Geschwätzblitz mit Niclas Huschenbeth (2)

In einer weiteren Folge von Geschwätzblitz spielt Großmeister Niclas Huschenbeth in unserer Playzone und kommentiert gleichzeitig die Partie.

Dhebra Pope

When my mom gave birth to me it took well over 3 days. And when I was FINALLY born I was premie size and was two weeks late. I also had really bad jaundice. I recently found out that my mother smoked and took antidepressants while she was pregnant with me. Up all night




@vyqivep i agree one of my top 10 BUT! if your getting bored of this then check out this online game >>>

Landen Tennison

did the trust shot go wrong at any time

Eli Ritchie

I was in this video the part where it says speed demon the person when he is going down the mountain I was in the blue my friend was in white




i came ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Lia Phoenix

YES QUEEN ❄💙❄💙❄💙❄💙❄

daddy cume

I love the office

Mr. Gwen

What about happy feet in when they fall on each other

... ... ..| : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :”-,\....................“\: : : : : : : : '\


lol i knew when you look in the forest i knew mr.slendy  was there XD


Okay im still 11 and i have my own phone

Ty Lee

Did Jay just say "in his bag"


I feel like they’re gonna start their own Series on Netflix???!!


James Redic

To the haters....🖕🏿. Much luv to the best player in basketball Kd. We love you big dawg. May you have a speedy recovery. Dub nation gone win this one for you.


what i fucking hatew about this is the charactes dont even react to it

and won so much money


There's a wall joke somewhere.

Diamond Galactic Galaxy Gamer

Robber:oi he has no weapon lets rob him.This freakin guy:o u think so(pulls out cards)Robber:whats that supposed to do, a card trickGuy:(chops his head off with 1 card)

Darius Darden

Face reveal:)

Twisted One

Warriors about the end the raptors if raptors don't win game 6. Book it niggas

B -Series

This would actually be a really cool product

KcKawaiiCaden 887



Epigueimis tais o evento do monstro que tava no bicopolar


⚡Harry Potter⚡: 4:58 💕

Büşra Çetin

Per fecttt

fatih bagas

2:51 waitt, an ATM card??

Dylan Atilano

you need to make a playlist of all the music you use in these videos


They should have named this video Ty's Dunk edition, he mostly did the whole video


Sahil Sharma

bring Prince Of Persia back for fucks sake.

Brenna Johnson

I love your videos so much it’s crazy

Rory Martinez

This 8s my favorite tipe of video

Copy Right

I dont understand why is everyone disliking infinite warfare COD. Why should activision make something that they already made? why is futuristic so bad? like my friend was like pffff BO3 its shit futuristic and then when he played beta he said its pretty good game

Daði Fannar Hlífarsson

2M likes waaaaaaaat

itz zeek

That's a lot of trust