Capablanca vs Lasker: Havana 1921

Jose Raul Capablanca vs Emanuel LaskerLasker - Capablanca World Championship Match 1921Round 5Queen's Gambit Declined: Orthodox Defense. Main Line (D63) 1. d4 d5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. c4 e6 4. Bg5 Nbd7 5. e3 Be7 6. Nc3 O-O 7. Rc1 b6 8. cxd5exd5 9. Qa4 c5 10. Qc6 Rb8 11. Nxd5 Bb7 12. Nxe7+ Qxe7 13. Qa4 Rbc8 14. Qa3 Qe615. Bxf6 Qxf6 16. Ba6 Bxf3 17. Bxc8 Rxc8 18. gxf3 Qxf3 19. Rg1 Re8 20. Qd3 g621. Kf1 Re4 22. Qd1 Qh3+ 23. Rg2 Nf6 24. Kg1 cxd4 25. Rc4 dxe3 26. Rxe4 Nxe427. Qd8+ Kg7 28. Qd4+ Nf6 29. fxe3 Qe6 30. Rf2 g5 31. h4 gxh4 32. Qxh4 Ng4 33.Qg5+ Kf8 34. Rf5 h5 35. Qd8+ Kg7 36. Qg5+ Kf8 37. Qd8+ Kg7 38. Qg5+ Kf8 39. b3Qd6 40. Qf4 Qd1+ 41. Qf1 Qd7 42. Rxh5 Nxe3 43. Qf3 Qd4 44. Qa8+ Ke7 45. Qb7+Kf8 46. Qb8+ Kg7 47. Qh8+ Kg6 48. Qh6# 1-01-0-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: "Yu Yangyi vs Shakhriyar Mamedyarov: Norway Chess 2019"

French Defense: Fort Knox Variation - Karpov vs. Stojanovic

★ FACEBOOK TWITTER GOOGLE+ LIVESTREAM is a game from 2007 between the 12th World Champion Anatoly Karpov and International Master Mihajlo Stojanovic. Black employs the Fort Knox variation of the French Defense, but then opts for the atypical move b6. See how Karpov pounces on this idea immediately and leaves no hope for his opponent.Opening: French Defense - Fort Knox1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 dxe4 4. Nxe4 Bd7 5. Nf3 Bc6 6. Bd3Nd7 7. O-O Ngf6 8. Ng3 Be7 9. Re1 O-O 10. Qe2 b6 11. Ba6 Rb812. c4 Bb7 13. Bxb7 Rxb7 14. Ne5 Qc8 15. Nc6 Re8 16. Bg5 Bf817. Bxf6 Nxf6 18. Nh5 Nd7 19. Qg4 Kh8 20. Re3 Nb8 21. Rg3 f522. Qh4 Nxc6 23. Nf6 h6 24. Qxh6+ gxh6 25. Rg8# 1-0Internet Chess Club

Smith-Morra Gambit : Brief commentary #51: Mikhail Tal crushes Sicilian Defence with Smith-Morra

👕 Get Kingscrusher T-Shirts!: at: Greatest Hit Videos! : online chess at or realtime at analysed to check out early Bb5+ThumbnailTal PictureHarry Pot [CC BY-SA 3.0 nl (via Wikimedia Commons#KCChess#MikhailTal#Tal#SmithMorra #SmithMorraGambit#morrasmith #morragambit



How to Attack the Castled King: Karjakin vs Malinin 2002

Sergey Karjakin (2523) - V Malinin (2434) [C45]Sudak 2002Scotch Game1.e4 Nc6 2.d4 e5 3.Nf3 exd4 4.Nxd4 Qh4 5.Nc3 Bb4 6.Be2 Nf6 7.0--0 Bxc3 8.Nf5 Qxe4 9.Bd3 Qg4 10.f3 Qa4 11.bxc3 0--0 12.Nxg7 Kxg7 13.Bh6+ Kxh6 14.Qd2+ Kh5 15.g4+ Nxg4 16.fxg4+ Qxg4+ 17.Kh1 d6 18.Rf6 Qg5 19.Be2+ Bg4 20.Bxg4+ Qxg4 21.Rh6# 1--0-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: "Yu Yangyi vs Shakhriyar Mamedyarov: Norway Chess 2019"

Opening Series - Latvian Gambit

variation at 10:00 is winning for black.

11-Year-Old Boxing Prodigy | Javon 'Wanna' Walton Training & Workouts

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Dirty Chess Tricks against Sicilian - 9 (Morra Gambit Accepted Mainline)

# Support GJ_Chess:- Website:- FACEBOOK :- Gambit, How to play against Sicilian Defense?, how to play against different Sicilian variations?, Tricks for white in Sicilian defense, traps for white in Sicilian defense, Tricks for white in Sicilian Morra Gambit, traps for white in Sicilian Morra Gambit, tricks and traps against Sicilian defense, tricks to win fast against Sicilian defense

