Massacre Battle Association "QP Vs Chris Mills" Tax Season 3

Match up that went down on #TaxSeason3 on April 27th. A long overdue battle for the homie Chris Mills(WeGoHard/Shock Value) vs the legend QP. Chris Mills, who has battle on the MBA stage a couple of times. VS QP, who debuted on the MBA on Tax Seasone.Botn QP and Chris Mills are known for their pen, which made this a perfect battle.

Real Steel - Robot Boxing Scenes - 1080p

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Kasparov's Greatest Game!! 🙀 Kasparov's Immortal analysis (Kasparov vs Topalov 1999, Pirc Defense)

Want to create irresistible attacks like Kasparov vs Topalov? 😃Get GM Damian Lemos' FREE rapid improvement masterclass, customized to suit YOUR needs! ►1999, Kasparov was one of fourteen players invited to compete in the Wijk aan Zee tournament in the Netherlands, now often known as Tata Steel chess. The tournament was super-strong with Anand, Kramnik, Veselin Topalov, Alexei Shirov, Vassily Ivanchuk and Rustam Kasimdzhanov also challenging. Ultimately, Garry Kasparov would win with a fantastic 10/13 score. But one game stood out and was soon being described as one of the greatest chess games ever played, Kasparov’s Immortal.Kasparov vs Topalov took place in round 4 with the Bulgarian Super GM expected to give the chess world champion a tough test. The game started uneventfully, with Topalov meeting 1.e4 with …d6, the Pirc Defense. Even 15 moves in, there wasn’t much sign of what was to come. Both Garry Kasparov and Veselin Topalov had castled queenside, Kasparov’s queen was stuck away from the action on h6 and Black’s pawns on a6, b5, c6 and d6 were doing a great job of keeping White at bay.But Garry Kasparov soon injected energy into the position with 18.Na5, 19.Bh3 and 20.Qf4+ all improving his piece activity. Topalov was unfazed and closed the position with 21…d4. A knight exchange followed then 23…Qd6 – Black offers the queen exchange and prepares to capture the d5 pawn, going ahead on material with a fantastic position. Was Kasparov lost?Then came a move that caught the attention of the chess world: 24.Rxd4!! A stunning sacrifice of rook for pawn. Topalov took and the world expected Kasparov to recapture with the queen, giving check. But Garry had other ideas: 25.Re7+!! a SECOND rook sacrifice!Topalov sinks into deep thought, and sees the second rook sacrifice cannot be taken. Instead, he takes the knight, willingly placing himself in what looks like a tight mating net, yet he always has that one escape square or saving move. Was Kasparov’s brilliancy flawed? No! An incredibly intricate series of quiet and “only” moves, sacrifices and counter-sacrifices result in Kasparov having a queen vs rook and the game ended on move 44.From move 24, Kasparov’s Immortal sees him sacrifice EVERY piece apart from his queen – yet he still comes out ahead on material. Enjoy this Kasparov vs Topalov analysis, one of the finest chess games ever played!► Corresponding article from this video with extra goodies: Come checkout the shop, we have the world’s largest collection of chess videos and chess courses: Other Videos from iChess**********► Subscribe to our main Youtube Channel: Check out award winning Master Method video series: our most recent video: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL: ***********Facebook: Our Other YouTube Channels ***********iChess Ch 2: en español:

Mikhail Tal's Attcking chess tricks | Tal vs Lozov | English Opening in Hindi

बोले तोएकदम झकास !! - Chess Videos presentsMikhail Tal's attacking chess games (english opening)Mikhail Tal vs LozovRiga (1952)Queen's Indian Defense: Classical. Traditional Variation Nimzowitsch Line (E18)·1-0 Follow me on FB - - chess channelNow you can support the channel by Donation in case you wish, using major UPI's like Google Pay, Phonepe or BHIM, just send your donation to UPI ID : ashvin21612@okicici✔ if you don't have any upi consider downloading "Google Pay" which is safe & secure. You can get some cash by installing it using this link

Fast Multiplication Trick 5 - Trick to Directly Multiply the Big Numbers.wmv

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Sanctuary - Gareth Emery

Carlsen - Karjakin, Schach-WM, Tiebreak: Zusammenfassung von Jan Gustafsson

Großmeister Jan Gustafsson analysiert den Tiebreak der Schachweltmeisterschaft 2016 zwischen Weltmeister Magnus Carlsen und Herausforderer Sergey Karjakin.Verfolge das Match auf► Werde Premiummitglied und erhalte Zugriff auf alles was chess24 anbietet: Schaue Liveshows oder abrufbare Videos: Verfolge Topturniere mit unserem einzigartigem Übertragungssystem: Spiele Schach in unserer Playzone: Lerne von Großmeistern in interaktiven Videos und verbessere dein Schach: uns in Verbindung bleiben!► Abonniere unseren Kanal:Like uns auf Facebook: Folge uns auf Twitter: ist eine Schachwebseite für Spieler mit allen Spielstärken. Spiele gegen Freunde, lerne die Geheimnisse von Topgroßmeistern in Videolektionen und schau dir die besten Schachturniere live mit unserem einzigartigen Übertragungssystem an. Wir informieren dich auch über alles was in der Schachwelt so los ist und noch viel, viel mehr. Besuch uns auf !

