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History of Chess

"Grand Opening" - Anderssen beats Morphy with 1.a3!

#agadmator All the games from Morphy-Anderssen 1858 Match Anderssen vs Paul Morphy"Grand Opening" (game of the day Aug-20-2015)Anderssen - Morphy (1858), Paris FRA, rd 10, Dec-27 Anderssen Opening: General (A00)1. a3 e5 2. c4 Nf6 3. Nc3 d5 4. cd5 Nd5 5. e3 Be6 6. Nf3 Bd6 7. Be2 O-O 8. O-O Nc3 9. bc3 f5 10. d4 e4 11. Nd2 Rf6 12. f4 Rh6 13. g3 Nd7 14. Nc4 Bc4 15. Bc4 Kh8 16. Ra2 Qe7 17. a4 Nf6 18. Qb3 c6 19. Be6 Re8 20. Bc4 Ng4 21. Rg2 Rb8 22. Be2 Nf6 23. c4 b6 24. Bb2 Qf7 25. Qc2 Be7 26. Bc3 Rg8 27. a5 Bd6 28. ab6 ab6 29. Ra1 g5 30. fg5 Rg5 31. Ra8 Rg8 32. Qa4 Ra8 33. Qa8 Qe8 34. Qe8 Ne8 35. c5 Bc7 36. Bc4 Kg7 37. cb6 Bb6 38. Rb2 Bc7 39. Rb7 Kf6 40. Bb4 Rg6 41. Bf8 h5 42. Kf2 h4 43. gh4 Rg4 44. h5 Rh4 45. h6 Rh2 46. Kg1 Rh3 47. Bf1 Rg3 48. Kf2 Rg4 49. Bc4 Rh4 50. Bg8 Bd6 51. Bd6 Nd6 52. Rd7 Ne8 53. h7 Kg5 54. Re7 Nd6 55. Re6 Nc4 56. Rc6 Nd2 57. Ke2 Rh2 58. Kd1 Nf3 59. Rc7 Kg6 60. d5 f4 61. ef4 e3 62. Re7 e2 63. Re2 Rh1 64. Kc2 Nd4 65. Kd2 Ne2 66. Ke2 Kg7 67. Ke3 Re1 68. Kd4 Rf1 69. Ke5 Re1 70. Kf5 Rd1 71. Be6 Rd4 72. Ke5 Rd1 73. f5 Rh1 74. f6 Kh7 75. Kd6 Ra1 76. Ke7 Ra7 77. Bd7After having cemented his status, by virtue of his triumph 1st American Chess Congress (1857), as one of the greatest masters in the world, Morphy traveled to Europe to play Howard Staunton and other chess greats. Morphy made numerous attempts at setting up a match with Staunton, but none ever came to fruition. Staunton was later criticised for avoiding a match with Morphy. Seeking new opponents, Morphy crossed the English Channel to France.In Paris, Morphy suffered from a bout of intestinal influenza. In accordance with the medical wisdom of the time, he was treated with leeches, resulting in his losing a significant amount of blood. Although too weak to stand up unaided, Morphy insisted on going ahead with a match against the visiting German master Adolf Anderssen, considered by many to be Europe's leading player. Despite his illness Morphy triumphed easily, winning seven while losing two, with two draws. When asked about his defeat, Anderssen claimed to be out of practice, but also admitted that Morphy was in any event the stronger player and that he was fairly beaten. Anderssen also attested that in his opinion, Morphy was the strongest player ever to play the game, even stronger than the famous French champion Louis Charles Mahe De La Bourdonnais.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you realllly enjoy my content, you're welcome to support me and my channel with a small donation via PayPal.Link to PayPal donation agadmatorLichess: agadmatorSkype: agadmatorLeague of Legends: agadmator :)Hearthstone: agadmator

Geschwätzblitz mit Jan Gustafsson, 04.01.2019

Großmeister Jan Gustafsson spielt Blitz gegen chess24 premium-Nutzer und erläutert das Geschehen.Werde Premium und fordere Jan in einer seiner Shows.► Schaue Liveshows oder abrufbare Videos: Verfolge Topturniere mit unserem einzigartigem Übertragungssystem: Spiele Schach in unserer Playzone: Lerne von Großmeistern in interaktiven Videos und verbessere dein Schach: uns in Verbindung bleiben!► Abonniere unseren Kanal:Like uns auf Facebook: Folge uns auf Twitter: ist eine Schachwebseite für Spieler mit allen Spielstärken. Spiele gegen Freunde, lerne die Geheimnisse von Topgroßmeistern in Videolektionen und schau dir die besten Schachturniere live mit unserem einzigartigen Übertragungssystem an. Wir informieren dich auch über alles was in der Schachwelt so los ist und noch viel, viel mehr. Besuch uns auf ! #chess24 #geschwätzblitz#jangustafsson


Minecraft any% Glitchless means reaching the end-credits of MC as fast as possible w/o executing glitches (Relogging to prevent fall damage, item duplication, etc). This is my first completed run of 15:35!LEADERBOARD: Want To See More?! - Join The Ant Farm Today - Live-Streams - MEDIA» Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - Website - Shirts - Survival Games - Pocket Edition - Mini-Games - Parkour - MUSICApproaching Nirvana - Death of a King


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"The Man Who Delivers" | Caruana vs Anand | LCC2017 | Round 5