There Were Two Winning Shots! - Aronian vs Carlsen | Altibox Norway Chess 2019

Title: Opening: Sicilian RossolimoHello Chess Friends and Welcome to the Channel. Round 2 of the Norway Chess 2019 is one of the most beautiful round in recent tournaments. There is a lot of material to watch together and I chose to show you the classical game between Aronian and Carlsen. Let's start with the game.[Event "2019-altibox-norway-chess"][Site ""2019.06.05"][Round "2"][White "Aronian, Levon"][Black "Carlsen, Magnus"][Result "*"][ECO "B31"][Annotator "Gabriele"][PlyCount "136"]1. e4 c5 {the Sicilian Defence} 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 {the Rossolimo Attack.Carlsen played many times against the Rossolimo, the games that he playedagainst Caruana in the World Championship match immediately come to mind} g6 4.Bxc6 dxc6 5. d3 Qc7 {instead of Bg7. It's the Queen that will support e5} 6.O-O e5 7. Be3 Nf6 8. Qe1 {the game is original} Bg4 9. Nbd2 {to protect theKnight on f3 and saving the pawn structure} Nh5 {frees the f-pawn} 10. a3 Be7 {Carlsen can now castle long or short} 11. Qb1 {the queen will support the b4push. Short castle seems the most appropriate choice} Nf4 12. b4 Ne2+ 13. Kh1Nd4 (13... Bxf3 {first is not much better than Nd4} 14. Nxf3 Nd4 15. bxc5 Bxc516. Qb2 O-O-O) 14. Ng1 g5 {a pawn sacrifice to open the g-file. Carlsen wantsto castle long and wants to put the rook on the open g-file} 15. bxc5 {alsoAronina has its open file} Bxc5 16. Bxg5 Rg8 17. Bh4 Be7 18. Bg3 {Aroniancould also exchange the bishops} O-O-O 19. Nc4 f6 20. a4 Ne6 {controlling f4to prevent the pawn push} 21. f3 Bh5 22. Bf2 Bc5 23. Bxc5 Nxc5 24. Ne2 Bf7 25.Ne3 Qa5 26. Qe1 Qxe1 {Aronian wants to exchange the queens to enter theendgame a pawn up and without risks. Carlsen accepts the exchange, ready todefend. With pawns on both wings, His best asset is the bishop} 27. Rfxe1 a528. Kg1 h5 29. h4 Kc7 30. Kf2 Be6 31. Rg1 Rh8 32. Rh1 Rd7 33. Rhd1 {change ofplan} Bf7 34. d4 exd4 35. Rxd4 Rxd4 36. Nxd4 Rd8 37. Ne2 Rd2 38. Ke1 Rd8 39.Nf5 Ra8 40. Nc3 Be6 41. Ne3 Kd6 42. Rd1+ Ke7 43. Rd4 Ra6 44. Kd2 Rb6 45. Nf5+ (45. Rd5 cxd5 46. Ncxd5+ Kd6 47. Nxb6 {two pawns up is a win}) 45... Bxf5 46.exf5 Rb2 47. Rc4 Kd6 (47... Nd7 48. Re4+ Kf7 49. Kc1 Rb6 50. Rd4 Ke7 51. Ne4 {a really strong position and adfter g4, a great problem for Black}) 48. Ne4+Nxe4+ 49. Rxe4 Ra2 50. g4 hxg4 51. fxg4 {should be winning} Kd5 52. Kd3 Ra3+53. c3 b5 {a good counter attack but with two minutes on the clock Aronianmisses the winning move} 54. h5 {the blunder} (54. g5 b4 (54... fxg5 55. hxg5Ra1 56. axb5 cxb5 57. f6 Rf1 58. Re8 Rf3+ 59. Ke2 Rf5 60. g6 Rxf6 61. g7) 55.Rg4 Rxc3+ 56. Kd2 {nd there is nothing to do} Rh3 57. g6) 54... b4 55. Rd4+ Ke556. Rc4 Rxa4 57. h6 Ra1 58. cxb4 axb4 59. Rxc6 Ra3+ 60. Kc4 Rc3+ 61. Kb5 Rh362. Kxb4 Rxh6 63. Kc5 Rh1 64. Re6+ Kf4 65. Rxf6 Kxg4 66. Kd6 Kg5 67. Ke7 Ra168. Rf8 Ra7+ {and it's a draw, because the king can't escape the lateralchecks.} *A great game, really interesting Rossolimo attack that Aronian could win in the endgame. Now the players will play the Armageddon with Aronian again with white pieces but this is another game and another story. For now thanks for watching and see you soon. Goodbye.Altibox Norway Chess 2019 is a 10-player round-robin featuring Magnus Carlsen and most of the top 10 players.Players:Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Ding Liren, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Viswanathan Anand,Alexander Grischuk, Levon Aronian, Wesley So, Yangyi YuClassical Time Control : 120 minutes and 10 seconds per move after move 40.If there’s a draw in the classical game then the players will move on to Armageddon after allclassical games are over. White pieces will continue with white in Armageddon.Armageddon Time Control : 10 minutes for white and 7 for black with an increment of 3 seconds per move, starting from move 61.Photos by Niki RigaChess Arbiter and PhotographerYou can Follow her on Twitter@riga_niki

Chess openings - Ruy Lopez vs Italian Game

See more on Ruy Lopez opening at more on Italian Game opening at more info about major chess openings at

Chessboxing le 23 juin 2018 au Beach avec Fred et Erwan

Chess Openings | Queen's Gambit in ~ 18 min

The strategic ideas behind the chess openings.