How to Hit a Heavy Bag for Beginners - Part 1

►Take my 7-DAY MARTIAL ARTS CHALLENGE! to learn how to hit a heavy bag? Here are three quick tips to turn you from chump to champ. TIP #1: HANDS DOWN, YOU’RE A CLOWN.Priority #1 is to protect yourself at all times. Even if your punches are sloppy, if you keep your hands up, at least no one can say your defense wasn’t tight!So, don’t drop your hands to wind up your punches and don’t drop your hands after you punch, either. Hands up before, during, and after.TIP #2: FOOTWORK FIRSTIn grappling, you'll hear the phrase, “Position before submission." Same concept applies to punching--position first!In a real fight, the other guy is not going to let you wail on him like a heavy bag. You need to use your footwork to close the gap, which means footwork.Put your chin down, bend your knees, and get your hands up. Practice shuffling in, shuffling out, shuffling around, and pivoting.Practice around a static bag then a swinging bag. Get comfortable putting yourself into any position you wish.Once your footwork is warmed up, add your punches back.TIP #3: USE YOUR IMAGINATIONIf you’re into Karate or Kung Fu, approach the heavy bag the same way you approach a kata—visualize you’re in a real fight.If you’re not into Karate, visualize anyway! Don't treat the heavy bag like a treadmill or barbell—make it personal.Fight one punk or an army of zombies—it doesn't matter, just make sure you imagine something.WHAT ABOUT BAG GLOVES?Yes, protecting your hands is important. But in my experience, most people who put on gloves hit way too hard.Whether you wear gloves or not, here's my advice: focus on working the bag, not killing it.Forget the death blows. You're better off just keeping your hands up, moving in your stance, and thinking your way in and out from the bag.That's it! Now you know how to hit a heavy bag. Start punching and you’ll not only get a great workout, you'll build skills you can use.THANKS FOR WATCHING! For more tips on martial arts training, self-defense, and living a happy life, check out these links...►READ the article: on YouTube: my 7-DAY MARTIAL ARTS CHALLENGE! FREE Email Updates on everything I do: to my PODCAST on Martial Arts Living: WITH ME in person, online, or at a seminar. FOLLOW ME ▼FACEBOOK: fighting for a happy life! :)★ LIKE ★ SHARE ★ SUBSCRIBE ★WARNING: The advice and movements shown in this video are for informational and educational purposes only. Consult a doctor before engaging in any exercise or martial arts program.

Best chess trick [Hindi] Veresov attack [in hindi]

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Tal Creates Absolute Madness on the Board!

#agadmator Botvinnik: "If Tal sacrifices a piece - take it, If I do, check the variations, and if it is Petrosian - decline the sacrifice."Mikhail Tal vs Andres Vooremaa"Tal in Tallin" (game of the day Apr-26-2006)Tallinn (1971), Tallinn EST, rd 6, Feb-28 Sicilian Defense: Paulsen. Bastrikov Variation (B48)1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 e6 3. d4 cd4 4. Nd4 Nc6 5. Nc3 Qc7 6. Be3 a6 7. Bd3 Nf6 8. O-O Bd6 9. Kh1 h5 10. f4 Ng4 11. Qf3 Ne3 12. Qe3 Qb6 13. Nce2 e5 14. Qg3 ed4 15. Qg7 Rf8 16. e5 Be7 17. f5 f6 18. Nf4 Rf7 19. ef6 Ne5 20. Bc4 Nc4 21. Qg8 Bf8 22. Nh5 Nd6 23. Rae1 Kd8 24. Re7 Qb5 25. Rfe1 Qd5 26. Nf4 Qa2 27. Ne6 Qe6 28. fe6 Rf6 29. Rf7----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you realllly enjoy my content, you're welcome to support me and my channel with a small donation via PayPal.Link to PayPal donation agadmatorSkype: agadmatorLeague of Legends: agadmator :)Hearthstone: agadmator

INCREDIBLE Losing Streak COMEBACK ☆☆☆ Knights | Dota Auto Chess Gameplay 92

Learning a bit more about losing streaks and open fortsLive Stream: for more, enable notifications with the bell 🔔More Auto Chess (Playlist) Channel for Edited and Shorter Videos#auto #chess

Mary Kom Reaches | An extremely pleased moment for Indian's |World Boxing Championship |

An extremely pleased moment for Indian'sCongratulations to Mary Kom for winning a Gold in the Women’s World Boxing Championships.#Mary Kom Reaches

Chess Boxing BBC Report

Deez Nuts - Keep On (Official HD Live Video)

This video was filmed at the European Tour early 2013 with Devil In Me, Stray From The Path and The Ghost Inside. Deez Nuts merch is available at Video wurde auf der Europa Tour im Februar 2013 mit Devil In Me, Stray From The Path und The Ghost Inside aufgenommen.Deez Nuts Merch gibt es unter

Sherlock Holmes Chess : A Game of Shadows : Chess Game against Professor Moriarty (

👕 Get Kingscrusher T-Shirts!: turn style chess at game tags: Chess, Sherlock Holmes Chess, Professor Moriarty, Holmes vs Moriarty, Game of Shadows, Films and chess, Chess in films, Chess in Cinema, Deductive reasoning, deductive superpowers, amazing queen sac, queen sacrifice, stunning queen sacrifice, forcing moves, variation of real master game, Larsen Brilliancy, Larsen vs Petrosian master game, Larsen queen sac, variation of game, complementing bishops, complementary bishops, defending against mate, mating net, taking away escape squares, creating mating net, reducing escape squares, king safety, brilliancy game, classic brilliancy game used in film[Event "Second Piatigorsky Cup"][Site "Santa Monica, CA USA"][Date "1966.07.27"][EventDate "1966.07.17"][Round "7"][Result "1-0"][White "Bent Larsen"][Black "Tigran Vartanovich Petrosian"][ECO "B39"][WhiteElo "?"][BlackElo "?"][PlyCount "59"]1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 g6 5. Be3 Bg7 6. c4 Nf67. Nc3 Ng4 8. Qxg4 Nxd4 9. Qd1 Ne6 10. Qd2 d6 11. Be2 Bd712. O-O O-O 13. Rad1 Bc6 14. Nd5 Re8 15. f4 Nc7 16. f5 Na617. Bg4 Nc5 18. fxg6 hxg6 19. Qf2 Rf8 20. e5 Bxe5 21. Qh4 Bxd522. Rxd5 Ne6 23. Rf3 Bf6 24. Qh6 Bg7 25. Qxg6 Nf4 26. Rxf4fxg6 27. Be6+ Rf7 28. Rxf7 Kh8 29. Rg5 b5 30. Rg3 1-0►Larsen vs Petrosian : Greatest Hit Videos! : online chess at or realtime at ►Subscribe for my regular chess videos: ►Support the channel by donating via PayPal: Holmes

Why you should do Intermittent Fasting | Joe Rogan feat. GSP, Dr. Peter Attia, Dr. Rhonda Patrick

I own nothing. All rights go to Joe "Greatest Podcast Generation" Rogan. Featuring Drs. Peter Attia (0:00), Rhonda Patrick (12:31), and Georges-St Pierre (5:56). Watching all of them really convinced me to try and keep up with my IF and incorporate it into my workout routine. Comment below your thoughts and how it's worked for you. Have you heard of Niagen?

