Crossfade (Maceo Plex Remix)

Nigel Snippe

CUTE?! IT'S A KILLER TURKEY (btw i see your point to)

I pray to lord to live. Love you!

Stella’s Crazy Life



Shailoe Reyes

Do an anime skit or video or somethin and feature them Ryan,Cedric,Griffin

denis hima

Dude perfect please can you make soccer stereotypes

Kaylee Morris

I’m eating goldfish

Handsome Jack

My favourite is the stick it notes referencing Reed Richards and Tony Stark in the opening cutscene. Could be the start of something amazing.

lord Jak


Mike Mathy


Jason Shan

This was actually the first dp video i ever watched a few years ago

Kyle Frieszell

how do you find this shit anyway???!!!

Max Max


Audrey Bone


Chris Core

I'll still get it I just need to see a little bit more gameplay that will make me decide


Cool not cool

Adam Bailey

I am a first born and my mum tried SO hard to give birth to me. Miscarriage after miscarriage after miscarriage. Then finally I came out. My mum has treasured me ever since. I have 4 siblings and there were no miscarriages after me. This story made me cry. I feel so bad for you. Hopefully this goes through well and we can get a happy update. Praise!


Wait a minute, so SNL did a skit of my favorite band? AWESOME

Cameron Riker

Welcome to the proud land of Utah!

King Cola

roblox kid screaming

Erwin Azucena

Another great video here! I saw the first part then at an instant subscribed to you while watching this! Quality again my friend! Keep it up!


god da,m

Plz be ok I doggo haven

Ponnusamy Shanmugam

I cry because of many people die in my family


Walls work

A Bean

Oof this made me cry