DJI Mavic pro - iMovie - drone footage - 4K


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Longer Chess Games #40 Climbing the 2500 mountain - The Black Lion in Action

In this longer chess game video I play the 'Black Lion' opening. An opening that I have studied in some depth and an opening that I know a lot of you guys enjoy playing. :)I hope some of chat helps you improve your game.Link to video - Learn the Black Lion - pick a longer time limit, 15+10, my aim is to really explain the thought processes behind the moves that I am playing.xTrillBeats vs GingerGM1. e4 d6 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. Nc3 e5 4. d4 Nbd7 5. Bg5 Be7 6. Bb5 c6 7. Bd3 h6 8. Bxf6 Bxf6 9. d5 O-O 10. O-O a5 11. h4 Bxh4 12. Nxh4 Qxh4 13. g3 Qg5 14 Kg2 Nf6 15. Rh1 Qe3 16. Kg1 Qg5 17. Kg2 Bg4 18. Qc1 Qxc1 19. Raxc1 cxd5 20. Nxd5 Nxd5 21. exd5 Bd7 22. c4 b6 23. b3 f5 24. f4 Rae8 25.Kf3 e4+ 26. Bxe4 Rxe4 27. Rhe1 Rfe8 28. Rxe4 Rxe4 29. Kf2 g5 30. fxg5 hxg5 31. Rh1 Be8 32. Rh6 f4 33. gxf4 Rxf4+ 34. Ke2 g4 35. Ke3 Rf3+ 36. Ke2 Rf5 37. Rh1 Bh5 38. a3 Kg7 39. b4 axb4 40. axb4 Kf6 41. Rg1 Ke5 42. Kd2 Kd4 43. c5 bxc5 44. bxc5 Kxc5 45. Ke2 Kxd5 46. Kd2 Kd4 47. Ke2 d5 48. Kd2 Ke4 49. Kc3 d4+ 50. Kc4 Rf3 51. Rd1 Rc3+ 52. Kb4 g3 53. Rh1 Bg4 54.Rh4 Kf4 55. Kb5 g2 56. Rh2 g1=Q 57. Rb2 Qa1 58. Rb4 Ke4 59. Kb6 Qa3 60. Rb5 Bd7 61. Rh5 Qd6+ 62. Kb7 Rb3+ 63. Ka8 Qa3+64. Ra5 Qxa5#* Twitter - ginger_gm* Website -* Twitch channel -

Best 20 kisses in movies (part 1) ♥

The first video with the most beautiful kisses, in my opinion, in movies! Enjoy 😘SONG → Gabrielle Aplin, ''The power of love''.________________________________________________________________ ⬇⬇FOLLOW ME ON⬇⬇►Instagram: hope you enjoyed this video! Subscribe to the channel and remember to activate the notification bell 👍 See you in the next video❤️

GM Hikaru Nakamura Battles GM Nihal Sarin: Arena Kings Blitz Chess Tournament

March 8, 2019Become a fan on Facebook ➡️ me on Twitter ➡️ my live shows on Twitch ➡️

The Day Ronaldinho Substituted & Changed The Game

The day when Ronaldinho Gaucho substituted for Brazil & changed the game against Algeria (22/08/2007)Credits:

Fishing Pole Arena Speed Chess Tournament [232] (88% Berserk)

This is a speed (bullet) chess tournament (Fishing Pole Arena) I created and competed in on while livestreaming on Time controls are 1 minute per player.I'm a self-taught National Master in chess out of Pennsylvania, USA who was introduced to the game by my father in 1988 at the age of 8. The purpose of this channel is to share my knowledge of chess to help others improve their game. I enjoy continuing to improve my understanding of this great game, albeit slowly. Consider subscribing here on YouTube for frequent content, and/or connecting via any or all of the below social medias. Your support is greatly appreciated. Take care, bye. :D★ LIVESTREAM FACEBOOK TWITTER GOOGLE+ PATREON DONATE

The 4 Most Important 👨‍🎓 Chess Principles! - FM Alisa Melekhina

Pump up your rating by developing a champion mindset and Carlsen-like endgame skills with FM Alisa Melekhina’s “Fighting in the Endgame”! Get instant digital access to the rest of this course – with 35% off! ► ever won a game by resigning!”, Savielly Tartakower.Too many games end in either draw offers or resignations when there is still plenty to fight for. And these dropped points have a huge effect on chess ratings, both immediately and further down the line as “giving up” becomes a habit.FM Alisa Melekhina believes that fighting in the endgame is a major skill that can help players rack up those extra points. Many club players lack confidence in their endgame play and will soon fall apart when you start asking questions of them.Instead of focusing on rote endgame theory, Alisa Melekhina has identified 4 principles for winning chess endgames, principles that exemplify the attitude and resourcefulness that accompanies the fighting spirit.Alisa Melekhina analyzes two of her own games, one in which she drew a chess endgame a pawn down, and another in which she pulled off a win in an even rook ending.The viewers are led through 4 major principles that can be applied in their own chess endgames:1. Mentally adapt to a change in the position2. Resist by preventing your opponent from executing their only winning plan3. Take advantage of complacency4. Make your opponent make decisions.Even if a position is theoretically drawn, players should not discount the tricky, practical chances that they can create.And, of course, these principles aren’t just useful in chess endgames. Follow Alisa Melekhina’s 4 chess principles and you will make life very tough for your opponents in every phase of the game, forcing them to work and find solutions while lulling them into a false sense of security.It doesn’t matter whether you are objectively better, equal or worse, by applying these 4 chess principles you will frustrate your opponent and encourage them to make mistakes.► Corresponding article from this video with extra goodies: Come checkout the shop, we have the world’s largest collection of chess videos and chess courses: Other Videos from iChess**********► Subscribe to our main Youtube Channel: Check out award winning Master Method video series: our most recent video: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL: ***********Facebook: Our Other YouTube Channels ***********iChess Ch 2: en español:

Daylyt vs John John Da Don | Rap Grid & Dope Era's No Mask | Rap Battle

Watch the long awaited and highly anticipated battle: Daylyt vs John John Da Don. From Rap Grid & Dope Era's No Mask event with Mistah Fab in Oakland.Watch Tsu Surf vs T-Rex from No Mask: BBL's Close Range VOD: RBE's Validation 5 VOD: QOTR's Evolution 2 VOD: the No Mask VOD: UDubb's Every Bar Counts VOD: Rap Grid’s Exclusive Battles & Web Series:Rap Grid Battles - Grid Cyphers - Grid Mixtape - Time with Poison Pen - The Battles: Hollow Da Don - out Battle PPV events: for daily battle rap updates: PPV battles and shop for battle rap gear & music at Rap Grid, the #1 site for battle rap.Official Site: Plus:

The Whisky Immortal - Carlsen vs Karjakin | Lindores Abbey Chess Stars 2019

Grandmaster Daniel King shows the Whisky Immortal Carlsen vs Karjakin from the Lindores Abbey Chess Stars. Support on Patreon: ►via PayPal (€): via PayPal (£): via PayPal ($): SUBSCRIBE: MERCH: BOBBY FISCHER: BOBBY FISCHER BLITZ CARLSEN: WOMEN CHESS: ALPHAZERO:CHESS CLASSICS TOP 10 2018: WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2018: FABIANO CARUANA: BOBBY FISCHER: SPASSKY TAL KORCHNOI CHESS CLASSICS BRILLIANCY: TOP10 2017: NEW: Power Play DVDs: #loindoresabbeychessstars

Famosos atacados en público

Te presentamos nuestra selección de famosos que fueron atacados frente a las cámaras

An artistic endgame by Leela Chess Zero against a Grandmaster (knight odds game)

This was the final game of a mini match between AI Leela Chess Zero ID11248 and Grandmaster Daniel Naroditsky. This 5|2 blitz game was played on and it was a knight odds game with Leela Chess Zero beginning without a king knight. This artistic endgame idea Leela played was described by Naroditsky himself as brilliant, and was one that reminded me of Leopold Mitrofanov's most celebrated endgame composition that can be seen here: a self-taught National Master in chess out of Pennsylvania, USA who was introduced to the game by my father in 1988 at the age of 8. The purpose of this channel is to share my knowledge of chess to help others improve their game. I enjoy continuing to improve my understanding of this great game, albeit slowly. Consider subscribing here on YouTube for frequent content, and/or connecting via any or all of the below social medias. Your support is greatly appreciated. Take care, bye. :D★ LIVESTREAM FACEBOOK TWITTER GOOGLE+ PATREON DONATE

KOTD - Rap Battle - B Dot vs Cortez | #BATB4

KOTD Rap Battle #TheBunker - B Dot vs CortezHosted by: Organik & Alcatraz#KOTDVAS vote at Cortez's "16 N' Better Volume II" album at:to B. Dot's "Still Here" at: to KingOfTheDot Today!voted the #1 Battle Rap League in the world for 3 years in a row and counting. Watch KOTD battle rap events FIRST & LIVE only at www.KOTD.TV. King Of The Dot Entertainment is North America's premier urban entertainment company offering LIVE PPV's of all our big events at KOTD.TV. KOTD.TV is THE #1 Source to Watch HD Rap Battles Live and VOD.THE KOTD TEAM ON TWITTER:@KingOfTheDot@OrganikHipHop@RexKOTD@KingFlyKOTD@JGKOTD@GullyTK@BishopBrigante@DjDoctaKOTD@SandeepKOTD @JProepsilon@AvocadoIsGod@NelsonAries@DamnItsClayton@SketchMenace@ddubbkotd@lasparka604@WillieBKOTD@NikiyaO@PoisonPenBK@Alwayz_Wynn @MouseMediaPro@ScottJacksonBB@RyanPVPKOTD@ReverenceNS@Lemme_kno@DGibs@PhillyDFilms@seansirianni@M_3rcy@JoeCashKOTD@HipHopVancouver@MistaConspiracy@LifeOverCrime



chess boiler room #90 (hyperbullet)

latejoined a hyperbullet tournamentLIVE ON TWITCH▶ DONATE/SUPPORT ▶ the free trial or connect an Amazon Prime account (SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE)▶ IN TOUCH:▶Twitter: ▶ HYPERX for COMPUTER GEAR CHESS.COM for PLAYING CHESS BLUE for AUDIO use CODE: CHESSBRAH MERCHANDISE:▶ EVERYTHING ON SALEEQUIPMENT:▶ Mouse: Keyboard: Headset: ▶ Microphone: BOOKS:▶Play Winning Chess:Winning Chess Tactics:

