A Game From the Twitter Chess Tournament (vs @StaciaMelinda)

My round 5 game from the twitter chess tournament. I was white against Stacia Melinda. We played a slooow Petrov which I tried to spice up, but never really managed to.Thanks to Say Chess (check out his channel), who organized the tournament, I got to meet some nice people on Twitter, and we got to play some classical games. This was round five. So far I was at 3 out of 4, after losing a tactical French in round 1, and winning the next three games.This round I was paired against Stacia, who is a very good player (and much better than I had expected!). I had no time to prepare for the game because I was focused on my prep for an upcoming tournament, so I didn’t even know what she plays. We entered a Petrov, I played the Nimzowitsch Attack, and my lack of preparation cost me dearly. I tried out an idea I had but never really tested, and the middlegame ended up being completely equal and very boring. Not at all what I’d wanted.She was slightly better after that, and I only managed to get something after she gave away the only open file. Even after that, the position should have been a draw, but I managed to swindle her in time trouble.Definitely not a deserved win, but that’s what chess is. This time time trouble decided the winner.I wanted to record two videos today, and I played a training game against a Patron (in which he crushed after I blundered!), but my Wi-Fi died several times and my laptop overheated and started smelling of molten plastic, so the video is unusable. I am going to record the analysis of the game with him tomorrow, and publish that as a video, so tomorrow it’s going to be another training game, and I won’t be following the recording schedule.If you would like to support my quest to chess improvement and receive extra content, in depth information on each daily video, as well as exercises and problems to solve, consider becoming a patron. For more information, visit: can also support the channel via PayPal. Any support is greatly appreciated!#chess #twitterchesstournament

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