#agadmator Fabiano Caruana vs Viswanathan AnandLondon Chess Classic, Grand Chess tour - Round 512/6/20171. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 Nf6 4. d3 Bc5 5. Nc3 O-O 6. Bxc6 dxc6 7. h3 Nd7 8. Be3 Bd6 9. Ne2 Re8 10. g4 Nc5 11. Ng3 Ne6 12. Nf5 c5 13. h4 a5 14. h5 Ra6 15. Qd2 Nd4 16. Rh3 Bf8 17. O-O-O Be6 18. Kb1 f6 19. c3 Nxf3 20. Rxf3 c4 21. Qc2 cxd3 22. Rxd3 Qc8 23. g5 fxg5 24. Bxg5 Bf7 25. h6 gxh6 26. Bc1 Qe6 27. b3 a4 28. c4 axb3 29. axb3 Qc6 30. Rg3+ Kh8 31. Rd1 b5 32. c5 b4 33. Bb2 Bg6 34. Rd5 Qb5 35. Rg1 c6 36. Rxe5 Rxe5 37. Bxe5+ Kg8 38. Bd4 Kf7 39. Nh4The London Chess Classic is a 10-player round-robin taking place from December 1st to 11th at Google HQ in London, for Round 1, and then at the Olympia Conference Centre in Kensington. The event is the 5th and final leg of the Grand Chess Tour and features World Champion Magnus Carlsen, other tour regulars Viswanathan Anand, Levon Aronian, Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura, Wesley So, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Ian Nepomniachtchi and Sergey Karjakin, as well as English wild card Mickey Adams.The prize fund is $300,000 (about €280,000) with a first prize of $75,000, plus another $100,000 and $50,000 respectively for the top two in the overall 2017 Grand Chess Tour standings. Players receive 100 minutes for 40 moves then 60 minutes for the rest of the game, with a 30-second delay from move 1. In the event of a tie for first, a tiebreak match (10 mins + 5 seconds delay) will be played, beginning 30 minutes after the end of the last classical game. If still tied, up to 2 mini matches (5 min, 3-sec delay) will follow and finally an Armageddon game (5 min vs. 4 min). Official websites: | you realllly enjoy my content, you're welcome to support me and my channel with a small donation via PayPal or Bitcoin.Link to PayPal donation adress 12VEbMQPyLzBoZzw9yuNofph4C9Ansc4iZCheck out ALL my videos here agadmatorSkype: agadmatorLeague of Legends: agadmator :)Hearthstone: agadmator

Banterthon with GM Pepe Cuenca - Day 1

Grandmaster Pepe Cuenca is back to man the 3rd shift of chess24's 72-hour banterthonGo Premium:


Today we find someone to go late game with us in Bloons Td Battles! I hope you guys have been enjoying the Bloons video! Molt has always loved playing BTD battles! Thanks for watching!- VLOG 10% off Gfuel - CLOTHING -


Mfululizo wa picha za harusi ya Wastara Juma muigizaji kutoka kiwanda cha filamu Tanzania (Bongo Movie)Music:"EDM Detection Mode" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0watch: "Picha chafu za Gardner G Habash na Gigy Money....."

Crazy Mind Reading Magic Experiment

Have your mind read through the computer screen!Note: ALL exposure comments will be automatically deleted

Chess + Boxing = Chessboxing

The new game of Chessboxing is finding fans the world over, from Germany and the UK to Russia and India. Inspired by a French comic book, it became a real game in 2003. Here's a slice of how it's played.Subscribe for more videos: us on Facebook: the AJ+ app at us on Twitter:


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When you FLOP A FULL HOUSE and get action! - A poker video

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Auto Chess Mobile Beginner Guide | Claytano Auto Chess Mobile 1

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Extremely Violent Modern Defense Caused The Fire On Board

The board went up in flames. Don't watch this before going to bed.Real Tiger was involved.Ivan Sokolov vs Tiger Hillarp PerssonKoge op 1997, DEN, rd 7 Modern Defense: Standard Defense (B06) 1. d4 g6 2. e4 Bg7 3. Nc3 d6 4. Be3 a6 5. Qd2 Nd7 6. h4 h5 7. Nh3 b5 8. Ng5 Bb7 9. a4 c6 10. Rd1 Qc7 11. f4 Nh6 12. Be2 Nf6 13. Bf3 Nfg4 14. O-O d5 15. ed5 Nf5 16. Bf2 Rd8 17. dc6 Rd4 18. Nd5 Qc6 19. Qa5 Qd6 20. Ne4 Qd5 21. Nf6 Bf6 22. Bd5 Nf2 23. Bb7 Nd1 24. ab5 O-O 25. c3 Nde3 26. ba6 Rd7 27. Bc6 Rd2 28. Rb1 Bh4 29. Bf3 Bf2 30. Kh1 Ng4 31. Bg4 hg4 32. c4 Kg7 33. Qe5 f6 0-1Chess School: lessons: training: resources: watch: "Yu Yangyi vs Shakhriyar Mamedyarov: Norway Chess 2019"

History Of SomeThingElseYT (ft SomeThingElseYT) | A Brief History

SUBSCRIBE for more Brief Histories ► out SOMETHINGELSEYT ► Of YOUTUBE ANIMATION ► may know Adam Ortiz from his animated stories on his YouTube channel, "SomeThingElseYT." But while he's only been making animated stories for a few years, Adam has actually been on YouTube since 2009! So, in today's episode of "A Brief History" let's take a look at what the heck Adam's been doing on YouTube for the last 10 years!#SomeThingElseYT #AdamOrtiz #YouTubeAnimators #YouTubeAnimation #StorytimeAnimation #Animation #ABriefHistory #FootofaFerretMORE BRIEF HISTORY!- TheOdd1sOut ► JaidenAnimations ► LetMeExplainStudios ► Domics ► me on Twitter ► @FootofaFerretCharacter art by Gregzilla ► for watching & DFTBA! :)

DIY Fried Dessert Ideas for a Delicious Friyay Treat | So Yummy

Welcome the weekend with Yummy Desserts, Learn how to cook with So yummyAbout So YummySo Yummy brings you fun food ideas and recipes for your cooking and baking adventures. We believe that home cooking should always be fun, interesting, and easy to do! Enjoy our collection of fun and easy food tutorials! With recipes ranging from healthy dinners, to sugary sweet delights, there's a plethora of creative options to spice up your home cooking. Our easy-to-follow, wonderfully edited videos show you how to cook and bake these recipes with ease. Thanks for watching, and subscribe today by clicking the link below!