Chopin Nocturnes

François Chaplin ,piano

Eyes Set To Kill - Deadly Weapons (ft Craig Mabbit) lyrics + pictures

I have to get awayOut of this place where I becamethe type who sits and laughs at everyone who judges meIt's so damn dark in here,I can't see in front of meMy flames have all burnt outmy hopes no part of my realityThere's no escaping fear,I can't breathe, I'm strugglingMy flames have all burnt outmy hopes no part of my realityThere's something pulling me in the wrong directionMy confessions aren't at rest they can't get byOh no, 'cause these are deadly weapons, deadly weaponsWhy must this perception take my breath? I can't get byOh no, 'cause these are deadly weapons, deadly weaponsWith no direction to go, will my feet carry me?To where I need to go to find myself the perfect remedyCan I bare all of the weight of my mistakes?Give me strength, to where I need to go to find myself the perfect remedyThere's something pulling me in the wrong directionMy confessions aren't at rest they can't get byOh no, 'cause these are deadly weapons, deadly weaponsWhy must this perception take my breath? I can't get byOh no, 'cause these are deadly weapons, I can't get byNow I can never take it backNow I can never take it backThe truth might take us downLose ourselves in the soundI won't want to hear your nameI won't want to see your face againWords crumble to the ground,you'll blow the candles outI won't want to hear your nameI won't bare to see your face againThere's something telling me I better take me chancesMy confessions aren't at rest they can't get byOh no, 'cause these are deadly weapons, deadly weaponsWhy must this perception take my breath? I can't get byOh no, 'cause these are deadly weapons, deadly weaponsMy confessions aren't at rest they can't get byOh no, 'cause these are deadly weapons, I can't get byI know there's something more, I know there's something more(I can't get by)I know there's something more, I know there's something moreNow I can never take this backNow I can never take it backPalavras-chave: eyes set to killESTKheightsThe World Outsidemetalcorealternative metalpost-hardcoreAlexia RodriguezAnissa RodriguezBrandon AndersonCaleb CliftonGreg KerwinRodriguez twinsRodriguez sistes

WHAT COULD GO WRONG! -The Ultimate Best Fails Compilation ✔

Check out our #new #funny #fails #compilation: WHAT COULD GO WRONG! - The Ultimate Best Fails Compilation ✔ By Cat Tuber:you hold your laugh while watching these clips?:) Mix of best and funniest people & kids & animal fails. We bet you will lose this laugh challenge. What is your favorite clip? :) Let us know in the comments, hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!👍 FOLLOW US:► Twitter: Facebook: see your funny video on our channel?! Send us the links by mail: .😊👍 VIEW MORE:➞HAVING A BAD DAY?? Watch This: ➞HAVING A BAD DAY?? WATCH THIS Video!!: DAY ? Better Watch This! : content in this compilation are licensed and used with authorization of the rights holder. These videos are owned by our Productions Network. Please don't re-upload if you don't want to get any copyright issues. For further details, please contact us by email "". Thank you!.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Music:Outro Music:Lensko - Let's Go! [NCS Release]Facebook SoundCloud Twitter #fails #moments #compilation #laugh #pet #animal #animals #cat #dog #fun #hilarious #kids #kid #baby👉🏿 Subscribers : leave a like and subscribe to watch our next videos, also tell me what you think in the comments!WISH YOU ALL THE HAPPINESS! HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE!

Chess rematch

MrMoisture returns for another ass whoppin'.Outro music: the chair I have, the SL5000, from ! Put "destiny" as your checkout code to get a 10% discount!Follow me on Twitter if you don't already - the stream at !

Game of the Day! Chigorin vs Davydow 1874

King's Gambit - Accepted/ Double Muzio Gambit Paulsen Defense


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Hikaru, I've Come To Bargain | Caruana vs Nakamura | London Chess Classic 2018

