Eluvium - Talk Amongst the Trees (full album)

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Me: this does put a smile on my face

Esra K.

I thought she was getting a pet lol

owl boi

I've seen a deer's eyes erupt in blood, then it's mouth, then it's ears.

Cheyenne Taylor



thog don’t care

rutik patel

tyler is the best


Those glass bottles looked like they hurt. A lot.

Gìsdèm116 Gaming

3:16 the background ty was dancing

Hannah Clark

Who's panda what's his name and don't be sarcastic and say panda


Why the hell was there a commercial aircraft at 0:16?

Jem Jewels


Me: What The Fuck?! Is this allowed??? I'm confused, like " I'm a woman" is to me that you have a V and "Living As a Man" that's like to me

dokidoki de kowaresou 1000 love

3:27 Where’s the brother other leg ?


lol n1


for some reason Henry and Sam reminds me of Michael and Walt from LOST. lool

suhtorii 19

I can understand I sometimes feel like this and since I am also adopted and the only on in my family that is different and same at school

Read the first word 🤗

Skull Raptor

Oh my days, this is much worse quality then these days

I know I get around 'cause I like to move freely

#me #you

i did

Click for Fuck all

I was just watching it😂

Kirami MMO

You with Lemmino, quality + quality = perfect


Maxpayne is the reason why I got into video games. Good to see it #1 on the list.

Jamie Totten

Then he went to the browns...

Kane Mateum


Tropical Gamer

And there I was in a fake video

connor kettwig


Justin Lim

I ship the two

charles pendragon

The guy with the youtube we shirt also looked like player lol hahahaha

Archana Rosry

First of all why did u send him those pics.. Cant u see from the way he asks itself its like he thinks girls are only for that.... Anyways .. internet is so fast.. just see that he doesn't escape. Teach him a lesson. And pls pls… this is to all girls.. We r not just body.... Its not like only if u show ur body ur boyfriend will like you.. We have a sixth sense for some reason. Hope u guys understand

... HMMM



Japanon ,



Wait, Cody is 6'6"???!!!

Ilein Villalobos

This is so beautiful I can’t even proud of you. You have grown so much, I love all your videos. Love you and I also love how you put in your friends.!

DG Houli

Congrats on 29 mil

Fantastic Chelsea A

Ties dad look more like him

[Blue galaxy] dark ice Wolfie

I don’t fear death....I’m just scared of hurting my loved ones the only reason people hate death it’s because it sometimes killed there loved ones that’s why.....but if I ever had this happen to me I’d except my life and loved ones....


Tijuana Pirañas 😂

Joel Johnson

The panda is my favorite

EmperorAaron ll

I skipped all of them.... toy abuse

TOXIC 0fxcks

People are people gay or not. i support this im straight

Comment for Adidas

I keep finding the creepy macdonalds ad pop up and im starting to think that chucky is coming after me AND CHUCKY IS NOTHING TO DO WITH MACDONALDS

Lyndee Hinkle

Me and my cousin use fire crackers and tape to action figures. Then light them and watch the fun begin!