Chess Boxing - Iggy -V- Wack

An epic battle between two sworn frenemies.


Hilarious highlights of when taunting goes badly wrong.Subscribe for the latest boxing Top 10’s, Promo's, Series & Tributes.YOUTUBE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: PATREON:

The First Game Of The First Ever World Chess Championship Match

You have stumbled upon the greatest collection of free chess videosfirst ever ever World Chess Championshiphad a dramatic start.View the game and download the PGN here: Zukertort vs Wilhelm SteinitzSteinitz - Zukertort World Championship Match 1886, New York, NY USA, round 1, Jan-11 Slav Defense: General (D10)·0-1 The greatest collection of free online chess lectureswatch: "Yu Yangyi vs Shakhriyar Mamedyarov: Norway Chess 2019"

GM Analysis #31 How to improve by looking at your own games

Romain Edouard vs Simon WilliamsGrandmaster chess analysis of an interesting game that I had against Grandmaster Romain Edouard. I also look at how you can improve by studying your own games.* Facebook - Twitter - ginger_gm* Website -* Twitch channel -

The Bridge with Chessa and Stephanie

On The Fly PhotographyBridge with Chessa & StephanieModels:Chessa Hastings - Player - Music:Matter of Time (Scott's Knife and Fork Edit)by Scott Althamtitles music credits:Dense Macabre - Low Strings Finale (OTF credits music)Kevin MacLeod (under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"

The Bizarre Sport of Chessboxing

It's an unlikely combination of chess and boxing... Dateline looks at the popularity of a game ending in either checkmate or knockout.Dateline reporters scour the globe to bring you a world of daring stories. Our reputation is for fearless and provocative reporting. Australia's beloved, award winning and longest running international current affairs program.For more on Aaron Lewis' story, go to the SBS Dateline website...


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Jedi Mind Tricks "Design in Malice" feat. Young Zee & Pacewon - Official Video

"Design in Malice" from Jedi Mind Tricks's newest album "Violence Begets Violence" out on Enemy Soil: produced by Mr. Green.Connect with Jedi Mind Tricks:by Sam Lipman-Stern for Live From The Streets ProductionsCinematography by Ethan Schwartz & Sam Lipman-SternShot by Sam Lipman-Stern, Ethan Schwartz, Hiram Stelzig & Jimmy GiambroneSpecial effects by Mr. GreenGraffiti by Stie FH, Kasso VS & Rain VS

Top 15 Best Survival Games For Android 2017 | You Must Play

Survival games are an interesting collection of games. Virtually all games have a component where you can lose them game by dying. However, survival games make the act of staying alive the key component in the game. It’s a fairly robust genre with a lot of really good titles. If you’re in the mood to try really hard to not die, here are the best survival games for Android!►For more on the top & best android games, go to :Get Awesome PC,PS4,Xbox Games at very lowest price : Previous Videos:• 25 Best Endless Runner Games For Android & iOS 2017- 30 Best Fighting Games For Android & iOS 2017- • Top 10 Best NEW Android & iOS Games of May 2017- Top 15 Best Adventure Games for Android & iOS 2017 | PART 2- Top 15 Best Adventure Games for Android & iOS 2017 | PART 1- Top 15 TPS games for android & iOS 2017 | You Must Play- • Top 10 Best Racing Games For Android 2017- Top 25 Best PUZZLE Games For Android & iOS- Top 20 Local Multiplayer Android Games 2017 (WiFi/Bluetooth)- Top 15 Best Free Geforce Now Android Games for Nvidia Shield 2017 (Nvidia Grid)- Top 15 Console Quality Android/iOS Games 2017 (High Graphics)- 35 Best Android Games /w Controller Support 2017 - Top 5 Best NEW RPG Games For Android/iOS 2017 With Extreme High Graphics!! - Top 10 best FPS Android & iOS games OF ALL TIME- Best Open World Android Games Of All Time You MUST PLAY- Top 11 New Best Hack and Slash Android Games 2017- Top 10 Best New FREE OFFLINE Android Games of 2017 MUST PLAY! (No Wifi/Internet) - Top 5 NEW Upcoming Android Games 2017 - Best FPS ONLINE MULTIPLAYER Games For Android - Download Links :#15- Survival Island (Free) 0:14 Radiation Island ($2.99) 0:55Resident Evil 4 1:49Out There: Omega Edition ($3.99) 2:27Five Nights at Freddy’s Series ($2.99 each) 2:47Minigore 1 & 2 (Free) 3:38Limbo (Free/$4.99) 3:54République ($1.99) 4:30Dead Trigger 1 & 2 (Free) 5:22Another World ($3.99) 5:56Don't Starve: Pocket Edition ($4.99) 6:25The Walking Dead Series (Free) 6:55This War of Mine ($14.99) 7:23Minecraft: Pocket Edition ($6.99) 7:48Tomb Raider ($14.99) 8:27Bonus: #00- Last Day on Earth: SurvivalSubscribe to stay connected and get the latest updates on the best latest Games!❤ Awesome PC,PS4,Xbox Games at very lowest price : Music ♬ (Listen/Download here) : YouTube - -"LIKE" guys for more AWESOME videos!➢ Thank you for watching!

