Charice Live!- Bukas na lang kita mamahalin. Enhanced audio and video.

Collectors edition.Thanks to Mr Luna andMr, Maxwell video.

kyle h

Who’s watching this after the 11 major


ty let go


You should have Jenna marbles on the show



you're coming up short like a oompa loompa

Alex Minecraft Dude

(that is a lot of visa starting from E-1 visa to


That laugh that the exclamation mark makes after you shoot the pig is the same laugh the clown Zeebo has in an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark....

Bread George

This is so sad.

Pastel Girls

I'm not trying to be mean but why does every video I watch it sounds like the same person in every video I mean every video made by this channel

katana Sword

You are a hero

MLBB GAMERZ [Alucard Expert]

Justice League

Siren And Her Babe

They had sex

Liam Liam

Come on coby you can do this

PC did that a long time ago

The Isles Kid

When Coby announced his name it was Gonzalez but on his mover it said Gonzales


lolipop queen

Wtf how

aiden waldner

Are you Canadian

Ruby 8Ball


Super Monocle

Bobby flossed...


I've watched subbed anime for a long time and criticized dubbed anime but after watching this video i got nothing but respect for anime voice actors.

TC Shrubzz

He looks like Garret

Yechuri Aruna


Brock Borens

hahaaha the purple guys attempt with 20 spins and one swing. im actually crying ahahaha

Baby gamora: what did it cost?🤔