Martial Artists Who Need To Test Their Techniques

Some of these techniques are hilarious, others are even more hilarious, and then some are just [insert your own word]. Either way, we apply the regular Fight Commentary Breakdowns analysis to these clips and learn some valuable lessons and have some fun at the same time. Hope you enjoy this! If you see any funny techniques, please let us know. Also, in the comments, let us know which ones you like the best.Support Fight Commentary Breakdowns on Patreon or Paypal:you want to go to Amazon and get this mouse anyways, please follow this link: Check out the storefront for Fight Commentary Breakdowns related equipment: #fightcommentarybreakdowns on social media and send us clips, thoughts, rants etc:Watt's YouTube channel:Pelsey's channel:Watt's channel:Wild Berry channel:YouTube channel:channel:channel:Smith's Instagram:B's channel:EX's channel:Andrew Hill's Twitter:for more #martialarts!Royalty-free music from YouTube Audio Library:

Sara Pascoe Live Lads Lads Lads 2019

Sara Pascoe Live Lads Lads Lads

Bulldog Chaos Knight Has Been Eating Healthy

Don't forget to turn off ad-block cause it hurts our dingers (OOF)ROG makes the best hardware for PC gaming, eSports, and overclocking. Get your gear here: out the AdmiralBulldogmerch store: Chaos Knight goes for his famous unkillable buildmedia:by Elaitohmade by Verrksong:Venice Beach - Topher Mohr and Alex ElenaEPIC CHAOS KNIGHT BUILD DOTA 2 UNKILLABLE CARRY Pepega

Dao Snaeh Komsorth 2-22

Magnus Carlsen vs. Himself as a 7 Year Old on Play Magnus

Magnus Carlsen challenges his 7 year old self on his app Play Magnus - listen to his commentary and hear his thoughts as he moves through this chess game. Download the Play Magnus app: Magnus & Play Magnus on Social Media: Facebook Magnus Carlsen: Play Magnus: Magnus Carlsen: Play Magnus:

Hoteli Inayoolea Majini Yavutia Wateja Wengi Karen, Nairobi

Umeyazoea maeneo ya burudani ya kila aina, na yakupendeza, lakini je umewahi sikia kuhusu hoteli zinazoelea juu ya maji? Hizi si hekaya za abunuwasi ila ni  ukweli ambao mwanahabri wetu anatuelezea starehe iliyomgubika katika hoteli kwa jina Stedmak, iliyo katika eneo la Karen. Mhusika anatumia kidimbwi cha samaki, kwa kufunga samaki na wakati huohuo kujenga hoteli zinazoelea majini.

Beating The French Defense with White

This video demonstrates an effective system for white against the French.

Days Like This — Falsettos (Lyric Video) [2016BC]

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. ALL RIGHTS GO TO RIGHTFUL OWNERS.From the 2016 Broadway Cast Recording of Falsettos, the twenty-sixth track: "Days Like This". The said musical is written by William Finn.I'm working on the other tracks from the cast recording! Leave a like or subscribe for more. :))

El tejido del cosmos: El túnel del tiempo [ HD ] - Documental

El tiempo. Lo perdemos, lo ahorramos, lo matamos, lo hacemos. El mundo funciona en base a él. Sin embargo, pregúntele a un físico qué es el tiempo y la respuesta puede impactarle: no tienen la menor idea. Más sorprendente aún es que el sentido profundo que tenemos del tiempo, que pasa de presente a pasado, podría no ser más que una ilusión. ¿Cómo es posible que nuestra comprensión de algo tan familiar esté tan equivocada? En busca de respuestas, Brian Greene nos lleva a hacer un fantástico viaje en el tiempo, a cincuenta años en el futuro antes de ingresar en un agujero de gusano que nos llevará al pasado. En el camino, revelará una nueva manera de pensar el tiempo en la que momentos pasados, presentes y futuros –desde el reino del tiranosaurio hasta el nacimiento de nuestros tataranietos– existen todos al mismo tiempo. Este viaje nos llevará hasta el Big Bang, en donde los físicos piensan que los máximos secretos del tiempo podrían estar ocultos. Nunca volverá a ver su reloj pulsera del mismo modo.#briangreene#timewarp#documentalia#tuneldeltiempo#tiempo#velocidaddelaluz#agujerogusano#agujeronegro#timemachine#maquinadeltiempo#ciencia#cientifico#divulgacioncientifica#astrofisica#fisicoteorico#michiokaku#eltejidodelcosmos#cosmos#universo#1080p#2018#hd#documental#pasado#presente#futuro#latierra#thefabricofthecosmos#masalladelcosmos

Le Meilleur de Ennio Morricone - Les Plus Belles Musiques de Films - [High Quality Audio]

"Le compositeur aux 500 bandes originales sourit lorsque l'abondance de son travail est comparée à celle de Mozart ou Rossini" (Le Figaro)#EnnioMorricone #EnnioMorriconeMusic #SpaghettiWesternMusic #SergioLeonemusicLe musique de Ennio Morricone Google Play: List:1 La Califfa 00:002 Cinéma Paradiso : Totò et Alfredo 02:353 Le Bon, la Brute et le Truand : L'Extase de l'Or 04:174 Il était une fois la Révolution 07:415 Mon Nom est Personne 12:186 Il était une fois dans l'Ouest 15:30Cinema Hotel Facebook:

Banter Blitz with Jan Gustafsson (169)

GM Jan Gustafsson plays blitz chess against Premium users while talking about his moves (among other things). Watch the show live on chess24: Premium to challenge Jan during his show!video series on chess24: Watch live and on-demand shows: Follow top tournaments with our state-of-the-art broadcast system: ► Play chess in our playzone: Improve your chess by learning from grandmasters in interactive videos: stay in touch!► Subscribe to our channel:Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: is a chess website for players of all levels. Play against friends, learn the secrets of top grandmasters in video lessons and watch the best chess tournaments live with our state-of-the-art broadcast system. We'll also keep you informed about everything going on in the chess world and much, much more. Come visit us at !#chess24 #banterblitz#jangustafsson