Chess Boxing - "Flying Pocket Knives" (official audio)

Track 2 from the two-track release "Possum + Flying Pocket Knives" released 23.4.19. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Bryan Joseph Bernardo Recorded at Better Place Recording Studio, Molino, Cavite Cover art by Jet Dalmacio Additional guitars: John Paul Tabafa (Bahay ni Bear) Bryan Joseph Bernardo (Bahay ni Bear/Better Place Recording Studio)3 AM You're driving on the highway till the sunrise With a pint of gin in hand Will you wait for everything to bend Will you run away again You're on the point of no return You left me here with all these words that I can barely keep to myself I'm not holding on to every lie and every word that you unfold I'm not giving up, just barely moving on I'm not growing up, just trying to go on If you pull me down again, I swear I'll tear you apart I don't want to hear it Someone, please shut the door Honestly, I think I've had enough There's gotta be something more than this Falling for empty promises You said you'd make up for it I don't want to believe Drive past the tollway with an empty wallet I don't care Go find your way home Stab my back with your flying pocket knives as you please I'm not giving up, just barely moving on I'm not growing up, just trying to go on If you pull me down again, I swear I'll tear you apart I don't want to hear it Someone, please shut the door Honestly, I think I've had enough There's gotta be something more than this What would you say if I told you that I don't even know your name anymore These fabricated memories that you planted like a seed Do they mean anything at all Think of me as you fall asleep As you crash your car into a tree I'll be there to tell you that you're wrong Think of me as you fall asleep As you crash your car into a tree Give me back what's left of me I'm not giving up, just barely moving on I'm not growing up, just trying to go on If you pull me down again, I swear I'll tear you apart I don't want to hear it Someone, please shut the door Honestly, I think I've had enough There's gotta be something more than this

Blues - Robert Cray, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, BB King

Los más variados interpretes y versiones de este clásico genero, en algunos casos melancólico, en otros más alegre, pero siempre transmitiendo un sentimiento que parece salir del alma.

Joe Rogan STUNNED By Ultra Swimmer Stories

Joe Rogan talks to Petter Attia about marathon swimming.

Girls Flirting with David Dobrik for 11 Minutes


My Best TITLED TUESDAY Performance | Aman Hambleton

LIVE ON TWITCH▶ DONATE/SUPPORT ▶ the free trial or connect an Amazon Prime account (SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE)▶ IN TOUCH:▶Twitter: ▶ HYPERX for COMPUTER GEAR CHESS.COM for PLAYING CHESS BLUE for AUDIO use CODE: CHESSBRAH▶ HOUSE OF STAUNTON for CHESS GEAR use CODE: CHESSBRAH for 10% discountMERCHANDISE:▶ EQUIPMENT:▶ Mouse: Keyboard: Headset: ▶ Microphone: BOOKS:▶Play Winning Chess:Winning Chess Tactics:

आज के दिन हनुमत शनि की वंदना सुनने से हमारे सभी कष्टों का निवारण होकर घर में सुखो का आगमन होता है

Bhakti Darshan SAV - 1636 , SAV - 1681सुपरहिट भक्ति भजन और आरतियाँ के लिए क्लिक करें -Shingnapur Maharastra Video, Shani Dham Mandir Video, Shri Shanichara Mandir Video, Kokilavan Shani Dev Mandir Video, Ancient Shani Mandir Video Indore, Shani Mandir pratapgarh Video, Sri Shani Mandir Video Titwala Thane,Shani Devaalayam Mandir Video, Deonar Shani Mandir, Mandapalli Shani Mandir Video, Tirunallar Saniswaran Temple Video, Yerdanur Shani Mandir Video, Telangana Shani Mandir Video, Karnataka Shani Mandir Video, Bannanje Shri Shani Kshetra, hanuman shani story Video, hanuman shani Video, Shani Shingnapur,Video, Maharashtra Mandir Video, Telangana Shani Video, Pondicherry Shani Video, Titwala Shani Video, Indore Shani Video, Deonar, Shiv Bhajan, Aarti and MantraBhajan, Aarti and Mantra -के दिन हनुमत शनि की वंदना सुनने से हमारे सभी कष्टों का निवारण होकर घर में सुखो का आगमन होता है भक्ति दर्शनके सुपरहिट भजन/आरतियाँ ---- -- शुभ भजन-- हर सुबह उठकर सुनो-- हर कार्य सिद्ध-- सभी कष्ट दूर भगाओ-- सुख समृद्धि आयेगी- मनोकामना पूर्ण - चमत्कारी आरती – हनुमान चालीसा- सुख समृद्धि देने वाला भजन- अच्युतम केशवम- विपत्तियों से रक्षा करने वाला भजन– शुभ भजन– जय गणेश देवाSong :--Hanuman Bhajan, Shani Mantra and Hanuman AartiLabel :-- Bhakti Darshan

Les plus gros KO en MMA (mixed martial arts)

Retrouvez ici une vidéo des plus gros KO vu en MMA (mixed martial arts)Mail professionnel: ABONNE TOI a ma deuxième chaîne ici: moi aussi sur Twitter et Facebook

Chess openings - French Defence

See more on french defence opening at more info about major chess openings at


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Janas - Sa Danza

(Billera 2002)Ite bella chi ses, cantu m'aggradas,Cantu a sos ojos mios ses grasciosa!A mes'abrile non fiorit rosaColorida che tue e attraente...Tue faghes amante unu serpenteCun sos risittos tuos e miradas!Ite bellesa in gradu soberanu,Che tue no nde 'antat ates'unaS'edad'antiga ne i sa novella...Bellos sun sos fiores in beranu,Est bella s'aurora e i sa luna,Ma tue ses ancora pius bella!

