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Oluwatoyin Adamson

You can still do it you are brave

Bill Tortolini

Tastes the potatoes, drops the spoon back into the pot, sits back and waits for the trolls to pop in... THUG LIFE! ;)


Last ...omg :/

Joesph WorstCarEver

I am so confused.

Robert Wigton

That was not a shove that’s ignorant for kicking him out

Brother Like sister

Play with the Warriors at there stadium with Durant curry and klay


I really hope not

TfgN_ Guard Demon

Awesome video that I will always remember


Massive Boi

So I have to wait until like December 2020 to get this game, THAT WAS FIRST ANNOUNCED IN E3 2018

Sid Walker

Looks the same as the original so this is more of a port than a remaster but I’m happy anyway :)

albodc27 xd

Ajajajjaajjajaja tijuana piraña, the next big team of nba. Jajaj

Ian Kramer

Dodgers dude...

Gdog 3126

any one see that dj kahled




Actually happened

Sherby R

This story has broken my heart

sam evans

How do you get that car !! On the no country for old men one

Julian Barrett

There not as good in old office.

Sanjay Verma

We want pool trick shots battle 3

Patrice Silver

Here’s a few tips for a situation like this. (Try telling them first straight up, if they don’t believe you then proceed with the information. It’s really rare for a friend to believe that their significant other is cheating from someone telling them)


this............... is horrifying

Brett Michael

This is one of the best channels on YouTube along with Gavin McInnes and Steven crowder.


kim jisoo is my bias

1:23 he looks like Yeri here ohmygad #jungri

Jana Bukhari

once this guy kept picking on me and pushing me but i did not do anything because i wanted the perfect moment to get hem good so then this one time he came from behind me and chocked me so you know what i did i punched him in the eye and he is actually 14 and i am 12 it was not at school because unfortunately, he is my moms step brother

millie Özyakup

Like Mylifeaseva s voice

Madeline Elizabeth

Are you guys gonna get a pet still

AS 4

I LIKE ALL OF YOUR VIDEOS DUDE :-D i have a challenge, that is..... shoot 2 egg (double hit, one bullet) in distance 2 km. can you do that dude? i believe you can (y)

Rebel5012 Rebel5012

1 of my favorite QBs

meemee teong

Team TY aka rage monster

GoAnimate! Sisters

Lol how did I get here



crazy comatater

Just restarts the copotison

Shelley Rowse-Harold

Oh WOW so many cussing please thank you for boarding the out

pumpkin man

Go fishing with the arrow and string

Moniq Lee

Tyler, Garrett, Cody, Coby, Cory,You guys are so bad at endless ducker than most people


Max Kellerman is like a fish out of water, he's flopping this way and that way going back and forth. "I want full credit when the team who scores the most points and makes the most baskets win" Max Kellerman

Dolphin Man

What about the excalibastard gun that in the stone?

Addie M.

I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!! (I'm a little confused tho, I thought Hila was vegan, why is she eating meat?)

Ahmad Saeed

My favorite shot is flip n dip


She’s co-dependent. She immediately said all she wanted to do was help people and folks saw her as a push over. Abusers attach to co-dependent people and vis versa.

Blacky Kuto

Next:My beautiful girlfriend doesn't care i am otaku and have 2D wife

Hang with Matt & Nick Simmler

The last one is mest up

GoPack Go