Frank plays chess with HAL aboard Discovery

It's a long journey to Jupiter if your space technology is still based on chemical propellants, so there's plenty of time to relax and enjoy a bracing game of chess. Here we see Astronaut Frank Poole being crushed like a miserable insect by HAL, who is evidently enjoying the game. The movie's chess game is reportedly based on an actual one, Roesch vs Schlage, Hamburg, 1910 (see "Poole - HAL 9000" in Wikipedia), which has been replayed here:you for a very enjoyable piece of classic fiction, HAL.

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Caleb Chrst

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purple churro

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Too bad its an epic store exclusive though, I know waaaaaaahhhhh, but I don't like this exclusive bullshit at all. I understand it when ubi or EA does it with one of their own products, I get it when xbox and sony do it with their games on their consoles, I don't get why its now becoming a thing on PC and its because of Epic. So whether people think it's silly or not based on principle I won't buy anything on Epic Store ever.

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