7 Basic Opening Strategic Principles | Chess Lesson 3

Support ChessEdge Channel: of opening chess principles is a common way novices get an early disadvantage and lose at chess.

Partite Commentate di Scacchi 291 - Caruana vs So - U.S.A. e Getta - 2018 [E07]

Playlist Torneo dei Candidati: assistito ad un già scoppiettante primo turno del Torneo dei Candidati. Caruana e So, seppur appartenenti alla stessa federazione non trascurano di portare avanti una sfida all'ultimo sangue."World Championship Candidates"][Site "Berlin GER"][Date "2018.03.10"][EventDate "2018.03.10"][Round "1"][Result "1-0"][White "Fabiano Caruana"][Black "Wesley So"][ECO "E00"][WhiteElo "2784"][BlackElo "2799"][PlyCount "65"]1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. g3 Bb4+ 4. Bd2 Be7 5. Bg2 d5 6. Nf3 O-O7. O-O c6 8. Qb3 Nbd7 9. Bf4 a5 10. Rd1 Nh5 11. Bc1 Nhf612. Nbd2 b5 13. c5 b4 14. Qc2 a4 15. Re1 e5 16. Nxe5 Nxe517. dxe5 Nd7 18. Nf3 Bxc5 19. Ng5 g6 20. Bf4 Qb6 21. e4 b322. axb3 axb3 23. Qe2 Ba6 24. Qf3 Bc4 25. Rxa8 Rxa8 26. e6dxe4 27. exf7+ Bxf7 28. Nxe4 Bd4 29. Nd6 Bd5 30. Qe2 Nf831. Bxd5+ cxd5 32. Qf3 Qa5 33. Re7 1-0Strategia ScacchiTattica ScacchiPistoia scacchivideo scacchiAttaccopartita commentatasacrificiosacrificiPistoia ScacchiPistoiascacchi

Botvinnik vs. Bronstein | World Championship 1951 - GM Yasser Seirawan - 2015.09.10

Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan debuts a new series that profiles a world chess championship match or tournament.See Game 9 of the 1951 match, where David Bronstein blunders a Rook early.Mikhail Botvinnik vs David Bronstein, Botvinnik - Bronstein World Championship Match (1951): A91 Dutch defence

AI's Game Playing Challenge - Computerphile

AlphaGo is beating humans at Go - What's the big deal? Rob Miles explains what AI has to do to play a game.What on Earth is Recursion?: Oriented Programming: Reality Continuum: Playlist: AI Playlist: thanks to Nottingham Hackspace for providing the location and being downright awesomeEaster Egg:video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.Computer Science at the University of Nottingham: is a sister project to Brady Haran's Numberphile. More at


URL PRESENTS SMACK VOL. 2 ( MARCH 31ST)ORDER THE PAY PER VIEW @ WATCHBATTLELIVE.COMBATTLE: CRAIG LAMAR VS YUNG GRIZThese two up and coming young talents take the next progressive steps in their careers as they get validated by the worlds biggest platform for MC battling SMACK/ URLSUBSCRIBE to ULTIMATE RAP LEAGUE ⇩THE MOVEMENT ⇩@URLTV @SMACKWHITE @BEASLEYNYC @STREETSTARNORBES @RAIN910 @THISISTWIZZ @BELIKEIKE @NUNU_NELLZ @WEGOHARDTV @PSWISS300 @EBLTV @PAPILAPUGHAbout Ultimate Rap League:URLTV, also known as Ultimate Rap League is the home of smack URL on YouTube and the world’s largest platform for the MC Battle Culture. You’ll find URL Rap Battles vs Tay Roc, Tsu Surf, Chess, Charlie Clips, Brizz Rawsteen, Rum Nitty, and many more! Subscribe for more URL Rap Battles 2018!CRAIG LAMAR VS YUNG GRIZ SMACK/ URL RAP BATTLERap League

Maroczy's Immortal: Geza Maroczy vs Mikhail Chigorin

Maroczys Immortal: Geza Maroczy vs Mikhail Chigorin [C37]Wien, 19031.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 3.Nf3 g5 4.Bc4 g4 5.Nc3 gxf3 6.Qxf3 d6 7.d4 [7.0--0 Be6 8.Nd5 c6 9.Qc3 cxd5 10.Qxh8 dxc4 11.Qxg8 Qb6+ 12.Kh1 Nc6 13.b3 Qd4] 7...Be6 8.Nd5 c6 9.0--0 cxd5 10.exd5 Bf5 11.Bxf4 Bg6 12.Bb5+ Nd7 13.Rae1+ Be7 14.Bxd6 Kf8 15.Rxe7 Nxe7 16.Re1 Kg7 17.Bxe7 Qa5 [17...Qb6 18.Bxd7 Qxd4+ 19.Kh1] 18.Qe2 Nf8 19.Bf6+ Kg8 [19...Kxf6 20.Qe5#; 19...Kh6 20.Qe3+ Kh5 21.Qg5#] 20.Qe5 h6 21.Bxh8 f6 22.Qe7 [22.Qxf6 Qxe1+ 23.Bf1 Qe3+ 24.Kh1] 22...Kxh8 23.Qxf6+ Kg8 24.Re7 Black resigned 24...Qe1+ 25.Rxe1 Re8 26.Bxe8 Bxe8 27.Re7 Ne6 28.Rxe8+ Nf8 29.Rxf8+ Kh7 30.Rh8# 1--0-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: "Yu Yangyi vs Shakhriyar Mamedyarov: Norway Chess 2019"