3 Year Old Chess Prodigy Misha vs Anatoly Karpov

Watch the video of the event here Osipov, 3 years old, Moscow. Seriously fond of chess, which will demonstrate in a duel with the twelfth world chess champion, Merited Master of Sports of the USSR Anatoly Karpov. Vote for the most talented child of the country!Mikhail Osipov VS Anatoly KarpovNimzo-Indian Defense (E24)1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Bb4 4. a3 Bxc3+ 5. bxc3 c5 6. dxc5 Na6 7. Bg5 Nxc5 8. Nf3 b6 9. g3 h6 10. Bxf6 Qxf6 11. Nd4 Bb7 12. f3 O-O 13. Bg2 Ba6 14. f4 Rac8 15. O-O Bxc4 16. f5 e5 17. Nf3 d5----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you realllly enjoy my content, you're welcome to support me and my channel with a small donation via PayPal, Bitcoin or Litecoin.Link to PayPal donation address 12VEbMQPyLzBoZzw9yuNofph4C9Ansc4iZLitecoin address LbSuZuBffDCNmr5CSZbY7W2zM83w4ZvnC7Check out ALL my videos here agadmatorSkype: agadmatorLeague of Legends: agadmator :)


[]SUBSCRIBE to ULTIMATE RAP LEAGUE ⇩PRESENTS: DNA VS O-REDFOLLOW THE MOVEMENT ⇩@URLTV @SMACKWHITE @BEASLEYNYC @STREETSTARNORBES @RAIN910 @THISISTWIZZ@BELIKEIKE @NUNU_NELLZ @WEGOHARDTV @PSWISS300 @EBLTV @PAPILAPUGHAbout Ultimate Rap LeagueURLTV, also known as Ultimate Rap League is the home of smack URL on YouTube and the world’s largest platform for the MC Battle Culture. You’ll find URL Rap Battles vs Tay Roc, Tsu Surf, Chess, Charlie Clips, Brizz Rawsteen, Rum Nitty, and many more! Subscribe for more URL Rap Battles 2018!Ultimate Rap League

Baal Veer - Episode 438 - 8th May 2014

Ep 438 - Baalveer: Rony is surprised to see Montu's preparations for the upcoming Boxing match that is soon going to take place in the ring between Rony and Montu. Bhayankar Pari is trying to destroy Pari Lok. The most awaited Boxing match begins. So what do you think, who will win the match? Watch to find out! Watch Baal Veer, a sab tv program Hindi comedy show online on SonyLiv website."Baal Veer, is a kids based super hero show. It talks about a wonderland, Pari lok, where all the fairies reside. There are numerous fairies in Pari lok and each pari has her own basic characteristic according to their name..He is a human who is taken to Pari lok by fairies.. Baalveer is blessed with the power of the 6 fairies and with those powers he helps Manav and Meher and other kids in fighting against their fears. Baal Veer comes as a saviour for Manav-Meher and fights against all the odds in their life."For more information on your favourite show do follow us on""

Jackie Chan vs Benny Urquidez

"Dragons Forever" Movie (Rus)


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13-year-old Garry Kasparov smashes the Sämisch - Tbilisi 1976

How did the mind of 13-year-old Garry Kasparov work over the chessboard? The future world chess champion was certainly dynamic in this featured game against Smbat Lputian from the Caucasus Youth Games of 1976, held in Tbilisi, Georgia. Kasparov, playing the King's Indian Defense, faced the Sämisch variation where Lputian prioritized queenside play over kingside deployment. Once lines were pried open, a must know thematic sacrifice followed which could only have been played confidently after having calculated both deeply and accurately.PGN:1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.f3 Nc6 6.Be3 a6 7.Qd2 Rb88.Rb1 O-O 9.b4 e5 10.d5 Nd4 11.Nge2 c5 12.dxc6 bxc6 13.Nxd4exd4 14.Bxd4 Re8 15.Be2 c5 16.bxc5 Nxe4 17.fxe4 Qh4+ 18.g3Rxb1+ 19.Kf2 Rb2 20.gxh4 Rxd2 21.Bxg7 Kxg7 22.Ke3 Rc2 23.Kd3Rxc3+ 24.Kxc3 dxc5 25.Bd3 Bb7 26.Re1 Re5 27.a4 f5 28.Rb1 Bxe429.Rb6 f4 30.Rxa6 f3 31.Bf1 Bf5 32.Ra7+ Kh6 33.Kd2 f2 34.Be2Bg4 35.Bd3 Re1 36.Rf7 Bf5 37.a5 Bxd3 38.Rxf2 Rf1Software used in video:Blitzin via a self-taught National Master in chess out of Pennsylvania, USA who was introduced to the game by my father in 1988 at the age of 8. The purpose of this channel is to share my knowledge of chess to help others improve their game. I enjoy continuing to improve my understanding of this great game, albeit slowly. Consider subscribing here on YouTube for frequent content, and/or connecting via any or all of the below social medias. Your support is greatly appreciated. Take care, bye. :D★ LIVESTREAM FACEBOOK TWITTER GOOGLE+ PATREON DONATE


Today I tried 3 different face masks with my friend Justine! Let me know what other videos you'd like to see.EXTRA VIDEO WITH JUSTINE: MY BAKING LINE: The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook here: LINKS:YouTube: ME HERE:Facebook: rosannapansinoThis is not a sponsored video. All products purchased by me.

Mudakaratha modakam (with lyrics) - Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam

Mudakaratha modakam (Ganesha Pancharatnam) written by the great sage Adi Shankara. Melody composed by Dr. L. SubramaniamiTunes: Pancharatnam lyricsMudakaratha Modakam Sada Vimukthi Sadhakam Kaladaravathamskam Vilasi Lokarakshakam Anaayakaik Nayakam Vinashithebha Dhyathakam Natha shubhashu Nashakam Namami Tham VinayakamNathetharathi Bheekaram Namodhitharka Bhaswaram Namthsurari Nirjaram Nathadikaa Paduddaram Sureswaram Nidhishwaram Gajeswaram Ganeswaram Maheshwaram Thvamashraye Parathparam NirantharamSamastha Loka Shankaram Nirastha Dhaithya Kunjaram Daretharodaram Varam Vare Bhavakthra Maksharam Krupakaram Kshamakaram Mudhakaram Yashaskaram Manaskaram Namskrutham Namskaromi BhaswaramAkincha narthi marjanam Chirantha Nokthi Bhajanam Purari Purva Nandanam Surari Gurva Charvanam Prapancha nasha Bheeshanam Dhananjayadi Bhooshanam Kapola Danavaranam Bhaje Purana VaranamNithantha Kantha Dhantha Khanthi Mantha Kantha Kathmajam Achinthya Roopa Manthaheena Mantharaya Krunthanam Hrudanthare Nirantharam Vasanthameva Yoginam Thamekadantha Mevatham Vichintha Yami SanthathamMaha Ganesha Pancharathna Madarena Yonvaham Prjalpathi Prabhathake Hrudismaram Ganeswaram Arogathaam Dhoshathaam Susahitheem Suputhratham Samahithaayu rashta Bhoothi mabhu paithi Soochiraath Kavita Krishnamurti

