Chess Trap 7 (Against Dutch Defense)

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Kuruka Chikuto Zukushujiku

I had that too, I once had to run out of the house with my little sister because our mother was throwing things,, but that's over since she has quit her medicine

Michael Doran

14 bounces



9 - Amusement park & waterpark stereotypes


When will Deadpool Easter egg series comes out

Hazel:swipes left

Bitch I’m Bella Thorne

idk if i have anxiety but this is me honestly

Eric M

At the titanic easter egg and the map in the captin's room seems to relate to the st4 map..... Another possable easter egg??

Night Wolf

You are the luckiest girl in the world

Aliandro Chavarria



Than just loose weight

Bianca P

You might as well be telling a story about me by now (Except for the fact that she moved in with her dad, I live with my mom but see my dad on the weekends).

Nightmare Wolfy

Bro: let's play our secret game~

Maria Cabrera

You should do a gun one

Jarrett Stover

yea lifes good i feel yea

Vixie the cat

Thx for making this vid. I do suffer from things like this and those annoying suicidal thoughts. I have just been too scared to tell my mombut I think I might have a good chance at telling her now that I know these tips. Thank you again. 👍

DolphFUN Party

The dog 🐶 was adorable

Supernatural Movies

Quien es la modelo del video?

Let’s Get Real!!

This is the first video I have ever watched of yours and I can simply say you have gained a new subscriber the Jeffrey Starr and Manny video inserts were so funny

Quin Shimamura

Los Angeles US Bank building

in the mission where you are in Argentina when you pick up the tool you need to dhot the wall a and a picture of a man sayin "im a very bad men"

Tonya Ratlaff

Professional sports owner , media, hate Christianity, and western culture, natural law, I used to watch sports now I would never give a dime of money or time to something trying to ruin my culture, especially from people who profited so we'll off of it, let the liberals fill the stadiums with there free welfare money, conservatives should keep their hard earned money for their children's college

Come collect him

Joey the Clown

whos watching in 2016

TraeNine X

The goat is back


I understood all of the jokes except for the ICarly 8=D joke, can anyone explain it please?

Jacob S

ive made passes like that blindfolded.

That's LMFB

Is that your sisters blender?


one punch god

No one filmed the crash seem fishy.

Dakota Wilson

Love this game.

Also me: If my family will forget about me, And if they'll grow up be ungrateful, annoying and dumb brats, Who will put pressure on me and cause me a ton of anxieties, Waste my money for toys that they're gonna break, Disrespect me and all alone if they'll be so ignorant...

looks up at cans in supermarket


They're both fucking shit, and they will sadly still both sell like hotcakes.

My entire Utopia in 4:05 min😭🤩😍😍❤️❤️❤️🤭🥺🥺

(No shade to ppl with hysteria🙏🏽)

Anil Kanujia

DoYou Know Who Is The Beautiful Person In The World The Second World

Jack the Ripper

ef ther no warning i was going to die :3

Leomia Thomad

They should do a dude almost perfect

Chaseten Asuncion


Damian Burton

Flip your self

Fernando Silva

I hate Tyler he always wins


what happens in a pancreas attack? 4:06


0:58 0:58.5

Combat License34

This is 2016 premium content

Kylie Donnelly


Candy Apple



My favorite YouTuber is back with another video… that he deleted and then reuploaded because...?.

Raul Donan

the Seahawk looked like a dinosaur


Pretty fucking stupid to let your boss shower with the most mentally unstable and dangerous "person" on the entire base, but hey, it's not metal gear without indescribable amounts of fan service.

Zavien Franklin

Nasty to the last Easter egg

Mitchell Warden

film antonio brown

Xavier Frost

5.39 I thought ty through the turtle