Credits to the channel Pasión Por La Roja: Copa America champions:Uruguay – 15 (1916, 1917, 1920, 1923, 1924, 1926, 1935,1942, 1956, 1959, 1967, 1983, 1987, 1995 e 2011)Argentina – 14 (1921, 1925, 1927, 1929, 1937, 1941, 1945,1946, 1947, 1955, 1957, 1959, 1991 e 1993)Brazil – 8 (1919, 1922, 1949, 1989, 1997, 1999, 2004 e 2007)Paraguay – 2 (1953 e 1979)Peru – 2 (1939 e 1975)Chile – 2 (2015 e 2016)Colombia – 1 (2001)Bolivia – 1 (1963)

I Said No (Original Mix)

AstroLOLogy | Playing Chess Vs A Robot | Full Episodes | Compilation | Cartoons For Kids

AstroLoLogy is our original comedy web-series of short skits based on the members of the Greek Zodiac and their wacky personalities and relationships. Gaze with wonder in this simple, dialogue-free, colourful, children's series featuring universal characters and plenty of physical comedy for people all over the world.

asdfmovie 1-11 (Complete Collection)

Every asdfmovie so far! - More asdfmovie! (merch (+ Music Credits Below!asdfmovie1James 'GlassCake' Cunningham (animator): 'Binärpilot' Støver (music): / asdfmovie2: deleted scenesEdd 'Eddsworld' Gould (animator): 'Sherbethead (music):'RageNineteen' Spicer-Lewis (animator): (intro music): 'RageNineteen' Spicer-Lewis (animator): 'TheLivingTombstone' Landau (music): scenes/8/9/10/11Ben 'Wonchop' Smallman (animator): 'LilDeuceDeuce' Bryanton (music): cast/additional credits, watch the actual asdfmovies, ya goober.Main Channel ((((

Activity Above All! | Ivanchuk vs Carlsen | Candidates Tournament 2013. | Round 5

#agadmator Check out Chucky destroying 1991 Linares Tournamentstandings didn't change after Wednesday's fifth round of the FIDE World Chess Candidates’ Tournament in London as all games ended in draws. Facing his own favourite Grünfeld, Peter Svidler (Russia) got a winning position against Boris Gelfand (Israel) but after wild complications the game ended in a draw. Magnus Carlsen (Norway) also played the Grünfeld and for the first time he was under pressure, against Vassily Ivanchuk (Ukraine), but eventually he held a knight ending a pawn down. Vladimir Kramnik (Russia) got his chances in a Réti against Levon Aronian (Armenia), who held an opposite-coloured bishop ending two pawns down. The last game to finish was Alexander Grischuk (Russia) versus Teimour Radjabov (Azerbaijan). In a 5.Bf4 Queen's Gambit Declined White also got very close to a win but with a bishop sacrifice the Azerbaijani held his own. Read more here: out all photos from Round 4 of the 2013 candidates tournament here Ivanchuk vs Magnus CarlsenWorld Championship Candidates (2013), London ENG, rd 5, Mar-20 Gruenfeld Defense: Three Knights. Hungarian Variation (D93)1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 d5 4. Bf4 Bg7 5. Nf3 O-O 6. e3 c5 7. dc5 Qa5 8. Rc1 Rd8 9. Qa4 Qc5 10. b4 Qc6 11. Qa3 dc4 12. b5 Qb6 13. Bc4 Be6 14. Be6 Qe6 15. O-O Nbd7 16. Ng5 Qf5 17. Qe7 Nh5 18. Rfd1 Nf4 19. ef4 Bf8 20. Qe4 Qe4 21. Nce4 Nb6 22. g3 Rd1 23. Rd1 Be7 24. Nf3 Rc8 25. Ne5 Rc7 26. Kg2 f6 27. Nf3 Kf7 28. h4 Rc2 29. a4 Ra2 30. Nc3 Ra3 31. Rc1 Na4 32. Ne4 Rd3 33. Rc7 Ke6 34. Rb7 Rd7 35. Rb8 Rd8 36. Rb7 Rd7 37. Rd7 Kd7 38. Nd4 f5 39. Ng5 Bg5 40. fg5 Nc3 41. h5 gh5 42. Kh3 Kd6 43. Kh4 Kd5 44. Nf5 Nb5 45. Kh5 Ke4 46. Ne3 Nd6 47. Kh6 Nf7 48. Kh7 Ng5 49. Kg6 Nh3 50. Nd1 Kf3 51. Kf5 Nf2 52. Nf2 Kg3 53. Nd1 a5 54. Ke4 a4 55. Kd4 a3 56. Nc3 a2 57. Na2----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you realllly enjoy my content, you're welcome to support me and my channel with a small donation via PayPal, Bitcoin, Litecoin or Nano.Link to PayPal donation address 12VEbMQPyLzBoZzw9yuNofph4C9Ansc4iZLitecoin address LbSuZuBffDCNmr5CSZbY7W2zM83w4ZvnC7Nano address xrb_383y7ofu5wsyfr9o8rh93aqaq8aixpdcbaud5iubydukz5moiadsirmuzgoqCheck out ALL my videos here agadmatorJoin me on of Legends: agadmator (EUNE, my friend is using my EUWE account for a couple of years now)Blizzard: agadmator #2992 Check out my Hearthstone channel here out the SUBSCRIBERS VIDEO your photos and videos here:subscribers.videos.agadmator@gmail.comSend your own games

Hikaru Nakamura vs Eric Hansen: NAKA STRIKES BACK

LIVE ON TWITCH▶ DONATE/SUPPORT ▶ the free trial or connect an Amazon Prime account (SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE)▶ IN TOUCH:▶Twitter: ▶ HYPERX for COMPUTER GEAR CHESS.COM for PLAYING CHESS BLUE for AUDIO use CODE: CHESSBRAH ▶ HOUSE OF STAUNTON for CHESS GEAR use CODE: CHESSBRAH for 10% discountMERCHANDISE:▶ EVERYTHING ON SALEEQUIPMENT:▶ Mouse: Keyboard: Headset: ▶ Microphone: BOOKS:▶Play Winning Chess:Winning Chess Tactics:



Leo Harlem: Las ciudades de España | El Club de la Comedia

Suscríbete a nuestro canal: Harlem visita de nuevo el Club de la Comedia para contarnos sus experiencias estando de gira en las ciudades españolas de Bilbao, Zaragoza, Madrid, Barcelona y Valencia. Aunque muchas costumbres parezcan extrañas, Leo asegura que se les coge cariño a esas ciudades.