Morphy Head On! | Naiditsch vs Keymer || Grenke Chess Classic (2019)

Round 3 Impressions here with Caruana here me on Instagram for extra content Naiditsch vs Vincent KeymerGRENKE Chess Classic (2019), Karlsruhe GER, rd 4, Apr-23 Sicilian Defense: Closed (B23)1. e4 c5 2. Nc3 a6 3. Nge2 d6 4. a4 Nf6 5. g3 Nc6 6. Bg2 e6 7. O-O Be7 8. f4 O-O 9. d3 Rb8 10. h3 Nd7 11. g4 h6 12. Ng3 Bh4 13. Nce2 b5 14. Kh2 b4 15. Be3 a5 16. Qd2 Ba6 17. b3 Qe7 18. Rg1 Rbc8 19. Raf1 g6 20. e5 d5 21. f5 Ncxe5 22. Bxh6 Rfe8 23. fxg6 fxg6 24. g5 Nf7 25. Qf4 Nxh6 26. Qxh4 Nf7 27. Nh5 gxh5 28. Rf6 Nxf6 29. gxf6 Qd6+ 30. Nf4 Kf8 31. Qg3 Red8 32. Re1 e5 33. Ng6+ Ke8 34. Nxe5 Qxf6 35. Ng4+ Qe7 36. Nf6+The 2019 GRENKE Chess Classic is a 10-player round-robin held in Germany from 22-29 April. The first 3 rounds are in Karlsruhe alongside the GRENKE Chess Open, then after two additional rounds in Karlsruhe and a rest day the last 4 rounds are in the Kulturhaus LA8 in Baden-Baden. The field features World Champion Magnus Carlsen and fellow Top 10 players Fabiano Caruana, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Vishy Anand and Levon Aronian.The time control is 100 minutes for 40 moves, then 50 minutes for 20 moves and then 15 minutes to the end of the game, with a 30-second increment from move 1. If players are tied for first place a rapid play-off will take place. Official website: www.grenkechessclassic.comTo those of you who read the description: You are an excellent subscriber! :)Check out agadmator's merch here created by OBS----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you realllly enjoy my content, you're welcome to support me and my channel with a small donation via PayPal, Bitcoin, Litecoin or Nano.Link to PayPal donation address 12VEbMQPyLzBoZzw9yuNofph4C9Ansc4iZLitecoin address LbSuZuBffDCNmr5CSZbY7W2zM83w4ZvnC7Nano address xrb_383y7ofu5wsyfr9o8rh93aqaq8aixpdcbaud5iubydukz5moiadsirmuzgoqCheck out some of the books I enjoy out ALL my videos here agadmatorLeague of Legends: agadmator (EUNE, my friend is using my EUWE account for a couple of years now)Blizzard: agadmator #2992 Check out my Hearthstone channel here out the SUBSCRIBERS VIDEO


The Mystery of Chess Boxing - Opening Fight Scene

Custom Widescreen with added English DubDual audio dvd (Thuglife Project)

OMG! Angry Auditions That SHOCKED The World | Top Talents

Watch the craziest, offensive and downright rude auditions across Idols, X Factor and Got Talent. Check out Simon Cowell's reactions and the rest of the judges as they have to deal with these angry contestants.What did you think about the auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...▶︎ Watch more of Top Talent here Got Talent:X Factor:Idols:Talents pulls the best of X Factor, Got Talent & Idols from around the world! From the most amazing to some of the funniest auditions and performances we've ever seen! Watch them all here on YouTube! Never miss an upload subscribe today!

IND v KAZ - Boxing Middle (75kg) Round of 32 | London 2012 Olympics

Full Highlights of the men's boxing round of 16 bout between India's Vijender and Kazakhstan's Danabek Suzhanov at the London 2012 Olympic Games (28 July).Subscribe to the Olympic channel: made its Olympic debut at the 1904 Games in St Louis, since then boxing has been staged at each edition of the Games, except in 1912 in Stockholm, owing to Swedish law, which forbade the practice. The rules have evolved since the 1980s: 1984 in Los Angeles: protective helmet obligatory; 1992 in Barcelona: set-up of an electronic scoring system to strengthen the objectivity of refereeing; 2007: standardised point scoring. Women's boxing will make its debut at the 2012 London Games in London. Find more about Boxing at

Shoot the Person Swimming in the Ball Pit!! | 10,000 Play Balls in a Pool!!

Hey guys! In this challenge, we dive underwater to hide from a bow and arrow wielding shooter! We placed over 11,000 play balls on the surface of the water to hide us from the shooter! Who do you think will win? Let us know down below! Disneyland Secrets Scavenger Hunt!!! ➡ Edge Merchandise! ➡ LINKS BELOW 🔽Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡ Team Edge Challenge Videos! Season 1 Challenges! ➡ 2 Challenges! ➡ Edge Games San Diego 2016 ➡ ➡ ➡ this channel, you'll see a bunch of family friendly, kid friendly fun challenges, board games, toys, bottle flipping, giant sports, gross food tasting, messy challenges, nerf challenges, and more!Mail Box:24307 Magic Mtn Pkwy #211Valencia, CA 91355Twitter ➡➡ ➡ Tuesday - Friday

Ding Liren's King's Indian Quiz | Mastering the Middlegame - GM Robin van Kampen

Grandmaster Robin van Kampen has the secret to playing with black... play the King's Indian!In this Ding Liren game, pause when Robin proposes choices and see if you can find the best progression.2016.07.19Levan Pantsulaia vs. Liren Ding, 2011: E63 King's Indian, fianchetto, Panno variation


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Banter Blitz with Jan Gustafsson (37)

► Become a Premium member to get access to everything chess24 has to offer: Watch live and on-demand shows: Follow top tournaments with our state-of-the-art broadcast system: ► Play chess in our playzone: Improve your chess by learning from grandmasters in interactive videos: stay in touch!► Subscribe to our channel:Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: is a chess website for players of all levels. Play against friends, learn the secrets of top grandmasters in video lessons and watch the best chess tournaments live with our state-of-the-art broadcast system. We'll also keep you informed about everything going on in the chess world and much, much more. Come visit us at !

