Dirty chess tricks 8 (Italian-Koltanowski Gambit)

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Why is there only three wives

Erin McTamaney


klyde pellosis

Why do we always have one of those dumb friend that acts like so smart and still end up being dumb?..

H2 Gucci

watch parkoure bros

ɢɪʙᴛ ᴀʟs ᴅᴀs, ᴡᴀs ᴍᴀɴ sᴄʜᴏɴ ʜᴀᴛ...💔💔💔

SupremeWW *

Here before 1 mil

Channel Andy

Yg dari indonesia like 🤣

beefboss legend

It's high to low because Garrett is high and he throws it to ty and ty is low and throws it to garrett👇

shelly yastagirl

Never in a millions year i imagine or thought possible that depression would enter my life ...i want u out ,out of me depression your not welcome but your so hard to evict.

Anonymous Table Salt

There is a guy at my skool that calls me “krusty”. And tbh idc. He calls me krusty bc he “claims” i like the smartest guy at my skool(i think he is) and that guy is......(no offense) kinda lonely and uhm yea. So i just ignore him and think of the best comebacks ten thousand hours later

Which one she has too many to keep track since you don’t have one

f a t i m a ‘

“It’s my prize for putting up with him”


Why would they kill Indiana Jones

Just friends forever

The dog is beautifyl

Kat The Potato

I'm so confused...


Wow Naughty Dog


Lol Paul pierce at 3:08


WOW!!! amazing easter eggs!!!

Arc Ray

you might need to have a video on all the Battlefield Friends easter eggs from that one game, i went looking for a video of all of them and no one has it. and one of the videos was 10 minutes long, with half of it being about how to find the easter egg with the other half being advertising the channel. the audio was so quiet too, more people should do things the way you do Guru!

Chris Warren

@brazee07 agree im a raider fan right now palmer does too

Jake Dunn


Rex Odom

Subs Lol good I live Easter eggs and yeah

Brandi Bryant

call the unknown trick shot the backwards over head swoosh.

Elijah Hardner-Orlando

Poor poor panda

Summer Jacelyn Brooke

Why did the skeleton cross the road? To get to the body shop.

Ainthu Ainandaik

7:41 Me When I Can Finally Skip An Ad

going home early sees jake cheating


So I said how then jumped out of the window and fell to my death.



Terri Brookes

I got space jam beforeGarret!


3:12 If you call otacon on the Codec, it shows Snake hyperventilating.

Essi Rintala

From now on, Dumbledore asmr is the only type of asmr i will listen to

Martin Colin

I just played endless Ducker

Ahora ve la vida diferente

Shay McIntyre

Did anyone notice that Pinocchio was spelled wrong?

GameGod BB



11:18 Except you're deliberately omitting the part where near the end of that episode turns into a cannon to shoot pikachu, when there was none around.

Nikolas Urrutia

60 yards

I'm all for opinions but using this as an example is a extremely stupid way to send the message. This video essentially trying to tell people that it's ok to be a bigot while trying to say not to be one at the same time.

Sad Johnny

really guru? clickbait?

Miha Plemenitaš

No more loading screens ....hmmmm .....god of war?

J's Channel

Haha panda in the audience

Eye Have I Prob

Whos stadium is that? That’s a really nice one... 👍

jordan wynn

remember wen u drop skull up its a another pick up by it

Walter Marbley

This guy: I'm the richest man alive



Vladimir Basco


Alistair Williams

they are like a boy-band... very gaeeeee

C. we lost the hunting rifle for a item that will be vaulted in a week!

Paintball_Baseball _07

Team Tyler!!!

Ram's 0528

this game make me relax

shadab sheikh

How do they it

Melissa Kerr

Steph Curry is a class act! People..say what you want but KD is all heart and soul. He loves this game. Prayers up Warrior.


A113 is in Monsters Inc. It's very hard to spot and even I couldn't find it for years.

william thomas

1m to 4m in 2 weeks...

Margie Demmert

i am the noob


Professional sports players make enough money to get superior medical attention if they get seriously injured and fans don't. He plowed into 2 rows of fans not just 1 and knocked back a lady in the face sitting in the 2nd row. A push from a fan was a good reaction.


Was that Ness


Damn, was not expecting her to show up. They were defeated by wendyz

laura c

Wow, I LOVED the powderpuff girls one. I’m weak for pencil writing sounds