Wonderfully Engineered Stockfish reacts brilliantly to passive Leela play in French Winawer

FIDE CM Kingscrusher goes over amazing games of Chess every day, with a focus recently on games of Neural Networks which are opening up new concepts for how chess could be played more effectively.👕 Kingscrusher Store: via Paypal: at: exclusive perks: quality tags: amazing, awesome, astonishing, brilliant, classic, crushing, dynamic, elegant, exceptional, excellent, exciting, fabulous, famous, fantastic, finest, flashy, greatest, important, impressive, incredible, instructive, interesting, magnificent, marvellous, memorable, mind-blowing, must see, outrageous, remarkable, scintillating, sparkling, stunning, superb, thrilling, top, unbelievable, wonderfulInfo about Leela Zero:Zero is a free and open-source computer Go software released on 25 October 2017. It is developed by Belgian programmer Gian-Carlo Pascutto,[1][2][3] the author of chess engine Sjeng and Go engine Leela.[4][5]Leela Zero's algorithm is based on DeepMind's 2017 paper about AlphaGo Zero.[3][6] Unlike the original Leela, which has a lot of human knowledge and heuristics programmed into it, Leela Zero only knows the basic rules and nothing more.[7]Leela Zero is trained by a distributed effort, which is coordinated at the Leela Zero website. Members of the community provide computing resources by running the client, which generates self-play games and submits them to the server. The self-play games are used to train newer networks. Generally, over 500 clients have connected to the server to contribute resources.[7] The community has provided high quality code contributions as well.[7]Leela Zero finished third at the BerryGenomics Cup World AI Go Tournament in Fuzhou, Fujian, China on 28 April 2018.[8]Additionally, in early 2018 the same team branched Leela Chess Zero from the same code base, also to verify the methods in the AlphaZero paper as applied to the game of chess. AlphaZero's use of Google TPUs was replaced by a crowd-sourcing infrastructure and the ability to use graphics card GPUs via the OpenCL library. Even so, it is expected to take a year of crowd-sourced training to make up for the dozen hours that AlphaZero was allowed to train for its chess match in the paper.[9]Info about Alphazero:is a computer program developed by the Alphabet-owned AI research company DeepMind, which uses an approach similar to AlphaGo Zero's to master not just Go, but also chess and shogi. On December 5, 2017 the DeepMind team released a preprint introducing AlphaZero, which, within 24 hours, achieved a superhuman level of play in these three games by defeating world-champion programs, Stockfish, elmo, and the 3-day version of AlphaGo Zero, in each case making use of custom tensor processing units (TPUs) that the Google programs were optimized to make use of.[1] AlphaZero was trained solely via "self-play" using 5,000 first-generation TPUs to generate the games and 64 second-generation TPUs to train the neural networks, all in parallel, with no access to opening books or endgame tables. After just four hours of training, DeepMind estimated AlphaZero was playing at a higher Elo rating than Stockfish; after 9 hours of training, the algorithm decisively defeated Stockfish 8 in a time-controlled 100-game tournament (28 wins, 0 losses, and 72 draws).[1][2][3] The trained algorithm played on a single machine with four TPUs....Relation to AlphaGo ZeroFurther information: AlphaGo ZeroAlphaZero (AZ) is a more generalized variant of the AlphaGo Zero (AGZ) algorithm, and is able to play shogi and chess as well as Go. Differences between AZ and AGZ include:[1]AZ has hard-coded rules for setting search hyperparameters.The neural network is now updated continually.Go (unlike Chess) is symmetric under certain reflections and rotations; AlphaGo Zero was programmed to take advantage of these symmetries. AlphaZero is not.Chess can end in a draw unlike Go; therefore AlphaZero can take into account the possibility of a drawn game.AlphaZero vs. Stockfish and elmo...►If you like my chess videos please consider become a full member here at my Chessworld Site. #LeelaChess #LeelaZero #NeuralNetwork #AI #chess #chessgame #chesstactics

Good Times

【新極真会】 66 Year Old Karate Master Does Incredible Demonstration SHINKYOKUSHINKAI KARATE

The official Video of SHINKYOKUSHINKAI.全世界空手道連盟新極真会のオフィシャル動画です。official sitePage

Charice Live!- Bukas na lang kita mamahalin. Enhanced audio and video.

Collectors edition.Thanks to Mr Luna andMr, Maxwell video.