Carlsen-Morozevich, World Blitz Championship 2012

This game was played in the 19th round of the World Blitz Championship 2012 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Titled Tuesday avec 5000$ !!

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Hambleton's Happy Hour | #4

Happy Hour with Aman! Good fun, banter, blitz and bullet. This was also Aman Hambleton's last show as an International Master....LIVE ON TWITCH▶ DONATE/SUPPORT ▶ the free trial or connect an Amazon Prime account (SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE)▶ IN TOUCH:▶Twitter: ▶ HYPERX for COMPUTER GEAR CHESS.COM for PLAYING CHESS BLUE for AUDIO use CODE: CHESSBRAH MERCHANDISE:▶ EVERYTHING ON SALEEQUIPMENT:▶ Mouse: Keyboard: Headset: ▶ Microphone: BOOKS:▶Play Winning Chess:Winning Chess Tactics:

Drugz vs Murdock | Presented by Capital Battlegrounds

DMV’s #1 Battle Rap League | Subscribe for notifications! Make sure to comment and take our poll to let us know who you think won. Join our Facebook Debate Group: Event: Capital Battlegrounds Clash of the Titans IIBattle: Drugz (@bigpoppadrugz) vs Murdock (@nolackin__murdock)Date: Saturday, September 8thLocation: Pure Lounge | 1326 U ST NW, Washington DCFollow The Team: @CapitalBattlegrounds @CBGDMV @LewinskyMonroe @Maurice_Chavezz

Artificial Intelligence Leela Chess Zero finds a new 7th move in the Nimzo-Indian

AI Leela Chess Zero ID 395 has found a new move in the Nimzo-Indian Defense. Leela, playing as white against chess engine Gull 3, opted for the Normal variation of this opening. What occurred on move 7 however was anything but normal. It was a move typically made only by a beginner chess player. With this move 7 novelty white concedes some material, but its deeper point severely compromises black's kingside so much so that the game is over by move 20.PGN:1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Bb4 4. e3 O-O 5. Bd3 { E47 Nimzo-Indian Defense: Normal Variation, Bishop Attack } b6 6. e4 Bb7 7. e5 Bxg2 8. exf6 g6 9. Bg5 Bxh1 10. Qg4 d5 11. Qh4 Nd7 12. f3 Rb8 13. Kf2 dxc4 14. Be4 c5 15. Bxg6 hxg6 16. Ne4 Bd2 17. Bxd2 cxd4 18. Bg5 Qc7 19. Qh6 Qxh2+ 20. Qxh2 Ne5a self-taught National Master in chess out of Pennsylvania, USA who was introduced to the game by my father in 1988 at the age of 8. The purpose of this channel is to share my knowledge of chess to help others improve their game. I enjoy continuing to improve my understanding of this great game, albeit slowly. Consider subscribing here on YouTube for frequent content, and/or connecting via any or all of the below social medias. Your support is greatly appreciated. Take care, bye. :D★ LIVESTREAM FACEBOOK TWITTER GOOGLE+ PATREON DONATE

10 Kisah Urban Legend Permainan Video Yang Misteri

Saluran Infotainment Paling Aktif Di Youtube, Video Menarik Pada Setiap Hari Isnin Sehingga Jumaat, 2 Video Sehari. ➔ Tonton Juga 🔥 Kupi Kupi Fakta : Mini Dokumentari : Kupi Kupi Seram : Laman Sosial 🔥 Website : Instagram : Facebook :Twitter : "Menarik Setiap Hari" ✌-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

J.S. Bach: The Violin Concertos

Online purchase or streaming (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Play): for licensing: Information: media:Brilliant Classics Facebook: Classics Instagram: Playlists:Brilliant Classics Spotify: Classical Releases: Edition: Best of Bach: Popular Piano Music: Classical Music: Music For Dinnertime: Johann Sebastian BachArtists: Emmy Verhey (violin), Camerata Antonio Luco, Rainer Kussmaul (violin), Henk Rubingh (violin), Thomas Hengelbrock (violin), Amsterdam Bach (Soloists)Available as a separate release: all concertos for 1 violin by Bach. They are BWV 1041 and 1042: the well-known concertos. BWV1052, 1056 and 1064 are reconstructions. The latter one being for three violins. Soloists are among others Emmy Verhey and Rainer Kussmaul.Tracklist:Violin Concerto in A Minor, BWV 1041:00:00:00 I. Allegro00:03:52 II. Adagio00:10:23 III. AllegroViolin Concerto in E Major, BWV 1042:00:14:22 I. Allegro00:22:05 II. Adagio00:28:47 III. Allegro assaiViolin Concerto in D Minor, BWV 1052:00:31:42 I. Allegro00:39:20 II.Largo00:46:22 III. PrestoViolin Concerto in G Minor, BWV 1056:00:54:14 I. Allegro00:57:37 II.Andante01:00:52 III.Allegro assaiConcerto for 3 violins, strings & b.c. in D Major, BWV 1064:01:04:30 I. Allegro01:10:23 II. Adagio01:15:35 III. AllegroThanks for watching! Feel free to subscribe and visit our channel for the best classical music from the greatest composers like: Bach, Satie, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Chopin, Haydn, Ravel, Debussy, Verdi, Vivaldi, Handel, Brahms, Liszt, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Rachmaninoff, Wagner, Strauss, Handel, Dvorak, Schubert and many more! We upload complete albums, music for relaxing, working, studying, meditating, concentrating, instrumental music, opera, violin, classical piano music, sonatas and more!#Bach #Classical #Violin #ClassicalMusic #ViolinConcertos #J.S.Bach

Daniele Sepe - Capitan Capitone e i Fratelli della Costa - La Ballata del Capitone

