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utra plei jdjdjd


Kaila T.

Can you make me some food? 😭

Perseus Attroix

Do you have plans on uploading anything to the Affinitie channel anytime soon? I love the music you use in these videos and such c:

Faiz Rahman

9 Angel members are Boom!!! 🎉💥 i don,t want say anything 💕💕

Jasmine Tamimi

I’m confused right now 00:03 that doesn’t make sense (not trying to be mean) u didn’t say hi and when u start talking I just got scared 😂😂😂😂🤣 sorry 😐 if you think I’m being annoying or mean.

Dude dude

Ethan Styles

Garrett was at home sick

Fluid Mosaic



I’m happy you divorced him cuz both of y’all sounded dumb in the beginning. I’m not calling the other woman she’s not the one I gave my vows to. I married the man not her. Women need to stop doing that dumb shit. Attack the man leave the other woman out of it.

John Sullivan

make more levels please


vot karver

Max Miller

Toxix friends

other school in this story

Scott Smith

This a banger.....a damn banger

cobalt geo

always of course late in like 1950 there was big giant robots


when? I never saw it.

Daniela Garcia Zamora

Why don’t you say how far along you are ?! 😒

Kyle Bonner

Please sir, make another one! :)

Tibor Tóth




Melanie Connors

Your video sucks

Hadassah_ __

I love Alvin differently 😍😍😍

luismi de Juan



sound is transferred through air molecules colliding, and as there is no or little air in space it is completely silent

If you don’t get it.... look at my Chanel name

Celeste Knox

I am a new subscriber poundin noggin 😁😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😁😀

amare Caesar

Can I have a golden ball

Jared Morrow

Love DP

sound travels through particles in the air. that's why astronauts use radio waves to communicate with each other.

Thunder Shock

23 bounces


a lot, you can tell how fast he said before making that shot.


I guess they never miss huh


I looooveee how you put so much detail into your videos. Like the animated cover of heavy rain. Man I wish those things were real

julker nieem

I can not stop thinkingabout this movi.Do you guystoo???

We work for her.

I Am Roan Gamer

Can you do your your next stereotypes like as airport dentist and hockey thanks

ali mohamed


1080p monitor= $155

Corey Robert

Because every trick shot took them like 1000 attempts that they just edited out.


I'm from Brazil

z b6

October '18?

Alp Buğra Değirmenci

Panda is tyler???

Ophelia M Collins

Watch it like 10 times

Azim Isahak

More pls

Mark Marin

Nerf Perfect

Henry Williams

my family has one of those inner tubes

Jens Danquah

Suprisingly hilarious video!

Abinadi Cardenas

I love yourgloing stuff


How many times took you to get one trick shot


idk, theres probably snakes and shit out there

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Cecily Newman

I’d say they should go to Fort Worth Texas, but I’ve lived here for 5 years and I’ve never heard of a boutique that caters to plus size women. My mom is plus size and she basically just shops at torrid and dress barn

Orbita de Loona

#26 em alta no Brasil