings and do normal things and sometimes i forget it. but theats realy sometimes, like once or twice a week. but i feel so alone and so down. can anybody help?????


Cody plus Luke equals team coke

Ryan Kain

I’m eating my spit

Nike enters the chat : hi

theoneandonly nugget

Anyone 2018

Ppkv Hgk

Please do a battle