Tratto da "Capitan Capitone e i Fratelli della Costa" - 2016In vendita nei negozi di dischi, su iTunes, Spotify, Deezer e su AmazonA distanza di più vent'anni da "Vite Perdite", l'album che fotografò la Napoli musicale dell'inizio degli anni novanta e che ebbe un enorme risonanza, tanto da essere stampato in tutto il mondo da Piranha, un etichetta berlinese che in quegli anni pre Real World era la punta di diamante della world music, provo a scattare una nuova istantanea su Napoli, una città che come un araba fenice non smette mai di sorprendere.All'album partecipano davvero in tanti, siamo più o meno una ottantina (non c'è male, eh? Ma anche Vite Perdite non ci scherzava...e sono rimasti fuori tantissimi amici davvero bravi anche loro....) i Foja, La Maschera, 'O Rom, Tartaglia Aneuro, Aldolà Chivalà, Mario Insenga & Hadacol Special, La Contrabbanda di Luciano Russo, Claudio Gnut, Maurizio Capone, Alessio Sollo, Nero Nelson, Sara Sossia Squeglia, Flo Cangiano, Auli Kokko, Piermacchiè, Gino Fastidio….ma attenzione: non è mica che ognuno si canta il suo pezzo e io ci metto dentro l'arrangiamento o il sassofono, noi ci siamo chiusi in studio due settimane, insieme alle vivandiere e alla cambusa, e partendo da zero abbiamo scritto insieme tutto, dalla musica ai testi. un lavoro collettivo che ci ha fatto scapolare felicemente quest'inverno.

Blood, Sweat and Tears | Carlsen vs Caruana 2018. | Game 4

Follow me on Instagram for extra content: out Game 1 out Game 2 out Game 3 Carlsen vs Fabiano CaruanaCarlsen - Caruana World Championship Match (2018), London ENG, rd 4, Nov-13 English, Four Knights, Kingside Fianchetto (A29)1.c4e52.Nc3Nf63.Nf3Nc64.g3d55.cxd5Nxd56.Bg2Bc57.O-OO-O8.d3Re89.Bd2Nxc310.Bxc3Nd411.b4Bd612.Rb1Nxf3+13.Bxf3a614.a4c615.Re1Bd716.e3Qf617.Be4Bf518.Qf3Bxe419.Qxf6gxf620.dxe4b521.Red1Bf822.axb5axb523.Kg2Red824.Rdc1Kg725.Be1Rdc826.Rc2Ra427.Kf3h528.Ke2Kg629.h3f530.exf5+Kxf531.f3Be732.e4+Ke633.Bd2Bd634.Rbc1Follow Niki Riga here4 in press you realllly enjoy my content, you're welcome to support me and my channel with a small donation via PayPal, Bitcoin, Litecoin or Nano.Link to PayPal donation address 12VEbMQPyLzBoZzw9yuNofph4C9Ansc4iZLitecoin address LbSuZuBffDCNmr5CSZbY7W2zM83w4ZvnC7Nano address xrb_383y7ofu5wsyfr9o8rh93aqaq8aixpdcbaud5iubydukz5moiadsirmuzgoqCheck out some of the books I enjoy out ALL my videos here agadmatorLeague of Legends: agadmator (EUNE, my friend is using my EUWE account for a couple of years now)Blizzard: agadmator #2992 Check out my Hearthstone channel here out the SUBSCRIBERS VIDEO your photos and videos #carlsenvscaruana #carlsencaruana2018

They Found WHAT Inside?!

Ever wonder what can show up in an animal’s stomach?What are the weirdest things ever found in a shark?!Or how about a dog!Watch this video to find out about the weirdest things ever found in an animal!Special thanks to Nadia van der Donk for the image at 2:37 of the Deer Harvest Chart.Chart can be found at the link below:Subscribe to Pablito’s Way!to watch some of my favorite vids below…..Most Insane Mayweather Moments!Photos That'll Make You Look Twice!Girls of Tinder!20 Amazingly Genius Redneck Inventions!5 Most Amazing Human Beings!Animals That Are Totally Awesome!Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! are the weirdest things ever found in animals!10.Entire Kitchen Knife Puppies are curious little creatures. Take Lexi here, a Staffordshire bull terrier in Sydney Australia, for example. She for some reason, swallowed an entire eight-inch steak knife! Like all of the other dogs on our list, Lexi was taken to vet for an upset stomach. Vets were beyond surprised when they performed x-rays and found a freaking knife INSIDE of her!The vets managed to remove the knife after carefully pulling it back through the dog’s esophagus, a meticulous effort that took close to an hour to pull off. Amazingly, Lexi, who was just a six month old puppy, managed to survive the occasion, though it spent three days in intensive care. How did she manage to swallow an entire knife? Well that’s a question no one can really answer. 14. A Whole Lightbulb In terms of animals eating weird stuff, dogs can go toe to toe with any creature on the planet. Especially Cody, a young Golden Retriever puppy who swallowed an entire light bulb. This poor doggo had been vomiting for days when his humans decided to take him to the vet. They did some x-rays and were alarmed to find that the curious puppy had an entire light bulb in his tummy. Thankfully they gave him intravenous fluids, and the pup passed the bulb intact, which is pretty amazing if you think about it.Generally speaking, Golden Retrievers are among the smartest dogs around. Since Cody was just a young, naive puppy at the time of this odd incident, we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to inexperience.13. An Electric Blanket Growing up to 18 feet long, Burmese Pythons are among the largest snakes in the world. They’re known to be active predators who stalk and strangle their prey.They’re able to kill large creatures such deer, alligators and large birds. However, there’s this case of a python who obviously didn’t get the smart gene, because it ate an electric blanket.In 2006, this 12-foot long snake needed an emergency surgery to save its life after it ate its security blanket. Snakes don’t regulate their own body temperatures very well, so its owner was nice enough to give him one.Apparently the blanket got tangled up with the rabbit its owner was serving it for dinner. The blanket stretched out along 8 feet of the reptile’s digestive track, so veterinary workers managed to cut an in 18 inch incision to remove the obstruction.Thankfully, the snake, whose name ironically is Houdini, was able to survive.13. Car TiresBefore we dive too deep into this, let’s just say that this won’t be the only shark on this list. As it turns out, there’s very little sharks won’t eat...including tires. In fact, tires have been found inside Tiger Sharks on more than one occasion. Known for their robust appetite, Tiger Sharks will eat anything unlucky enough to float in their direction. Even when they aren’t hungry, Marine Biologists have noted that they eat out of boredom, not too dissimilar to certain people Good thing they don’t eat rubber tires when they’re bored.12.An Entire DeerHere is a little cooking tip for you. Deer meat is really tasty. Anything you can do with beef, you can do with Venison. Plus it’s leaner and healthier. Apparently the word is out because an Alligator in Alabama somehow managed to eat an entire doe.Weirdest, things, animals, tiger shark, shark eats shark, African rock python, shark eats tire, shark eats man, shark eats man’s arm, craziest things sharks eat, puppy eats knife, dog eats knife, weird things dogs eat, strange things animals eat, weird things sharks eat, puppy eats light bulb, dog eats rubber duckies, dog eats light bulb, weirdest things found in animals, weird things animals eat, strangest things found in animals, weirdest things ever found in animals, weirdest things ever found in sharks,


Historias de mi Infancia {Jaiden Animations}[Fandub Español]

No había presupuesto para el "Holi De nuevo":(=================================MIS REDESTW:❤CREADORA ORIGINAL ❤Canal Jaiden Animations: Original: Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.]