Gary Owen | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #208

Subscribe to the show on Apple PodcastsOwen joins to talk about road stories, having a black audience, and his relationship with the Cincinnati Bengals.Gary OwenYouTube-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This episode brought to you by…Free FlyUncommon ApothecaryVisit RidgeUse code “TPW” for 10% off-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Find TheoWebsite: Instagram: Group: Twitter: Channel: Nick- Bishop Gunn -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gunt NameAaron JonesAaron RascheAaron Wayne AnselmiAdam WhiteAlaskan Rock VodkaAlex HitchinsAlex PersonAlex PetraliaAlexa harveyAndrew ValishAngelo RaygunAnthony HolcombeAnthony SchultzArielle NicoleAshley KonickiAudrey HodgeAyako AkiyamaBad Boi BennyBen DeignanBen in thar..Benjamin HerronBenjamin StreitBobby HoganBrad MoodyBrandon HoffmanBrandon KirkmanBubba HodgeCarla HuffmanCasey RobertsCharles HerbstChristian CoyneChristina PetersChristopher StathClaire TinklerCody CummingsCody KenyonCody MarshCrystalDakota MontanoDan DraperDan PerdueDaniel ChaseDanielle FitzgeraldDanny CrookDavid ChristopherDavid SmithDiana MortonDionne EnochDonald blackwellDoug CDrew MunozDusty BakerFaye DvorchakFelicity BlackGinger LevesqueGrace JensonGrant StonexGreg SalazarGunt Squad GaryJ GarciaJ.P.Jacob RiceJamaica TaylorJames BriscoeJames HunterJameson FloodJason PriceJeffrey LuseroJenna SundeJeremy SiddensJeremy WeinerJim FloydJoaquin RodriguezJoe DunnJoel HensonJoey PiemonteJohn KutchJohnathan JensenJon BlowersJon RossJordan RJosh CowgerJosh NemeyerJoy HammondsJustin DoerrJustin Ljustin marcouxKaitlin MakKennedyKenton callKevin BestKirk Cahillkristen rogersKyle BakerLacey AnnLaszlo CsekeyLauren WilliamsLawrence AbinosaLeighton FieldsLuke BennettMadeline GarlandMandy Picke'lMarisa BrunoMatt KamanMeaghan LewisMeghan LaCasseMike MikocicMike NucciMike PoeMona McCuneNick RomaNick RosingNikolas KoobNoah BissellOKPassenger ShamingQie JenkinsRachel WarburtonRandal L. NuRanger RickRobert MitchellRobyn TatuRohailRyan HawkinsRyan WalshSagar JSarah AndersonScoot B.Scott WilsonSean ScottSeason VaughanSecka KauzShane PachecoShannon pottsShona MacArthurSuzanne O'ReillyTheo WrenThomas AdairTim GreenerTimothy EyermanTodd EkkebusTom CookTom KostyaTommy FrederickTravis SimpsonTugzy MillsTyler Harrington (TJ)Victor MontanoVictor S Johnson IIVince GonsalvesWilliam Reid PetersYvonneZeke Harris

Championnat de France Superkart 250cc à Magny-Cours

du 21 avril 2017 - Course 1 - Caméra embarquée.

The Best Of YIRUMA | Yiruma's Greatest Hits ~ Best Piano (HQ)

The Best Of YIRUMA | Yiruma's Greatest Hits ~ Best Piano (HQ)

Top 5 Chess Improvement 🙂 Shortcuts! - GingerGM Simon Williams [Master Method]

GM Simon Williams says YOU can become a master studying as little as an hour a week – and he reveals how in his 15 hour Chess Improvement Secrets (GingerGM Method). Get instant digital access – with 35% off!► a Solid Foundation with GM Simon Williams! (aka GingerGM)GM Simon Williams (aka GingerGM) delivers the perfect blend of entertainment and education in this chapter from Chess Improvement Secrets for Busy Players (GingerGM Method).As the name suggests, the guiding principle of Simon’s course is to help you make serious rating gains – even if you don’t have much time to train.Many chess improvers think they need to spend hundreds of hours checking the chess openings database, trying to build a complete repertoire. Not so! In this video, Simon explains the basics of the training method he used to reach the IM title – spending WAY less time on chess than his rivals did.Incredibly, Simon reached IM level playing just TWO chess openings! How? By absorbing so many related chess patterns that he knew how to get the positions he wanted and how to play them perfectly.Take a look at the simple attacking pattern that allowed Simon to win tons of games (26 minutes into the video).Analyze the position for a few minutes and find an attacking plan for Black.This is an incredibly powerful attacking formation and one well worth remembering. Black simply plays …Qe8-h5, …f4, …Bh3, …Ng4 and then mates! Ridiculously easy to play; ridiculously tough to stop!After these moves, the threats of …fxg3,…Rxf3 and …Bxg2 make the h2 pawn impossible to defend.But, of course, this is not the only chess opening shortcut Simon has for you. Watch this video to learn powerful attacking formations you can master in no time.See this FREE preview to discover:• Two attacking patterns to crush your opponents right from the opening.• How to use these attacking patterns (or whatever other patterns you feel comfortable with) to create an opening repertoire that gives you positions you know how to win.► Corresponding article from this video with extra goodies: Come checkout the shop, we have the world’s largest collection of chess videos and chess courses: Other Videos from iChess**********► Subscribe to our main Youtube Channel: Check out award winning Master Method video series: our most recent video: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL: ***********Facebook: Our Other YouTube Channels ***********iChess Ch 2: en español:

Ferragosto a Barivecchia, "un manicomio"

Leggi l'articolo su:

Banter Blitz Chess with IM Christof Sielecki (ChessExplained) - May 22, 2019

IM Christof Sielecki, also known as Chessexplained, plays blitz chess against Premium users while talking about his moves. Go Premium to challenge Christof in his next show: video series on chess24: Watch live and on-demand shows: Follow top tournaments with our state-of-the-art broadcast system: ► Play chess in our playzone: Improve your chess by learning from grandmasters in interactive videos: stay in touch!► Subscribe to our channel:Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: is a chess website for players of all levels. Play against friends, learn the secrets of top grandmasters in video lessons and watch the best chess tournaments live with our state-of-the-art broadcast system. We'll also keep you informed about everything going on in the chess world and much, much more. Come visit us at !#chess24 #banterblitz #chessexplained