Follow me on Instagram for extra content (Weekly Quiz starting soon) 2018 London Chess Classic, taking place from December 11-17, will be a knockout tournament played between the four Grand Chess Tour finalists: Caruana, Vachier-Lagrave, Aronian, and Nakamura. Google HQ in London will host the semi-final, and the final will be held at the Olympia Conference Centre in Kensington.The matches consist of eight games, two classical (worth 6 points), two Rapid (4 points) and four Blitz (2 points). In case of a tie, a rapid mini-match (10+5) and an Armageddon (5 vs 4) will be played.The prize fund is $300,000 with a first prize of $75,000, plus another $100,000 and $50,000 respectively for the top two in the overall 2018 Grand Chess Tour standings. Players receive 100 minutes for 40 moves then 60 minutes for the rest of the game, with a 30-second delay from move 1, for the Rapid (25+5) and the Blitz (3+2). (1)Official sites: and Caruana vs Hikaru NakamuraLondon Chess Classic (2018), London ENG, rd 1, Dec-11 Queen's Gambit Declined (D37)1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 d5 4. Nc3 Be7 5. Bf4 O-O 6. e3 b6 7. Qc2 Bb7 8. Rd1 Bd6 9. Bg3 Nbd7 10. cxd5 Nxd5 11. e4 Nxc3 12. bxc3 Bxg3 13. hxg3 e5 14. Bb5 c6 15. Be2 Qc7 16. g4 Rfe8 17. g5 Rad8 18. Kf1 b5 19. Rh4 a6 20. a4 Qa5 21. g6 hxg6 22. Ng5 Nf8 23. Rd3 Bc8 24. Qb3 Qc7 25. axb5 axb5 26. Rf3 Be6 27. d5 cxd5 28. exd5 Rxd5 29. Nxe6 fxe6 30. Rfh3 e4 31. Rxe4 Ra8 32. g3 Qc5 33. Re3 Ra3 34. Qb2 Qd6 35. Rh4 Ra4 36. Rhe4 Qa3 37. Qxa3 Rxa3 38. Bg4 Rc5 39. Bxe6+ Nxe6 40. Rxe6 Raxc3 41. Rxc3 Rxc3 42. Rxg6 b4 43. Rb6 b3 44. Kg2 Kf7 45. f4 g5 46. fxg5 Rc2+ 47. Kf3 b2 48. Kg4 Kg7 49. Rb7+ Kg6 50. Rb6+ Kg7 51. Rb7+ Kg6----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you realllly enjoy my content, you're welcome to support me and my channel with a small donation via PayPal, Bitcoin, Litecoin or Nano.Link to PayPal donation address 12VEbMQPyLzBoZzw9yuNofph4C9Ansc4iZLitecoin address LbSuZuBffDCNmr5CSZbY7W2zM83w4ZvnC7Nano address xrb_383y7ofu5wsyfr9o8rh93aqaq8aixpdcbaud5iubydukz5moiadsirmuzgoqCheck out some of the books I enjoy out ALL my videos here agadmatorLeague of Legends: agadmator (EUNE, my friend is using my EUWE account for a couple of years now)Blizzard: agadmator #2992 Check out my Hearthstone channel here out the SUBSCRIBERS VIDEO your photos and videos here:subscribers.videos.agadmator@gmail.comFollow me on Instagram for extra content (Weekly Quiz starting soon) #grandchesstour #LondonChessClassic

Amazing Interview London's Muslim Mayor responds to Donald Trump insults on the BBC

Enter The Wu-Tang Documentary (1994)

Wu-Tang documentary from 1994 with exclusive interviews and live performances.

Snake In The Eagles Shadow 10

Chien (played by Jackie Chan), an orphan adopted by a kung-fu school, is overworked as their janitor and abused by the kung fu teachers as a walking punching-bag. Chien befriends an old beggar (Yuen Siu Tien) by offering him a meal and a place to stay. Unknown to Chien, the old beggar is actually the last surviving master of the Snake-style of kung fu. The old man is on the run from the Eagle Claw clan, which is viciously killing off all of the rival Snake-style kung fu masters. Seeing that Chien is being abused, the old man gives Chien kung fu lessons so he can defend himself.The old man leaves the school to find a better hiding spot. Chien later finds him and the old man agrees to give him more lessons, on the condition that he does not call him "sifu" ("master"), since they are friends.Chien practices the lessons and learns to avoid being hurt by the school's bumbling teachers. When the school is invaded by the Mantis school, Chien easily defeats their master using snake to everyone's amazement. Unfortunately, one of the passing wanderers who witnessed the fight was a master of the Eagle Clan.Chien meets the Eagle Claw clan master, who inquires about the old beggar. The Eagle Claw master lies, saying that he was a student of the old beggar and asks Chien to help him find the old man. Realising that his Snake-style fighting is no match for the style practiced by the Eagle Claw master, Chien creates a new style from watching his pet cat kill a cobra.Eventually, Chien unwittingly leads the Eagle Claw master to the old man. In the duel, Chien merges his "cat style" with snake style to finally defeat the Eagle Claw master. Chien announces that he will call his technique "Cat's Claw", but the Old man suggest that he give the technique the name "Snake in the Eagle's Shadow".

2018 World Chess Championship: Game 9 Carlsen vs Caruana

We analyze game 9 from the world chess championship and see if either player can draw first blood or if they will set the record for the most draws to start a world championship.For more chess awesomeness check out

YoGPoD 48 - Livestream Special!

Simon and I record the podcast live during our December Charity Livestreams, featuring special guest Smith for a game of Wine or Cheese!► The Official Yogscast Store: ◄♥ Subscribe to Lewis & Simon: ♥25% Yogscast discount on game servers! music courtesy of Epidemic SoundWebsite: Channel: Games Store: Reddit: @yogscastYogscast FAQ:

Teofimo Lopez Full Press Conference EsNews Boxing

"Elie Seckbach Reporting"Subscribe: Follow TALENT:➡️ Follow my IG: Twitter: Website: More ESNEWS:➡️ Latest Uploads: The Robert Garcia Reality Show: Brandon Krause Videos: Boxing Basics: Popular Videos: Seckbach (אלי זקבך) features by the LA Times and Ring Magazine as the Most Influential boxing reporter has been covering Sports BOXING MMA & The NBA since 1997. ✅ His ability to get interesting quotes from star athletes prompted Andy Gray of CNN/SI to call him "the most entertaining NBA reporter out there."✅ While Former Mike Tyson Publicist Michael Marley writes: "If there is going to be an Internet age Howard Cosell, it may turn out to be Elie Seckbach."⭐In 2009Seckbach was nominated by the Associated Press and won the Mark Twain Award.⭐✅ In June 09' Lil Wayne samples Seckbach in his song 'Kobe Bryant. And in 2010 Seckbach won the Boxing Reporter of The Year award from ATG Radio. In 2017 Seckbach received two Awards for his boxing coverage. ✅ Away from sports Elie has covered major news events and has won both a Golden Mike and an Emmy Award. ✅ His reports have been featured on: AOL Sports FanHouse & NBC TV, The LA Daily News and CBS 2 News.Prior to that Seckbach reported for leading news outlets in Israel.

