Chess - GMHikaru, GMBenjaminFinegold, chessbrah, penguingm1 - BEST Twitch Clips Of The Day

The best 28 Twitch clips, reactions & funny moments from today Chess!Clip #1: GMHikaru - Naka wins in 2 moves vs Penguin (chess960) - 00:00Clip #2: GMBenjaminFinegold - Ben answering the important questions - 00:44Clip #3: chessbrah - Angry Neighbor - 00:55Clip #4: GMHikaru - What !!- 01:16Clip #5: penguingm1 - NEW RECORD WHAT?? - 01:31Clip #6: GMHikaru - Hikaru ridiculous endgame tactics - 02:01Clip #7: GMBenjaminFinegold - Impossible - 02:45Clip #8: penguingm1 - Alireza becomes Lagstradamus - 02:54Clip #9: GMHikaru - What is wrong with me today? - 03:16Clip #10: penguingm1 - Resign when you're lefong'ed - 03:46Clip #11: penguingm1 - 82 coordinates - 03:59Clip #12: GMHikaru - me saturday night- 04:07Clip #13: penguingm1 - Number 1 in 960 - 04:51Clip #14: GMHikaru - Hikaru doing Hikaru things - 05:21Clip #15: GMHikaru - GM Hikaru Nakamura Blitz and Puzzle Rush - 05:47Clip #16: GMHikaru - Just Naka calculating - 05:58Clip #17: GMBenjaminFinegold - Yasser Finegold - 06:05Clip #18: zefcatt - NoBeCcAsUgLy :( - 06:20Clip #19: TortugaChess - Все очень просто! :) - 06:50Clip #20: penguingm1 - resign when you're lost - 07:01Clip #21: GMBenjaminFinegold - double his rating - 07:31Clip #22: lemuurt - Best chess commentator - 08:02Clip #23: whyyyyyyysoserious - IM Marc Esserman Live Chess...It's Showtime! ( - 08:32Clip #24: lemuurt - DISCO DANCE 90's- 08:52Clip #25: GMBenjaminFinegold - Thirty Minute Test Chess Stream - 09:42Subscribe, like & comment for more great videos and clips from!If you have any concerns with clips appearing in this video please leave a commentand I will respond promptly.

turboghast 54

Love you guys 😍


THANK YA LAD!!! Everyone says that it’s PaTTy’s day! That’s what you call a burger! It’s PaDDy’s day! So thanks to you, lad and have a craic of a St. Patrick’s Day! Please respect this day as it is the day that St. Pat died.

Axel Mendoza contreras

Diablos !!! Necesito uno de esos alguien sabe donde lo puedo conseguir ?

Weasel Boi

Lmao isn't this game dead already😂

Bust Down, Your Mom's A Tortilla

Your friendly, Guardian Angel here to yeet you out of that domestic violent relationship.

chris zibrida


Oryan williams

Ewww Babymaker on Salvador?....seriously?

Kaitochukwu Iheanacho

Is it me or who began hating her from the beginning 🙄 the bitch said it "felt good"

Jeremiah Hinkle-Moore

Soooooo Hole in The Wall???

Sandvich Mann

In the Stanley Parable that's just Stanley following the adventure line in a time paradox.


Cory Coby

Try to tell them that you feel sad or worried all the time

Alex Grancean

I want to be like you

La baby llega y se siente la presión

Duy Nguyen

Bọn bây ngu như bò ăn hên thôi

Jaka Ocko

Usain bolt

Kk Pp



Fuck you gyuis. :()$


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3. It is NOT the case that the only evidence linking diabetes and cardiovascular disease to meat is case control studies. There have also been multiple intervention studies showing that you can reverse these conditions with healthy plant based diets.

liz Baird

My high score is 64

Shafiqa Kamawal

Cody's a camper

Hamid Niaz


josie robsel

😁 Perfect

Isabella Waller



Well... Finally thought i landed on a video that would help me feel like im not the only one with my situation... Alas i am having the same symptoms but ever since i started birth control... 6 months of bleeding is the worst thing ever. I'd never bless it amonsgt my worst enemies

Keith Poock

you should battle with tom brady!


black night dabing

You cool girl

Not gonna lie tho you could’ve flat out said I got a nutrition ad

mehdi raza



@steveyproductionz it's open world based on missions

AbbyAnd Ally

YES CoryIs in the finals

Ezeekiel Sano

Dude how about all sports slippery battle next

democratic illiteracy (India believes that freedom is more important than autocratic schooling, most are illiterates, and the rests are ill-educated),

Calix Santos

The Leader is Tyler


Jimmy Fallon was in Band of Brothers?!



President Goofy Chicken

Good vid.

Blood Shark Rosas

Kitchen stereotypes


Guys, stop saying adoption is an option. Yes, adoption might be a perfect choice but you should know how hard and painful it is for a woman raising a baby that wasn't hers.


Borderlands 2 and the Sif boss enemy placed in WoW are the best ones. But every game should embrace the Dark Soul and give us great Easter Eggs!

Zachary Klauer

Push mower race

Gacha GirL

😑 why is there 60 dislikes this story is good there should be no dislikes👌

John Adams

No its by this guy who shot from 109 feetv away 9 inches

Mr.Doom 4341

Idk if anyone picked up on this, but the gnomes when smashed how they make a noise seems to be a reference to a old game called Hammer Heads. (Wack-a-mole but with gnomes)