GM Praggnanandhaa, R (India) - GM Nihal Sarin (India)

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Rexx Thunder

I love that artwork!

Kailer Canlas

Im literally the coach player cuz my friends are so bad and I have to carry them

Fortnite Slayer

Yeah I think he will win at least one




African gal Rroma

Dont worry my sister thought I was a boy when I was born....she told me....RUDE

Builder: Its rewind time

Dawson Biehn

Leave a like is you want to know ho panda is

Chief Peato

Back to when dude perfect was literally perfect

Mr. Yudustif

I am from Indonesia, Sir subscribe me please, i like your channel

Mystery solved, i guess.


if only she doesnt hate pewds so much, then i would actually respect her more.

Conor McGuire

I really love this concept and I hope it continues.  My only concern is that some eggs will be repeated form past videos, that might get annoying.  Otherwise this is a great idea and I love the variety.

Alex Dyble

I think skies can connect to 5G with his hair

Eline Charmaine Vaassen

Magical! Bless you guys



In the last one isn't tht the bunny from saints row 2/3?

Jorge Family




Creative Dev

The new girl has spider eyes

Jedi Knight

Oh well ~Close enough~


Q&A Plz

Laurent Outang

all I hate about americans are incarnate in dude perfect

Yoyo Queen

I’m so sorry.....

Adam Surfs

FunWithGuru? You're that ninja.

2. I headed to school

Greyson King

Like if u live in Texas or been to Dallas

nia fantasma

Mom edition?


Why is everyone so afraid of "Everyone dies sooner or later?"

Trace A

ur amazing