Chess openings - French Rubinstein

See more on French Rubinstein at the Carlsbad App at: more info about major chess openings at apps:


Trailer for the 5 July event in Berlin; more information and tickets:

TESLA Model 3 vs BMW M3 Track Battle | Top Gear

Four challenges - a drag race, 0-100-0, hot lap, drift off -a point for each, one overall winner. And it’s all because Elon posted a tweet last May claiming the Model 3 Performance would wipe the floor with the BMW M3 on track. Was he right? Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos: MORE TOP GEAR:Tesla: Walkarounds: Harris Drives: ABOUT TOP GEAR:Want to watch a bit of Top Gear on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you'll find on YouTube. Whether you're searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you're subscribed to the official Top Gear YouTube channel: is a channel from BBC Studios, who help fund new BBC programmes.

Roar of Madras Tiger !! Viswanathan Anand vs Victor Bologan

In this game, we will see roar of Madras Tiger AKA Viswanathan Anand, where he beat Victor Bologan in Morphy style. First he sacrificed the Rook and then the Bishop to break the Bologan's defense.Viswanathan Anand vs Viktor Antonovich Bologan"Da Vishy Code" (game of the day Aug-19-2017)Dortmund Sparkassen (2003), Dortmund GER, rd 7, Aug-07 Caro-Kann Defense: Karpov Variation. Modern Main Line (B17)·1-0 [Event "Dortmund Sparkassen"][Site "Dortmund GER"][Date "2003.08.07"][EventDate "2003.07.31"][Round "7"][Result "1-0"][White "Viswanathan Anand"][Black "Viktor Antonovich Bologan"][ECO "B17"][WhiteElo "2774"][BlackElo "2650"][PlyCount "71"]1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 dxe4 4. Nxe4 Nd7 5. Ng5 Ngf6 6. Bd3e6 7. N1f3 Bd6 8. Qe2 h6 9. Ne4 Nxe4 10. Qxe4 Qc7 11. O-O b612. Qg4 g5 13. Qh3 Rg8 14. Re1 Bf8 15. Qf5 Bg7 16. h4 Kf817. Qh3 Rh8 18. hxg5 hxg5 19. Qg4 c5 20. Bxg5 cxd4 21. Rad1Bb7 22. Rxe6 fxe6 23. Be7+ Kxe7 24. Qxg7+ Kd6 25. Nxd4 Qc526. Bf5 Qe5 27. Nf3+ Qd5 28. Qg3+ Ke7 29. Rxd5 Bxd5 30. Qg5+Kd6 31. Qf4+ Ke7 32. Be4 Rh5 33. Nh4 Rg8 34. Ng6+ Kd8 35. Qf7Re8 36. Bd3 1-0👉Watch MoreHindi chess videos Playlist : you can support the channel by Donation in case you wish, using Paytm or major UPI's like Google Pay, Phonepe or BHIM, just send your donation to UPI ID/ VPN : ashvin21612@okicici👉if you don't have any upi consider downloading "Google Pay" which is safe & secure. You can get some cash by installing it using this link

Playing chess and thinking out loud

Watch live at schedule! Media: Twitch:

Discovery of Our Universe and Solar System Planets - Space Science Documentary

class="metadata-updateable-description" Our Solar System, and all other star systems, form from a collapsing nebula. Often called stellar nurseries, nebulae are the birthplace of stars. They are made up of mostly hydrogen but also contain other matter like gases, dust, ice and rock. The gravity of the nebula pulls this matter into the centre, and the nebula experiences a gravitational collapse. If the compression raises the core temperature enough to reach thermonuclear fusion, the centre mass generates a protostar. This process takes about 10 million years.

Chess960 Titled Arena ft. Magnus Carlsen as DrNykterstein | February 2019

This is a 3-hour bullet chess tournament, Chess960 Titled Arena, I provided commentary on while specifically observing World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen compete. Time controls are 2 minutes with a 1 second increment. This was the 1st titled arena lichess held with the variant chess960, or fischer random chess. It's played just like regular chess with the only difference being that the pieces on ranks 1 and 8 have been randomized. I livestreamed this event at The Chess960 Titled Arena is held for titled chess players only, namely Grandmasters, International Masters, FIDE Masters, National Masters etc... Magnus Carlsen played under the account "DrNykterstein". This was the 12th "Titled Arena" held by Its $1,000 prize pool goes to the top 5 players, with 1st - $500, 2nd - $250, 3rd - $125, 4th - $75, and 5th - $50. This tournament was played on February 23rd, 2019.I'm a self-taught National Master in chess out of Pennsylvania, USA who was introduced to the game by my father in 1988 at the age of 8. The purpose of this channel is to share my knowledge of chess to help others improve their game. I enjoy continuing to improve my understanding of this great game, albeit slowly. Consider subscribing here on YouTube for frequent content, and/or connecting via any or all of the below social medias. Your support is greatly appreciated. Take care, bye. :D★ LIVESTREAM FACEBOOK TWITTER GOOGLE+ PATREON DONATE