Bobby Fischer faces Chess opening novelty! - Brief commentary #61 : vs Keres - "Crown Prince"

👕 Get Kingscrusher T-Shirts!: at: Greatest Hit Videos! : online chess at or realtime at "Bled-Zagreb-Belgrade Candidates"][Site "Bled, Zagreb & Belgrade YUG"][Date "1959.09.07"][EventDate "1959.09.07"][Round "1"][Result "0-1"][White "Paul Keres"][Black "Robert James Fischer"][ECO "B99"][WhiteElo "?"][BlackElo "?"][PlyCount "106"]1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 a6 6. Bg5 e67. f4 Be7 8. Qf3 Qc7 9. O-O-O Nbd7 10. Be2 b5 11. Bxf6 Nxf612. e5 Bb7 13. exf6 Bxf3 14. Bxf3 Bxf6 15. Bxa8 d5 16. Bxd5Bxd4 17. Rxd4 exd5 18. Nxd5 Qc5 19. Re1+ Kf8 20. c3 h5 21. f5Rh6 22. f6 gxf6 23. Nf4 h4 24. Rd8+ Kg7 25. Ree8 Qg1+ 26. Kd2Qf2+ 27. Ne2 Rg6 28. g3 f5 29. Rg8+ Kf6 30. Rxg6+ fxg631. gxh4 Qxh2 32. Rd4 Qh1 33. Kc2 Ke5 34. a4 Qf1 35. Nc1 Qg2+36. Kb3 bxa4+ 37. Ka3 Qc2 38. Nd3+ Kf6 39. Nc5 Qc1 40. Rxa4Qe3 41. Nxa6 f4 42. Rd4 Kf5 43. Nb4 Qe7 44. Kb3 Qxh4 45. Nd3g5 46. c4 Qg3 47. c5 f3 48. Kc4 f2 49. Nxf2 Qxf2 50. c6 Qxb251. Kc5 Qc3+ 52. Kd5 g4 53. Rc4 Qe5# 0-1 ►Subscribe for my regular chess videos: ►Support the channel by donating via PayPal: ColourBy Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-76052-0335,_Schacholympiade,_Tal_(UdSSR)_gegen_Fischer_(USA).jpg: Kohls, Ulrich derivative work: Karpouzi [CC BY-SA 3.0 (via Wikimedia CommonsKingscrusher is an RCA Affiliate and you can purchase a "Play like Fischer" course here:: "There are many things you need to learn from Fischer"Learn from the greatest chess player of all time. Implement Bobby's crystal clear playing style in your game.#KCBobbyFischer#KCChess#KCFischer#KCFischerchess #KCFischerchessgames #KCFischerbobby #KCFischergames#bobbyfischer

KOTD - Rap Battle - Real Deal vs A. Ward | #GvG

KOTD Rap Battle #GANIKvsGULLY - Real Deal vs A. WardHosted by: Bishop Brigante, Gully TK & Organik#BATB VOD: to KingOfTheDot Today!#KOTD battle rap events FIRST & LIVE only at www.KOTD.TV. King Of The Dot Entertainment is North America's premier urban entertainment company offering LIVE PPV's of all our big events at KOTD.TV. KOTD.TV is THE #1 Source to Watch HD Rap Battles Live and VOD.THE KOTD TEAM ON TWITTER:@KingOfTheDot@OrganikHipHop@RexKOTD@KingFlyKOTD@NorthANomix@GullyTK@BishopBrigante@DjDoctaKOTD@SandeepKOTD @JProepsilon@AvocadoIsGod@NelsonAries@DamnItsClayton@SketchMenace@ddubbkotd@lasparka604@WillieBKOTD@NikiyaO@PoisonPenBK@Alwayz_Wynn @Malathion01@MouseMediaPro@ScottJacksonBB@RyanPVPKOTD@ReverenceNS@Lemme_kno@DGibs@PhillyDFilms@seansirianni@M_3rcy@JoeCashKOTD@Kryple@elcheapostudios@HipHopVancouver@MistaConspiracy@LifeOverCrime


SMACK/ URL's most popular stars such as Tay Roc, DNA, K Shine, Steams, Chilla Jones, Chess, Bill Collector, DOT, T Top, & Shotgun Suge, This clip is a preview of what is to come and it features four of the most entertaining MC's in the culture DNA, K SHINE, STEAMS & CHESS. This is an event that you don't want to miss!!!TICKETS ON SALE NOW!!! WWW.TICKETMASTER.COM GET YOURS TODAY BEFORE THE SELL OUTSMACK/ URL'S REDEMPTION SATURDAY AUGUST 1ST NYCTHE GRAMERCY THEATER DOORS 1PMSUBSCRIBE to ULTIMATE RAP LEAGUE ⇩THE MOVEMENT ⇩@URLTV @SMACKWHITE @BEASLEYNYC @STREETSTARNORBES @RAIN910 @THISISTWIZZ @BELIKEIKE @NUNU_NELLZ @WEGOHARDTV @PSWISS300 @EBLTV @PAPILAPUGHAbout Ultimate Rap League:URLTV, also known as Ultimate Rap League is the home of smack URL on YouTube and the world’s largest platform for the MC Battle Culture. You’ll find URL Rap Battles vs Tay Roc, Tsu Surf, Chess, Charlie Clips, Brizz Rawsteen, Rum Nitty, and many more! Subscribe for more URL Rap Battles 2018!DNA & K SHINE VS CHESS & STEAMS IN STUDIORap League

Grandmaster Excalibur Chess Computer Review

Reviewing one of the most unique chess computer boards.

HIPHOPISREAL blocked me, wait.... I EXPOSE the coverup ?

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