BYE BYE Hyderabad | Lots of Kolkata Special Sweets | Glam With Me

Hi Friends,This is the time to say Bye Bye Hyderabad. I hope you will like this video.So keep on watching----- and if you like the video, please click the like button and give a feedback in the comment section. Also please share.... And if you didn't subscribed yet please subscribe and don't forget to hit the bell icon, other wise you will miss my new video updates......Follow me on Facebook:

जब Australia ने दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा स्कोर बनाया और Herchelle Gibbs ने उसे पछाड़ दिया | Australia vs SA

South Africa vs Australia 5th ODI 2006 played at Johannesburg. Australia scored world's highest total ever and South Africa chased it down in 49.5 overs. Herchelle Gibbs scored 175 in 111 balls and was still hungover from the last night. Mark Boucher chipped in towards the end and pulled off probably the most unexpected win in ODI cricket's history.Install The Lallantop Android App: The Lallantop on Facebook: The Lallantop on Twitter: By: The LallantopEdited By: Rakesh

USA vs Trinidad & Tobago 6-0 Highlights & Goals - Gold Cup 2019

GM Hikaru Plays Blindfold 960 with Viewers. Wait... what??

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How To Convert pdf to word without software

How to convert pdf files into word format just by using google drive Hope you'll enjoy it Thank you , and if you like this please subscribe


Chỉ thiếu 1 tí may mắn nữa thôi.... Nhưng không sao vì cả 2 bên đều đã chiến đấu hết lực rồi...Kênh YouTube chính thức của Slayder! Các bạn nhấn theo dõi để ủng hộ Slayder nhé!This is the official YouTube Channel of Slayder! Please subscribe channel to support Slayder!► Trang chủ TEAM FLASH: Fanpage TEAM FLASH LOL:

BBC World on chessboxing

A brilliant item about last years light heavyweight world championship in Berlin between David Depto and Frank Stoldt


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Chess Traps #3: King's Gambit Declined Trap

This video looks at a possible trapping line played by black in the King's Gambit Declined. The trap offers up a free pawn to the white player that has devastating consequences if taken. The video also covers white's best option to avoid the trapping lines and create a comfortable position from which to work from.

MY TEACHER MURDERED SOMEONE by Let Me Explain Studios | StoryTime Animation

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Bullet Arena Speed Chess Tournament [245]

This is a speed (bullet) chess tournament (Hourly Bullet Arena) I competed in on while livestreaming on Time controls are 1 minute per player.I'm a self-taught National Master in chess out of Pennsylvania, USA who was introduced to the game by my father in 1988 at the age of 8. The purpose of this channel is to share my knowledge of chess to help others improve their game. I enjoy continuing to improve my understanding of this great game, albeit slowly. Consider subscribing here on YouTube for frequent content, and/or connecting via any or all of the below social medias. Your support is greatly appreciated. Take care, bye. :D★ LIVESTREAM FACEBOOK TWITTER GOOGLE+ PATREON DONATE

Chess Endgame Fundamentals: Philidor Position

Practice the Lucena Position and other important rook endings on Chessable! me on Twitter:

Joyce Sims - Lifetime Love (Audio) | Phase One

Subscribe to our Channel:Sims is an American singer-songwriter. Her biggest hit single was "Come into My Life", which reached top-10 status in both the US Billboard R&B chart and the UK Singles Chart in 1987/8.Visit Joyce Sims' official website here:to our Channel:us on Twitter:us on Facebook:our website:One Network is a company which specializes in Acquisition & Management of Intellectual Property with offices in New York City. As an aggressive entrepreneurial company, Phase One Network provides the attentive services of a boutique firm combined with the necessary resources to create all the elements and environments that are vital to increase the value, revenue and demand for any acquired assets.Phase One Network does this through full or partial acquisitions and controlling asset revenue ventures. As a result, Phase One Network manages a portfolio of over 15,000 master recordings, copyrights of various styles of music, photo images and video from some of the greatest Artists, Producers and DJ's within the worlds of Urban/Hip Hop and Electronic Music.

Gloucester Cheese Rolling 2012 OFFICIAL - World's Stupidest Competition

Check out my website: Business Enquiries only: maximilien.czech@gmail.comLike my Facebook fan page: out my Youtube Channel here : follow me on Twitter: You can check out my Website at : Thanks to my mates who came along to help me out with the Filming:Oscar Udbye: GreenMatt YoungMusic by:Professor Kilq - "Plastic & Flashing Lights"Download the song here ;-)Rolling:This event is very old and has been running for Over 200 years !!here is the official website for more informations:Info:The entire event last for about 1 hour3x Canon 7D1x Canon 550D1x Gopro Hero HD 2Glidecam HD-2000Shoulder rigTripod with fluid headthe following lenses have been used:Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5,6Sigma 10-20mm f/3,5Tokina 11-16mm f/2,8Canon 35-350mm f/3.5-5.6Canon 85mm f/1.8Many Thanks to:My dad for lending me his lenses, my mum, my brother my sister.